Pedophiles in Law Maker’s Clothing

I wake up and I pray for the rains to fall. Fall heavily. How else can I cancel a TEDx engagement? But it didn’t. So up I stood and out I went. The air is gloomy just like the state of my country. Being a pedophile is legal-I am thinking of yesterday’s event on my way to the event and feel irritated and angered at the thought.

It is so frustrating because I know we are bound by this abominable act and there is little that can be done immediately to reverse this without paying them to correct this act that is rebuked even by God himself.

How possible was it that a bunch of old men who have female children and grand daughters would seat down together and summarily execute the girl child by offering them to men at tender ages in the name of constitution amendment, religion or right to live and get paid for doing same?

Just as I have these thoughts, @walt_shakes sends a link. “A Nation Of Perverts and Pedophiles” – Femi Fani Kayode A compelling read. You should read this. He says it all.

I am sad as I take my seat at 8:45am in the empty hall. Time management TEDx…..9am prompt shouldn’t be 10 am and counting by the way.

How can this be?

It is shameful and perverted to think that our so called lawmakers are same with the rapist out there defiling our young girls every day on the hour while they shout that ‘gayism’ is an abomination.

BIG hypocrites!!!

No wonder nothing has been said or done to these pedophiles. How can they punish themselves?


We condemn gay marriage but approve our female children to be married.

“Why don’t we marry female children with little developed breasts and hope that they don’t become VVF victims?” they asked one another.

“All in favour, say ‘aye’…..”

“Aye” they chorused.

They chuckled and beamed.

Yes…….now they can go to that old man and take his 9 year old to bed…..they can’t wait for the session to end.

Their urges have now been legalized. This is the reason they wore the senators robe…..

There has to be a way to have this reversed.

What can be done?

For I fear that we have gone back to the primitive days where this barbaric act was the order of the day.

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