How We Fall – A Short Story

Read other Works by Uneñ Ameji on African Stories How We Fall by Uneñ Ameji It was like every other Monday. The traffic was long enough to compete with the legendary Niger Bridge under political contention and Ms. Joe as usual was running late. A last-minute being and an uncompromising sleeper, Joe was one toContinue reading “How We Fall – A Short Story”

Sleeping men on our walls: Nigeria’s terror and What we call Democracy.

This is not the usual blame game. This is not about the gaping failure of the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces or is it about calling for his resignation although I am sorely tempted to make it all about him and with good reason too – a man afraid to wield his shield of powerContinue reading “Sleeping men on our walls: Nigeria’s terror and What we call Democracy.”

The Outcast

Present Day: Last night I saw her again. But this time she stood sadly before walking into my bedroom like the old friendly ghost that she was. Silently I watched as she passed by my bed and then as if she did not see me walked through the walls. I watched her leave as myContinue reading “The Outcast”

Paedophiles in Senators Clothing

I wake up and I pray for the rains to fall. Fall heavily. How else can I cancel a TEDx engagement? But it didn’t. So up I stood and out I went. The air is gloomy just like the state of my country. Being a paedophile is legal-I am thinking of yesterday’s event on myContinue reading “Paedophiles in Senators Clothing”