All Fun and Games. Episode 10

Morning Peps! Read all Previous Episodes Here ALL FUN AND GAMES: EPISODE 10 *** Alhaji Ibrahim took a close look at Daniel and then at his wristwatch. “Who did you say you are again?” “My name is Daniel.” Daniel replied, sounding more confident than the first time. Alhaji blinked as he swallowed. “Why do youContinue reading “All Fun and Games. Episode 10”

Crush or Love? Episode VIII

Read Previous Episodes Here Bassey Odiete I poured myself a glass at the bar and prayed U.D would be too drunk to remember the slap. She couldn’t have slept with him, could she? Of course she had. How could she? I took a large gulp as the images of her red dress, her supple breasts,Continue reading “Crush or Love? Episode VIII”


ǁǁǁ The continuous rhythmic buzz told me it was Uche. She calls before my alarm gets the honor of waking me up. It was Monday already and I was still on my bed at 7am. Opening my eyes, I felt Tessy rigorously wagging and fanning me with her white bushy tail.  I pulled her closeContinue reading “CHAPTER TWO ⃝ AKHMED’S PROPOSAL”