Beautiful Stranger: Episode 14. Season Finale

Read and share today’s episode of Beautiful Stranger Read All Previous Episodes Here Get Free eBooks on African Stories Here List your eBooks here EPISODE 14 JERRY I turned off the engine as I pulled up under a big tree. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the car to take a walk.Continue reading “Beautiful Stranger: Episode 14. Season Finale”

Beautiful Stranger. Episode 10

Good wet morning Guys! It’s August, so…lets enjoy the downpour yes? Remember to get free eBooks on African Stories Here and if you are a writer or authored a book, Kindly mail us your articles, books and series to post here. It is free service but works must be edited….although we will go through it,Continue reading “Beautiful Stranger. Episode 10”

Beautiful Stranger. Episode 9

Hi guys, TGIF! TGIF!! TGIF!!! A good weekend and you should have a book to go with it………. Get free eBooks on African Stories Here Beautiful Stranger. Episode Nine Read All Previous Episodes of Beautiful Stranger Here **** Emeka pulled Jerry. “Come on, man. Emergency.” Jerry stood stoned. “That is Toni.” “Toni?” Jerry nodded. “MyContinue reading “Beautiful Stranger. Episode 9”

Beautiful Stranger. Episode 8

Beautiful Stranger. Episode Eight Read All Previous Episodes of Beautiful Stranger Here **** Jerry pushed the door open as he put the bags in. “It is not too large, but, you are going to like staying here.” Mrs Aiyenugba looked round. “Petite. I like it.” “Thank you. So, you can stay here while I talkContinue reading “Beautiful Stranger. Episode 8”

Beautiful Stranger. Episode 7

Beautiful Stranger. Episode Seven Read All Previous Episodes of Beautiful Stranger Here **** Nora feared it would come to this. Toni stared at her. Nora swallowed painfully as she watched Toni wipe her own tears. “We have talked about this before.” Nora said quietly. “About me dying peacefully, right?” Toni asked as she approached herContinue reading “Beautiful Stranger. Episode 7”

Beautiful Stranger. Episode 6

Beautiful Stranger. Episode Six Read All Previous Episodes of Beautiful Stranger Here **** JERRY God can be funny. If he was going to let nemesis catch up with me, he should have at least given me some time. Why today? Why now? First date? Mr Azeez’s son was my patient. The lad had to rememberContinue reading “Beautiful Stranger. Episode 6”

Beautiful Stranger. Episode 5

Read All Previous Episodes of Beautiful Stranger by Tomi Adesina Here **** Emeka took a seat taken aback by Jerry’s word. Jerry looked serious. This, in part delighted Emeka and also worried him. “Love is a strong word, Jerry.” He said. Jerry nodded. “You have never heard me say it before. This time, it isContinue reading “Beautiful Stranger. Episode 5”

All Fun and Games. Episode 12

Great News! All Fun and Games – the eBook is out and we have it! Now, we all can get to the bottom of the interesting love tales of Aisha and Craig…did they get married? Get All-Fun-And-Games-The-eBook-Tomi-Adesina and have a good read! Not interested in the eBook? Well, we have got today’s episode ready. SeriesContinue reading “All Fun and Games. Episode 12”

Beautiful Stranger. Episode 3

Happy Friday guys! TGIF!!! A little somtim-somtim for the weekend. Read, share and lots of rest. Cheers. You can read previous episodes here Episode 3 Toni pushed her weight against the leather seat and focused on the Television. Nora was going to be fast asleep by now. Nora never took long once she hit theContinue reading “Beautiful Stranger. Episode 3”

All Fun and Games. Episode 5

New Episodes of All Fun and Games by Tomi Adesina. Read all previous episodes here EPISODE 5 Aisha paced around Craig’s living room. “Give a mansion to a pig and he’ll still make it a sty. Why is this place a mess?” She asked. Craig rolled his eyes as he flung his shorts from aContinue reading “All Fun and Games. Episode 5”