All Fun and Games. Series Finale

Happy Holidays! All Fun and Games by award winning writer Tomi Adesina comes to an end today….but the story does not end just yet… Get the eBook All-Fun-And-Games-The-eBook-Tomi-Adesina to complete engaging love story. **** ALL FUN AND GAMES – EPISODE 13 “Except if a grown man has become too tiny to find, I suggest weContinue reading “All Fun and Games. Series Finale”

All Fun and Games. Episode 6

ALL FUN AND GAMES – EPISODE 6 Read all previous episodes of All Fun and Games by Tomi Adesina here EPISODE 6 If there was anything Moira knew how to sell perfectly, it was arguments like this. Aisha stared at her. “You can’t be serious.” “Do I look like a clown to you?” Moira askedContinue reading “All Fun and Games. Episode 6”

All Fun and Games. Episode 5

New Episodes of All Fun and Games by Tomi Adesina. Read all previous episodes here EPISODE 5 Aisha paced around Craig’s living room. “Give a mansion to a pig and he’ll still make it a sty. Why is this place a mess?” She asked. Craig rolled his eyes as he flung his shorts from aContinue reading “All Fun and Games. Episode 5”

All Fun and Games. Episode 3

Happy Happy Easter Monday!!! Enjoy Episode 3 of All Fun and Games episode 3 by @tomi_adesina. Read and Share……its Easter afterall. EPISODE 3 “To take out all this anger on that sales man, we actually need to make it there alive.” Moira said. Aisha stepped on the gas pedal. “I am not going to letContinue reading “All Fun and Games. Episode 3”

No Heart Feelings. Episode 1

Her smile was blinding… but maybe it was the morning sun in his face. He blinked to adjust his eyesight away from the brightness and back into the beautiful gap-toothed smile that was before him. She who had the blinding smile laughed at his dilemma and stretched up like a kitten to pull the curtainsContinue reading “No Heart Feelings. Episode 1”

Crush or Love? Episode VIII

Read Previous Episodes Here Bassey Odiete I poured myself a glass at the bar and prayed U.D would be too drunk to remember the slap. She couldn’t have slept with him, could she? Of course she had. How could she? I took a large gulp as the images of her red dress, her supple breasts,Continue reading “Crush or Love? Episode VIII”

The Play-For-Literacy Eko Challenge and stories of 35 million illiterates

PRESS RELEASE AYECI Inc. hosts Play4Literacy football tournament to Kick illiteracy in Nigeria African Youth Empowerment and Change Initiative (AYECI Inc.) in collaboration with the Lagos State Government proudly presents The EKO CHALLENGE Season 1. A fierce 2 days football match between Lagos State Government Agencies at the Ultra-Modern Agege Stadium, Lagos on the 26thContinue reading “The Play-For-Literacy Eko Challenge and stories of 35 million illiterates”


  ǁǁǁ ………..And touch down. I didn’t carry Agaracha…..I’m sure she wasn’t happy to be left alone again. Especially since I didn’t know when next I was going back. Felt good to be back to the game city. More so that I had new info! More moves!!! It felt like I was ‘crowning’ but notContinue reading “CHAPTER EIGHT ⃝ THE GAME PLAN”


ǁǁǁ……….As always, the dark evil force had me running for safety; closing in on me with an evil cackle that rang deep into my ears and my wildly beating heart. As always I keep running, panting with fear while he catches up with me as I try to jump a tall fence with grass wallContinue reading “CHAPTER SIX ⃝ UNFOLDING SECRETS…”