All Fun and Games. Episode 4

Please take a moment to like Tomi Adesina’s facebook page at and follow @tomi_adesina on twitter. #SupportWriters. Thanks. All Fun and Games. Episode 4. Aisha and Moira walked into Hakeem’s villa. Clearly they looked different from the others in their saris which Aisha had chosen for ‘her reasons’. The others wore hip dresses. EvenContinue reading “All Fun and Games. Episode 4”

New Online Series on African Stories

Hey there! I suppose your weekend was good and restful. If it wasn’t, you may want to call in sick take things slow at work today. BTW… We are super excited at having a new online series – All fun and games by ours truly @tomi_adesina feature every Monday on African Stories! It’s the perfectContinue reading “New Online Series on African Stories”