New Listing, New Author: The 93′ Conspiracy by Tijani Ridvan now on African Stories


African Stories is most delighted to announce the addition of African Author – Tijani Ridvan

Tijani Ridvan grew up in Nigeria. His work has appeared in various publications including the Reader times and Mystery eye magazine. He is the author of the novel ‘THE 93 CONSPIRACY’ which won the annual Book critic award and was the Legion house Best thriller of the year. A student in the US, he divides his time between the United states and Nigeria.  He is @RidwanTijani4 on twitter.

Tijani Ridwan

Tijani Ridwan

The 93′ Conspiracy tells the story of James Bola, 35 is an ex-navy seal who accidentally shot a boy in the heat of Iraq. His superiors tell him the ‘kill’ was justified as the boy was holding a weapon but he still feels guilty and leaves the army. He decides to go back to his home country Nigeria, a country in the state of political corruption because the time for elections is drawing near, politicians become backstabbers and dirty deals are made. James Bola begins to show symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. On independence day, a bomb goes off in the biggest market in the region, killing scores of people including James’s mother. The CIA contacts James, he begins to investigate and he discovers an unbelievable conspiracy.

The 93′ Conspiracy, in E-book format, is now available for sale for just N1,000 (One Thousand Naira) only.

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