A letter to our Generation

Dear Generation On the 14th of October 2013, at an extraordinary and poorly attended AU summit, a malicious draft resolution was distributed, which calls explicitly for immunity from prosecution for sitting heads of state and senior government officials. It is funny that few self proclaimed elitists will look at us and spit in our faces.Continue reading “A letter to our Generation”

The Play-For-Literacy Eko Challenge and stories of 35 million illiterates

PRESS RELEASE AYECI Inc. hosts Play4Literacy football tournament to Kick illiteracy in Nigeria African Youth Empowerment and Change Initiative (AYECI Inc.) in collaboration with the Lagos State Government proudly presents The EKO CHALLENGE Season 1. A fierce 2 days football match between Lagos State Government Agencies at the Ultra-Modern Agege Stadium, Lagos on the 26thContinue reading “The Play-For-Literacy Eko Challenge and stories of 35 million illiterates”