All Fun and Games by Tomi Adesina – The e-Book

‘All Fun and Games’ fiction series turned eBook tells an intriguing story of the life of the young dashing and successful CEO, Aisha Bello as she tries hard to secure her inheritance from her father, Alhaji Bello. With help from her closest friend and confidant, Moira, Aisha plots a lie to deceive her dad intoContinue reading “All Fun and Games by Tomi Adesina – The e-Book”

Award-Winning Writer, Tomi Adesina, To Release ‘ALL FUN AND GAMES’ eBook in July

Screenwriter and fiction series writer, Tomi Adesina has revealed that she is set to release the eBook of her online series, ‘All Fun and Games’. ‘All Fun and Games’ is a fiction series which looks into the life of the young dashing and successful CEO, Aisha Bello as she tries hard to secure her inheritanceContinue reading “Award-Winning Writer, Tomi Adesina, To Release ‘ALL FUN AND GAMES’ eBook in July”

Friday is African History Day!

Hey! It is Friday….Thank God it is. African Stories is pleased to announce Friday as African History day! Every Friday, do take the time to read African History post on African Stories. So…..Let’s get the first post up here. P:S All Posts will be referenced. Works are not owned by African Stories….so it is largelyContinue reading “Friday is African History Day!”

New Online Series on African Stories

Hey there! I suppose your weekend was good and restful. If it wasn’t, you may want to call in sick take things slow at work today. BTW… We are super excited at having a new online series – All fun and games by ours truly @tomi_adesina feature every Monday on African Stories! It’s the perfectContinue reading “New Online Series on African Stories”

Dear Future Husband by Tomi Adesina now available

African Stories is delighted to announce the latest addition to its eBook library “Dear Future Husband by Tomi Adesina”. Dear Future Husband’ tells the story of Kimberly Bankole and her friends, Ini and Tola as they find their way through life, career and love. their lives teach a lesson of how much love could beContinue reading “Dear Future Husband by Tomi Adesina now available”

Quantum Assault by Réal Laplaine

Book Title: Quantum Assault Author: Réal Laplaine Rating: 3/5 Summary: When one brave Eleina dared to survive at all costs, Keeno McCole, with his high cheek bones, tawny colored skin and intensely black hair sets out to take on the booming human trafficking market across the globe with his partner in-crime and best friend, JakeContinue reading “Quantum Assault by Réal Laplaine”

Finding Baida….the sequel is out! Get a Free Copy

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! It feels like yesterday…..okay, it doesn’t really feel like yesterday….365/4 days and counting…glad we all still pushing on. Pretty much happy right now and probably might not make “hallmark” speech………yup! overfed and stretched out….so emm, I go just yarn randomly…. It has really been a great year…starting out with gun blazing more businessContinue reading “Finding Baida….the sequel is out! Get a Free Copy”

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SEASON’S GREETINGS FROM AFRICANLOVESTORIES.COM ADVERTISE IN NEW BOOK FROM UNEÑ AMEJI FINDING BAIDA HITTING DEVICES 25TH DECEMBER, 2013 SNEAK PEAK PROLOGUE It was the perfect day for a wedding. The clear blue skies reflected the cool blue swimming pool and the cold morning air ran deep into the nose as Kamal Baga buttoned his brilliantContinue reading “Advertise on”

We Have Guests!

Hello You! I bet everyone had a good weekend…..I did. And yes! I’ve got great great news……drum rolls….. Remember I promised AfricanLoveStories.Com Person of the Month? Yup! And we have her. Bestselling Author Alana Munro with her book: WOMEN BEHAVING BADLY – EXPOSING THE TRUTH ABOUT FEMALE FRIENDSHIP is the Author that supports Authors. BookContinue reading “We Have Guests!”