No Heart Feelings. Episode 2

So real quick, remember I told you about Humor-Wednesdays coming on AfricanLoveStories.Com? Well, guess what?! Starting tomorrow, @itsUnclestephen will be featuring one of my favorite piece “The Flight” posting tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed. Enjoy READ PREVIOUS EPISODE He was dead. He walked around like a zombie. Life around him also departed, floating by in huesContinue reading “No Heart Feelings. Episode 2”

No Heart Feelings. Episode 1

Her smile was blinding… but maybe it was the morning sun in his face. He blinked to adjust his eyesight away from the brightness and back into the beautiful gap-toothed smile that was before him. She who had the blinding smile laughed at his dilemma and stretched up like a kitten to pull the curtainsContinue reading “No Heart Feelings. Episode 1”