No Heart Feelings. Episode III

Luiz Benicio sprang up from his bed like a mad man. The loud banging he had just heard in his dream turned out to be actual loud banging on the door of his hotel suite. Someone outside was screaming for him to open the door. He guided himself in the direction of the sitting roomContinue reading “No Heart Feelings. Episode III”

No Heart Feelings. Episode 2

So real quick, remember I told you about Humor-Wednesdays coming on AfricanLoveStories.Com? Well, guess what?! Starting tomorrow, @itsUnclestephen will be featuring one of my favorite piece “The Flight” posting tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed. Enjoy READ PREVIOUS EPISODE He was dead. He walked around like a zombie. Life around him also departed, floating by in huesContinue reading “No Heart Feelings. Episode 2”

No Heart Feelings. Episode 1

Her smile was blinding… but maybe it was the morning sun in his face. He blinked to adjust his eyesight away from the brightness and back into the beautiful gap-toothed smile that was before him. She who had the blinding smile laughed at his dilemma and stretched up like a kitten to pull the curtainsContinue reading “No Heart Feelings. Episode 1”