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African Stories is most delighted to announce new African Author Azubike Ahubelem

About Author: Azubike A. Ahubelem has an MSc in Information & Communication Technology. He gets inspired by things around him and tries to relate it to things he writes. He writes pure fiction but has been privileged to have his opinion expressed in Punch Newspaper where his article, “Taming the Monster of Crime,” was published.

Here is a blurb from his new book “DON’T JOIN”
Don't  Join (1)

About Book: “Don’t Join” is a story set in the Nigerian university environment; a zone in which the most rugged takes it all. Passion violence and intimidation are its characteristics. It is governed by unwritten laws and ruled by cult gangs. These were the forces that pushed Uche around till he decided it was time for him to get his courage up and join men in a treacherous adventure where nothing is gained apart from pain, fear, and bloodshed. This book is an eye-opener that would enable you to experience the nitty-gritty of this filthy environment in all its glory from a safe distance through Uche’s eye and leave you with only one ultimate advice:
Category: Fiction

“Don’t Join” is available on Jumia.Com in Hard Copies.

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Don't Join by Azubike Ahubelem

Don’t Join by Azubike Ahubelem

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