Crush or Love? Episode XII

Today is the last of the episodes of Crush or Love? on AfricanLoveStories.Com. It was great fun to write and was even more ‘cool’ to have you read it. Your comments kept me going and I hope you enjoy the end as you did the beginning. While I’m tempted to announce another online series I have been conceiving, it’s best I drop the pen here for the year, edit the Sequel to Courting Baida and refresh for the New Year. If you are yet to get a copy of my latest book in my Mini Series Collections, I suggest you DOWNLOAD it now. Finding Baida hits your Devices on 25th December, 2013. I want you to have it. A Christmas gift if you will…..a little love steaming story to spice up your holiday. And thanks again for reading…and sharing.

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Funke Dayo

“Why did you inject my son with poison?” the disconcerting question caused small beads of sweat to sprout on my forehead in the evenly aired room mainly because I was muddled on U.D’s status. Was he alive or dead? Bassey was the one who injected us both with the brutal injection but the question implied that I was the perpetrator. The stern expectant faces of the occupants in the room told me they were already conclusive on the matter. They thought I was the one and I momentarily considered the possibility of being framed for murder.
My heart skipped at the possibility and my overactive imagination already saw me in handcuffs been led to the jailhouse in orange overalls. Where was Bassey? And how did I get here? How did I survive the lethal injection? These thoughts juggled in my mind and I tensed up. If that was the case, I had a lot of explanation to do. Emeka whose gaze burnt my skin, folded his arms across his chest and waited as well as the rest of them. If there were any misunderstandings, it was time to clear them up.

“Young lady, why were you sprawled naked in my son’s room?” Mr. Odiete had lost his patience and looked like he needed more answers than I could give.
“I wasn’t sprawled naked in any of your son’s rooms” I retorted curtly. It hurt to hear him say I was naked when in fact I was fully clothed as at the time I walked in on his sons, unless, Bassey had tampered with my clothing. I froze and flamed at the thought at the same time. Just then, a man whose eyes looked like they were dyed red barley stepped into the room.
“How she was found?” he asked the man tersely like a school teacher.
“Sir, I was at the post when Mr Bassey called out to me in a rather urgent manner. On getting to Mr U.D’s room, we found both of them sprawled on the bed naked” he said looking at his shoes.
“That is not true!” I shouted from the bed. All eyes were on me now.
“I saw Bassey kill U.D and when I made to call the Police, he attacked me with a syringe!” I interjected forcefully with eyes blazing as Idris attempted to continue his rather falsified story.
“What?!” it was Bisi, sitting back beside me and holding my hand.
“Yes! I walked in on him on top of U.D with a syringe and then when I brought out my phone to get help, he injected me with God knows what. I lost consciousness almost immediately and woke up here. I have no knowledge of what I am being accused of!” I explained in anger.
“What are you saying?” it was Mr. Odiete. I took a deep breath and went into the details, from the one-night rumple with Bassey to U.D’s proposal. Eyes fixed on my lips, I noticed the looks on their faces ranging from disbelief to pain as I narrated the ordeal and how it had all gone ugly.
“This can’t be” it was Mr Odiete muttering under his breath. He looked pained with his thin lips pressed firmly together. Bisi held my hand and gave a reassuring look. Emeka stared blankly at the wall but kept looking at me at intervals while the Doctor and the man with bloodshot stood taking in the account with no expression.
“This is entirely my fault” Mr Odiete said before stepping out, and on his heels were the Doctor and the man with the bloodshot eyes.
“All will be fine” Bisi reassured as she tried to smile patting my hand and following her sweety outside. The room was quiet as I avoided Emeka’s eyes and smiled as Bisi reentered the room.
“Do you love him?” it was Emeka. His voice was thick with emotion as he cleared his throat before speaking again. Bisi had not fully noticed the third occupant in the room and turned at his voice.
“Do you really love him?” he directed the question at me the same time Bisi pierced me with ‘who be dis guy’ look. While I had never told her about Emeka, she knew a man had hurt me and was the reason I was a ‘dumper’ as she called me.
“Yes” I answered in affirmation of the new feelings that washed through me. I really liked U.D and the thought that I would never see him again caused me pain. I fought falling in love for so long but everything felt better with U.D. I wanted to be with Emeka for only one reason but I wanted U.D more. He was the fresh start I needed. He was funny and he was a good friend.
“Is he dead?” I finally managed the question that choked me at the throat.
“He is not” Emeka answered quietly and I let out the tensed breath I held in my weak lungs. I felt dizzy and made to lie down back with Bisi’s help.
“Where could he be?” I asked Bisi who was straitening my head on the pillow.
“We don’t know” she said softly as I saw Emeka walk out of the room without looking back.
U.D Odiete

Bassey drove like a mad man chased him and I heard curses thrown at him from the slightly opened booth where I was hiding as we maneuvered the thick traffic. The aftereffect of the drug was settling in now and I felt like vomiting especially as he kept up with the rough driving. As I held on to the slightly opened booth, I retched as I felt him push his brakes suddenly, blasting a full horn. He slowed down and it felt like we were approaching a house. I sensed danger the moment we drove into the opened compound and noticed persons dressed in black getup and guns hanging from their waists.
“Where is Sage?” it was Bassey’s voice.
“I should be asking you” it was a heavy deep voice.
“Who are you?” he asked rudely in his usual pigheaded fashion.
“Bender!” the voice called.
“Boss!!” I heard a loud answer.
“Tell him who I am” the voice said before I heard a car open and close. The next sound I heard was Bassey’s shout as he was attacked and dragged around the compound. Heart beating fast and now vigilant, I caught a glimpse of the plate number of the car that drove out and the face of the so called Bender who dragged Bassey into yet another car and sped out. I waited patiently as the crowd cleared out and after thirty minutes, I climbed out slowly. The huge tiled compound was empty and I survey the compound carefully.

Creeping to the front seat, I took a relieved breath on finding the keys on ignition. Just as I entered the car and closed the door, the loud bark of a man from the house alerted me of the presence of yet another hoodlum.
“Get down from that car” he commanded as he cocked his double barrel, aiming it at me. Instinctively raising my hand from the steer ring after bringing the car to life, I watched him approach and pretended to freeze. As he dropped his gun and strolled over, the swift press of accelerator and switch of gear, I reversed roughly out of the compound amidst rain of bullets. Luckily, the gate which was half closed and gold plated with decorative metal flung open on high impact. I drove quick and doggedly avoiding the bullets in the secluded Close before making a 360 degrees on the connecting street and racing away from the house.
Looking back at rear mirror, I saw no one following me and took a deep breath as I noticed Bassey’s phone ringing on the passenger’s seat.
“Dad!” I called loudly.
“U.D” he recognized my voice.
“Dad, Bassey has been kidnapped” I said in rushed tone.
“Calm down, where are you? What happened?” he asked with great concern lining his voice.
“I don’t know. He was taken in company of another car with personalized registration number Prince 001.
“Where are you?” he asked again as I envisioned him already putting a call to his close friend in the Force.
“I am heading home” I said
“Come home” and the line went dead. The thoughts of past events in last days washed through my mind and the foolishness of it all caused me regrets. It was really sad that it had come to this and I rebuked myself for taking the step of temporarily paralyzing Bassey just to beat him to my heart content. It had always been a tit-for-tat case between us when it came to women but I guess I had taken it too far this time around. I didn’t even like her. All I did was to get even with Bassey but instead I had made things worse. I knew Sage was Bassey’s suspicious friend who I maintain deals in drugs and suspected that Bassey mixed possibly in vendetta. I silently prayed he would be found soon.
I drove in through the gate and saw Dad on the front steps. I pulled my tired self from the badly damaged car and walked up to him.
“Are you okay?” he asked with kind eyes. I had never seen my father like this. He looked really shaken.
“Have you heard from Bassey’s abductors?” I asked as he came to help me up.
“No. But he will soon be home” he answered signaling Magdalene, the Nurse to come along.
“What’s wrong?” I asked as I was settled in the Dispensary and propped up to rest.
“I should have paid more attention to your little pranks and feuds” he looked directly at me. I knew what he was talking about but plastered a confused look on my face.
“I know Bassey tried to kill you” he said quietly as Nurse Magdalene left the room.
“No Dad, he didn’t. I tried to inject him first” I confessed and looked at him. His eyes widened.
“You wanted to kill him?” he asked taking a seat. Ever since the death of our mother twenty six years ago, Dad had never remarried but had series of Aunties come and go. They were instrumental to our sex lessons and Dad had done all he could to keep the men in the house happy. We were close but when it came to women, Bassey and I competed and literally fought. Making up was fun and would continue as if nothing happened. This time however, I had gone overboard and I knew it.
Was it because I was in love with Funke? I liked her smiles, she was fun to be with and certainly the trophy woman but love? I wasn’t sure. Perhaps the only reason I reacted that way was because it was the first time I got really hot in the ears anytime I remembered that Bassey had gone in before me and had carelessly disrespected her…like I was any better. Okay, I was but I certainly wasn’t innocent.
“No. I just wanted to put him to sleep. Deep sleep” I said, ashamed of myself.
“I really don’t know what you two boys are up to but I suspect this is about the girl in the hospital” he said coldly.
“A misunderstanding Sir” I replied still wondering if Funke was worth it all. Bassey was my brother and when it came to choosing sides, I would always choose his. The thought clarified my emotions. I was done with Funke’s episode. While the thought gave me peace, it felt like I was going to miss out on her.
“It had better be. I should have word from Mr. Abdullahi soon” he said and as if on cue his phone rang. I nodded.
“Mr Abdullahi” he called into the phone. Not hearing the conversation, I waited for him.
“Ok, thank you very much. Yes, Yes. Yes, of course. It is no problem. Thank you” he was saying and I waited for the news.
“Any news?” I asked hopefully.
“Yes, he was beaten and dropped on the road. He should be here any minute” he gave a small smile as I gave a huge sigh.
“You boys have to stop fighting over girls. This should be the last” he said on a cheerful note and made to stand up.
“Yes sir” I said relieved that he was alright and coming home.
Bassey Odiete

The blinding slaps and knocks had me wishing for the umpteenth time that I had never met the unfortunate lady. Why on earth did I get involved with her in the first place? To hell with the obsession on her honey pot. She was the cause of my misfortune I decided as the heavy man dropped slaps in serial numbers all over my body. And why was this episode so tensed? U.D and I had feuds over women but it had never escalated into this. I actually believed U.D was out to get me. Or was he truly in love? Would he really kill his brother?’
“Where is Sage?” the man whose name I got to know was Bender continued pounding me as the car sped on the high way.
“I don’t know. I came to find him too” I answered amidst the rains of slaps. Just then his phone rang and I thanked the good Lord for his mercy.
“If I come out of this alive, I will stop with the philandering” I vowed silently.
“Yes Boss” he said thickly into the phone.
“Bull Dog! Stop the car” he commanded the driver and the car swerved off the room jumpily, coming to a screeching halt. Roughly kicking me out, I rolled on the highway and they sped off. The tear on my mouth bled and I waved several taxis down. Finally settling myself in one, I was relieved I was heading home. If U.D wanted me dead, I was going to wait for him at home I decided.
“This will be the last time we fight over a girl’’ I said aloud.
“Oga, you say?” it was the cab driver.
“Take me home” I ordered weakly.
The Dispensary door opened to Dad standing with his hands in his pockets. He patted me on the back as I approached with Idris’s help. I had expected some kind of harsh words but it seemed like the old man had lost his hot streak. U.D was sitting on the bed with a small smile on his face and I knew all was going to be alright.
Settling on the opposite bed, I thanked Idris and he left as the Nurse entered the room. Dad’s phone rang and he stepped out.
“Nice one” I said as he shook my hand before Nurse Magdalene arranged her tray. If I didn’t know better, I’d conclude that she loved the feel of pressing hot iodine into our wounds this past years.
“Not again” he said as I was settled in and had the iodine stinging at my mouth.
“Naa, I deserved it” I said and the laughs that followed felt like the episode didn’t happen, except we were in the Dispensary and we both looked like shit.
Funke Dayo

The moment Emeka left the hospital, I waited to feel sad like I did years ago but instead I felt empty. He affected me when he was before me but the second he was out of sight, I was perfectly good. It must be the sex, I finally concluded. The memories of our rather steaming sessions round the house, in the dark part of the school library, the cold nights in his car…..
“Who is he?” it was Bisi’s voice breaking through my thoughts.
“Emeka” I answered turning to face her.
“Who is he to you?” she asked softly.
“He was a lot” I said and gave a small smile. She understood.
I was discharged that evening.
With the news of U.D reaching me that he was well, I was in high spirits when I went to see him but came back in low spirit. He was no longer interested in seeing me. He was sorry for leading me on and wished me the best.
Blood was thicker water. I was water.
It was over.
Emeka Douglass

It was over. Funke was in love with U.D and again, I had lost her. Leaving the hospital, I drove around for a while and finally made it home heavily drunk. Chichi was in my house with her mother spoiling for a fight I wasn’t in the mood for.
“Where have you been?” it was her mother.
“Hospital” I answered walking into my room. They must have collected the spare key from the young man at the gate. The thought annoyed me some more.
“With who?” she asked following me.
“With Funke” I answered and closed the door on their faces as I reached my room.
That was the end of the marriage. All hell was let lose afterwards and father got to know who Funke really was. He blamed me for not taking my responsibility and berated me for poor decisions.
“Leave her alone! A woman scorned is best avoided” he said after I adamantly informed him of my decision of marrying her.
“I must have her” I had told him and walked out.
The final presentation was awkward and I sat through it. It was a month after I had walked out of the hospital. She was more beautiful; her makeup flawless, her emphasized tiny waist spread out to her hips and eyes darting around as she made the presentation. Of course father was impressed with her work and invited her to the ground breaking dinner to which she humbly rejected. I was in high hopes and had prevailed on father to ask her.
I wanted her so bad it hurt. The thought of her with the so-called U.D tormented me and I knew I was never going to let it rest until I had her back.
I made my move.
The drive to the familiar house took less time on a Sunday evening and was ushered in by the man with the red eyes.
“Is U.D at home?” I asked coming down from my car after he graciously allowed me through the gate.
“Yes” he said in an overly friendly manner.
“Please I need to see him” I said as we walked to the large house.
U.D and Bassey were just entering the sitting room as the man ushered me in. Bassey stopped in his tracks.
“Hello” I greeted and they both looked at me.
“And to what do we owe the visit” it was Bassey coming for a weak handshake.
“Just a friendly visit” I said
“Oh! U.D, this is Funke’s brother” Bassey introduced.
“No, not really. I am not” I corrected with a smile.
“Ok?” he rolled his eyes as he walked to the bar for a drink.
“I actually came to see U.D” I went straight to the point. U.D who had taken a seat on the couch, not paying us attention looked up at the mention of his name. The issue of course was Funke and we took a walk around the large Estate.
To say I was shocked was an understatement. They were no longer an item and Funke led me to believe the opposite. Leaving the house in high spirits, I drove to Funke’s. There was nothing stopping me now. ‘Even if I had to kidnap her, I will’ I said to myself as I parked my car and used the foot gate. The old gateman smiled and waved in recognition.
I knocked on her door and waited patiently.
The door opened to her friend who had sat beside her in the hospital.
“Hello Emeka” she called cheerfully stepping outside and closing the door behind her.
“Hello. Forgive me, I don’t know your name” I apologized.
“Bisi” she said smiling fully.
“How do you do?” I asked taking a handshake.
“I am fine. You are here for Funke?” she predicted and I smiled.
“Yes” I answered.
“She’s traveled”
“To where?” I asked in exasperation.
“A weekend in Lagos-Badagry. She should be back in two days” she informed with a glint in her eyes.
“Bisi, I really can’t wait two days. Where is she staying?” I asked already heading to the airport.
“She is staying at the whispering palms beach resort” she was saying but I cut her short.
“Thank you Bisi” I said as I walked to the gate.
“You may need my number” she called out to me and came back to get it.
“Make her happy” she warned right before I almost ran out of the house.
My flight to Lagos was delayed for about Forty Five minutes. I was the most irritable passenger on board and couldn’t wait to get down at the airport. Speeding to Badagry in a rented taxi, I recited what I needed to say. Bisi had confirmed her room and as I stood in front of her room hours later, I felt my heart leap and knew I wasn’t leaving her until she said yes. The tap on the door and a long practiced smile, I waited.
The door opened to a shocked Funke in a towel and wrapped hair still wet from the bathroom.
“Emeka!” she called totally in shock as I let myself in.
“What are you doing here?” she asked stepping back, allowing for room between us. I closed it.
“I love you Funke. I have always loved you” I said as I took her hands in mine.
“How did you find me? Bisi” she answered herself in annoyance.
“Don’t” I edged closer.
“I……., you shouldn’t be here” she said and I felt her resistance dropping slipping away.
“But I am here. For you”
“I can’t be with you”
“Why? And don’t tell me U.D. I know you two are not together” I smiled and I found her smiling too.
“What do you want” she was getting her dimples and I raised her chin to me.
“You know”
“Say it” she was smiling now.
“You” and with that, I pulled her into my embrace.
“You are mine. I’m never letting you go, never again” with that I placed my lips on hers. She resisted a little before relaxing her lips. Gradually deepening the kiss, I remembered the first time I had kissed her, emotions exploding as I grabbed her waist and pulled at her towel. She held on.
“Leave it” I whispered in between the heated kiss and she smiled.
“Not yet” she said back into my mouth.
“Why not?” I asked trailing my hands on the surface of the towel, tracing her nipples.
“You need to take your bath” she said mischievously and with that I swept her off her feet.
Off we went to the bathroom.
Removing my piece of clothing and finally discarding her towel, we stood still, kissing and making up for lost years under the warm water than ran down the large cubicle shower. Sweet pink lips, tight nipples and low groans coming from her, I knew I still affected her. I was rock hard and couldn’t wait to penetrate her center.
I had everything I wanted and briefly considered what her reaction would be when she found out that I had a five year old son. I prayed for the best but for now, I was going to make memories and make sure she conceived by the time I was through.
Funke Dayo

The moment I saw him at my door, I couldn’t stop myself. I had gambled and won. Bisi and I had planned a weekend getaway for me.
“If he comes to look for you, then you know he really wants to get back, if not, I think it’s time Cinderella finds another man” she had jokingly said as we headed to the airport. Not five hours later, she calls to inform me that Emeka was headed to Lagos.
I was ecstatic. The kiss was expected and the feel of his body reminded me why I had fallen in love with him. The night was filled with his insistent sweet love making and I smiled as he filled me up. He wasn’t going to get away this time.
“Make sure say you carry belle for am and this time he must to marry you” Bisi had slyly advised. If only she knew what my real intentions were, she would have stopped me.
I wanted revenge for my womb and getting a pound of flesh was the only way I was going to forgive him. I smiled at the thought again as he administered soft sweet teasing kisses to my oversensitive nipples. He had feasted on them the entire night and was still suckling. I smiled of the ways available to me in taking his life.
“I just can’t get enough” he said, raising his head from my abused puked nipples.
“You have got all of me” I shone him a beautiful smile.
“Marry me” he said breathing on my exposed breasts before taking my lips in his.
“Yes, yes I will marry you” and I sealed it with a kiss. The deed was done.
This was my ultimate revenge and he was done for.
A life for A life.
Emeka Douglass was good as a dead man.



Crush or Love? Episode XI


Funke Dayo
The moment I opened my eyes to see Emeka staring down at me, I thought I was dead and sat right up. The cold dried air in the lush white room licked at my exposed arms; my skin spouting Goosebumps. The sunlight sneaked in through the slightly opened window furnished with bright yellowish cotton curtain, gradually dispelling looming darkness and dizziness that shielded my eyes. My heavy eyes finally rested on the form in front of me and I saw him smile before noticing for the first time the drip that was dangling from my sudden movement. I tried to speak but my dried throat fought to stay shut. I looked at him, questions lining my expression.
“You are alive, in a hospital and I have been stationed here for 2 days” he said, putting up a brave smile and tracing his hands on mine. I nodded slowly, going on reminisce and like a slap, the images of U.D’s body lying on the floor had my eyes opening in wide alarm. I forced my throat opened.
“U.D” I called, the thought loud in my head but my voice coming out in nothing but rasp whisper. I looked around, desperate for strength. Has Bassey buried him? How did I get here? What was Emeka doing here? And Bassey? My thoughts ran round in circles.

The scrapping metallic door announced the entrance of a white uniformed Nurse with spilling bosom who marched past Emeka and reprimanded him for starting a conversation when I had not fully recovered. Taking out another syringe, she filled it with another dose of liquid and injected the drip. Once more, I fought for control to stay awake; albeit it was impossible.
I sank slowly into another sleep and praying that I open my eyes one more time.


Emeka Douglass
The wait at the large gate was getting ridiculous and I was about driving back home when I first noticed the commotion coming from the house that Funke had driven into less than an hour ago. The shout coming from a man on the front steps in the large compound spelt trouble and I moved closer. Few minutes later, the bodies began rolling out. I rushed to the large see-through gate and noticed the stretcher containing her body lift off the ground and into the stationed Ambulance. My heart missed a beat and I rushed to my car to follow the convoy that sped from the house.
The drive to the hospital was fast and I stuck to the Ambulance in rather hot pursuit, praying that she was not dead. I rejected the thought and cautioned my wild mind from forming scenarios.
“What is going on here” I asked the man removing the bodies from the Ambulance after slamming my brakes and jumping out of my car in the almost empty car park at a private clinic.
“Who are you?” he asked as another man joined him. He looked like the man who was on the front steps.
“What is going on here Joshua?” The man asked as the bodies were rolled to the emergency ward.
I followed.
“Who are you?” he asked as an old Doctor appeared in the reception.
“I am her brother” I lied through my teeth and without thinking too. The man stilled and I spotted a shift in his demure.
“What happened Bassey?” the Doctor asked in a hurry. It would seem as if they knew each other.
“I don’t know. Idris and I saw syringes in the room” he informed as the old Doctor rushed on with the bodies.
Soon, a hoard of Doctors and Nurses descended on the two bodies that was rolled into the emergency ward and I stood, still in shock. Syringes? Was Funke into drugs now? I paced, keeping my eyes on the prickly Mr. Bassey who kept asking if Funke was alright and responding to treatment. The closed-mouthed Nurse said nothing and went back into the emergency ward.
It would be another gruesome 3 hours wait before the Doctor-who had addressed Mr. Bassey earlier-emerged. We stood in union as he announced the good news. Both were ‘stabilized’ but were in dire critical situation.
“They both had large traces of Pentothal and Pavulon in their system but it was a good safe bringing them in as at the time you did. U.D has a yet to be identified substance, maybe Neostigmine, but we are not absolutely sure. However, we flushed them with Saline solution and they are both responding to treatment. The lady’s recovery rate is slower, Is she asthmatic?” he looked at me with the question and I nodded in affirmation. Funke was asthmatic.
“Your brother will survive but we hope the untraceable substance will not be fatal. Both are under observation” he announced sadly as he held Mr. Bassey’s shoulder who stood with a forlorn expression; probably trying hard to mask his emotions.
“Please, I’d like a private room for my sister” I intersected, still playing the brother card. The Doctor simply nodded and signaled the Nurse who left to make that happen. Soon she was transferred and I sat beside her with heavy heart, wondering how these substances had found their way into her system in less than an hour. I wanted to be by her side when she opened her eyes because I wanted to prove myself to her. Moreover, something wasn’t right about the extra attention Mr Bassey paid to her earlier. Perhaps I was jealous that he fussed about her, constantly asking about her well-being and if she was regaining consciousness was annoying as well as suspicious. I had lost my nerve and had quietly told him to stay off her right before planting myself in her room. I had left her before and lost her. I wasn’t going to do that again.

Bassey Odiete
And the unexplainable had happened.
Both of them had survived but in critical condition. How possible was that? They had stopped breathing for Christ sakes!
And I had the new big brother to deal with. I couldn’t go in to suffocate the duo. Doctor Osas had a Nurse stationed in U.D’s room just as Dad had requested from China. I paced and wondered where I had gone wrong and stopped in mid steps. I should not have brought them as at the time I did! I should have let the substances cool in their systems….but why did U.D mix the lethal injection without the Potassium Chloride? That was the deadliest and was the ace card in ensuring instant death from an induced cardiac arrest. He had been fixated on lethal injections and the man that had survived it a while back and had jokingly acquired it for a test on our Neighbor’s dog but never carried it out. Or so he told me. I didn’t see the dog after a while and the bottles containing the trio separately had disappeared. He claimed to have gotten rid of it. Now I knew he had never gotten rid it and I was the ultimate animal. The thought flamed me some more.
I wasn’t the best of persons but he had absolutely no right to kill me or plant an injection nevertheless in my throat over a fine piece of ass. I swallowed and strolled out to take a drag. I decided to take a drive and clear my head. While I was relieved that I didn’t have deaths on my hands, I wondered what the future held……if they lived. I smoked some more. I found myself parking my car in Vicky’s multi-tenanted parking lot and rang her door bell. She appeared eagerly at the door and dragged me in. I needed the comfort and she did comfort me indeed.
It would be early hours of the morning before I would wake up to an irritable ringing phone. It was from the hospital.
“Hello Mr Bassey, please your attention is needed at the hospital” the crisp voice informed me. I knew that the worst had happened. U.D was dead.
But it was not to be.
“We can’t find U.D” it was Doctor Osas in his night shirt and large round glasses perched on his slightly slanted nose.
“What do you mean you can’t find him?” I asked, both bewildered and angry at the same time.
“I was informed that the Nurse stepped out to relieve her bowels and she came back to an empty room” he answered calmly.
“Great!” I threw up my hands in frustration and chuckled in exasperation. The old Doctor studied me.
“And the CCTV footage?” I asked, rubbing at my groggy eyes.
“There is no feed” he said with a straight face. I belched another sarcastic laugh as I walked out of the hospital but not before informing him of the termination of his job as the Odiete’s personal physician.
“My father is going to have your license and close down this porous lab you call a hospital” I threatened as I walked out and got behind my wheels before blindly driving to Sage’s house. I had to lay low for the next days. Whatever the case might be, U.D was alive and I had the uncanny feeling he was coming to get me.
I drove off, afraid yet bold.
This was not in any way over yet!
U.D Odiete
I opened my eyes just in time to see the small build of a Nurse take her leave. The past events still blurry but the strength to pull out the needles and ventilator was fueled by the need to complete what I had started. Bassey wasn’t going to go free. I struggled off the bed and held on to the bed rails to steady my legs. As if I had known, I had taken the anti-dote to the injection before charging into his room; betting that he would over power me and inject me. He had done exactly that.
Stumbling into the laundry room after I managed to walk noiselessly on the quiet hallway, I changed into the next available uniform and crawled out of the building through the back door that opened to the Generator House. Just then, the alarm started whining and I knew they had discovered that I was missing. My heart palpitating because of the side effect of the drug and the fear of discovery, I stilled and waited; leaning against the wall column while the alarm continued in close distance. I calmed myself and decided to inch closer to the gate but I stopped short of running into a security guard who was probably out to get the best security guard of the year award. He ran past and I dragged myself to the Hilux parked at perimeter closest to the gate and pulled myself up just as I saw more security guards come out for a full compound search. Climbing into the back, I laid down and pulled the trampoline over my head as the full search began in earnest.

Bassey’s voice loomed as he drove roughly into the compound and jumped out of his car without killing his engine. Careful, I climbed down and ran over to his car, opened the boot from the control point at the front seat and climbed into his boot in good time. Minutes later, I saw him storm out and enter the car. Cursing and chuckling with disgust, he pulled out of the parking lot and we drove out of the hospital together.
I had plans.

Funke Dayo
I woke up to stare at the white P.O.P ceiling and I felt his eyes on me. I avoided his gaze and found myself swallowing the tears that threatened to fall from my eyelids. I had woken up sometime during the day and looked around bleakly before I noticed him sleeping in great discomfort on the small couch just few meters from my bed. My heart went out to him. He opened his eyes as if he felt my eyes on him and I closed mine immediately, pretending to be fast asleep. He shifted his weight right before standing up to cross the few meters separating us.
Sitting down on the chair stationed permanently beside the bed, I felt his gaze on me and consequently felt his hand brushed my hair off my face. He stood up again to arrange the bed cloth before planting a light airy kiss on my forehead. He sat down and dropped his face in his palms before whispering a prayer I was unfortunate to hear.
“God, please, if You are still there, let her live. Let her live. Give me one more chance to do her right. Please, I cannot afford to lose her again. Please” he said in hushed prayer and I saw what looked like his shoulders shaking in silent sobs. I closed my eyes as the memories of the past washed through me.

It had been a day after I was taken to the hospital by an unknown person and had woken up to the tiny whitewashed school clinic. The dingy lit room smelt of an awful mixture of sick urine, vomit and Izal disinfectant, the hot steady air suffocating me and hungry mosquitoes singing in my ears. The room containing about sixteen beds with occupants was lit with a lantern and despite the opened windows, we shared the mixed hot breaths of each other. I turned to face the wall and wept. I wept for the trust that was broken, the baby I had lost and the pain of betrayal. I stilled as I heard footsteps enter the room.
“Miss Funke” it was a male voice. I wiped my eyes and turned to face a young male doctor.
“Yes?” I answered quietly.
“How do you feel?” he asked coming close with a slim Nurse on his heels.
“I am okay” I braved, when in actual fact I wanted to go hide in a cave and never come out.
“Do you feel pains on your abdomen?” he asked coming close.
“Just a little” I lied. I still felt cramps but the shame of what I knew had happened wouldn’t allow me volunteer information.
“Glad you feel better” he said displaying a down-to-earth smile. I nodded and avoided their eyes.
“You are really a lucky girl” he continued after a while after the plain faced Nurse took my vitals and left the room. I tensed as he sat down.
“So you were brought here by a good Samaritan” he said looking at me as if he waited for me to grow horns. I simply stared on.
“Abortion is not the only way you know” he continued. My eyes watered. How do I tell him that I wanted the baby so much I had dreams of her sucking on my breasts? Or that I freely gave myself to a man I thought was my soul mate?
“The damage of taking that unalterable solution is incomprehensible. The hemorrhage was contained in time but we had to carry out an evacuation immediately” he said studying my expression. Without any thought, tears flowed down my eyes freely and I didn’t try to control it.
“You will be okay” he said now sympathetic. I nodded and he left shortly afterwards. I drained eyes all day and night.
Everything happened as a blur after that. The visits from friends I had ignored because they warned me insistently of the dangers of throwing caution to the wind, the friends I never knew I had and the kind doctor who came daily to make sure I was recovering as I should. I was discharged and life of course continued; without a womb.
“Good Morning” he greeted.
“Good Morning” I replied tersely.
“How do you feel?” he asked sitting up.
“I am okay” I replied without turning to face him.
“I am so sorry” he said as if he knew what I was thinking about.
“Yes, you should be” I answered stonily.
“Let me make it up to you” he said softly, eyes hopeful.
“How?” I asked, my heart missing a beat.
“Marry me, I promise you I will spend the rest of my life making you happy” he said, eyes dancing, looking at me, willing me to say yes.
“I can’t Emeka”
“Why?” he wailed, dismayed.
“I can’t have children” I announced and it looked like I had punched him in the face.
“Oh my God! Oh my God!!” he said burying his face in his hands once more.
“It’s fine. No, it is not fine, but I have learnt to live with it” I said bravely while I bled at heart.
“I must marry you now. There is no alternative” he said, kneeling down and grabbing my hand.
“Don’t” I begged him now. I knew I was emotionally weak and was on the verge of saying yes.
“I am betrothed to another” I finally found an excuse.
“He has gone missing”
And my world came crashing down. What did he mean? Was he dead? Where did he go? Had Bassey succeeded in hiding his body? So many questions and yet no answer.
“What do you mean he has gone missing?” I asked, alarmed.
“He is not in his room, nowhere on premises” he announced, still on his knees.
“Please, sit” I said, trying to sit up. He helped.
“What happened?” I asked with difficulty. My mouth suddenly dry and throat itchy.
“I really don’t have the details but the alarm went off a night ago and he was reported missing” he was saying as the metallic door scrapped again and the fresh face of Bisi appeared.
I broke into smiles as she hurried to my bed and enveloped me in a bear hug. The Doctor and someone who looked like the Mr Odiete entered.
“How are you feeling now?” it was Bisi.
“I am okay” I smiled as my eyes focused on the man.
“That is a relief” it was the Doctor.
“Why did you inject my son with poison?” the man asked with a stoic expression and I found my tongue clinging to the roof of my mouth as all eyes rested on me to answer the question that was probably on everybody’s mind. It was time to tell them what I knew but the absurdity of it all took a toll on me.
I broke out in cold sweat.


Crush or Love? Episode X




Emeka Douglass

The shrieking door bell and buzzing phone in planned union told me Chi-Chi was not just at the door, she was fiery furious. Soon she came around my window and called out my name. I laid down waiting for her to go.
“Matthew, where is his?” she asked the young man at the gate, the annoyance registered in her clipped tone.
I never see am dis morning Ma” he replied, intimidated.
“Tell him to call me immediately he comes back” she said in absolute irritation. I knew the argument we were going to have; ‘why would you miss Mass and why in the world would you refuse to pick your wife’s call?’ I could hear her loud voice in my head already. Perhaps I was just overreacting because I had found Funke or I was just depressed, most probably because the wedding will make the tabloids and would be another milestone reached between both families. Cementing relationships!
She brought her car alive and drove out minutes later, after repeating herself to the young man at the gate. I called him after a while.
Yes Sir, Madam don go” he answered promptly as I asked him if Chi-Chi was gone from the window.
“She is not yet Madam” I corrected in obvious annoyance before I realized who I was talking too. It pissed me off when everyone called her my wife or madam when we had not been introduced! The effrontery!
“I am sorry sir” he apologized. I headed to the bathroom for a hot bath. Seeing Funke today was not an option. It was an absolute necessity. I had to get answers and I was going to get them.
Pulling a white T-Shirt over my head and dragging up a pair of jeans, I took a look in the mirror and admired my abs. Rolling up my sleeves and donning my shoes, I grabbed my car keys and headed to her house in high determined hopes and inexplicable excitement, one which I had not felt in a very long time.
Funke Dayo

The scene I had just witnessed played again in my head as I drove home in high speed. I needed a cold soak and music to calm my jagged nerves. The duo obviously had issues and while it was sad that U.D and I might be over even before we started, I gave myself “brain” as Bisi will always say, wondering briefly how she was doing.
I drove in just in time to see Emeka come out of his car, my breath catching in my throat. I caught on my brakes and made to reverse out but the old gate man had rolled the large metal gate closed. I stilled and took deep breaths to steady my mixed emotions. It felt good to see him, determined to bury the hatchet but it felt absolutely painful to see the man who ………, he interrupted my private thoughts.
“Hello” he said, as a stranger would. I was on guard. The problem with having nice but nosy neighbor was having to keep your shit in your pant! I had to not let them witness this shit that was about hitting the roof.
I came down with contained anger and an unexplained feeling akin to fear. I was afraid to forgive him. I strengthened my resolve. There was no lost love here. It was over, I reassured myself.
“What are you doing here?” I asked. Displaying no emotion, I stared at him in the face. Dressing in white T-Shirts and pair of Jeans, I admired his lean strong abs but kept my eyes on his. He was all I ever wanted and was shocked to find out that I still wanted him. I swallowed painfully at the realization that I had unconsciously dated and had intimate one-nightstands with men that were built like him; but none ever gave me the satisfaction I thoroughly sought for. I grew hot in the face.
“I came to see you” he said, settling his eyes on mine. I fought to stay angry.
“I told you to leave me alone. There is nothing to talk about” I said stubbornly, going to key my door. Why on earth did U.D make that announcement? I’d have been at the Odiete’s!
“We have a lot to talk about” he insisted in his usual calm voice. I opened the door and without invitation, he followed, closing the door after him. I swallowed. I was alone with him. The thought was disturbing.
“We don’t…..” I tried to blow hot air, turning to run into him.
“I was foolish. I was selfish. I panicked but I am truly sorry. For leaving you, for leaving us” he said taking my hand and holding it delicately. I brushed him off and made to go to my room. He grabbed my upper arm.
“You had your say and you are right never to forgive me but I need to apologize” and with that, almost in a flash, he was on his knees, his head resting on my hands. I felt myself go weak and the pain shattering like fine china into a million pieces. I stilled my eyes, resisting the dam that was threatening to burst.
“Don’t, don’t, please don’t….” And I sniffed back the tears that had flooded my throat. Standing up, he gently pulled me into his strong arms, the very same I longed for. His sweet male scent filled my nose, his strong chest so comforting. I knew I belonged here. The old memories surfaced and I pulled myself from his arms with all the strength I could mutter..
“Please you need to leave now” I said, braving a look at him, willing him to leave and never come back but at the same time, willing him to pull me back into his arms and never let me go again. I saw his jaws twitched and in a split second I knew which of my thoughts had permeated.
“I can’t” he said roughly before hauling into his arms, a second hesitation before covering my lips with his. The memory of our first kiss bursting from the dam I had stored it for 10 years and I cried into his mouth as he deepened the kiss. My heart pulsating, his beating so fast. I broke free.
“I am getting married in August. I can’t do this. Stay away” I said, without thinking I picked my car keys that had fallen to the floor and literally ran out of the house. I had sworn never to forgive him but I couldn’t stay mad any longer. Whether right or wrong, well-thought out or not, I was taking up U.D on his offer.
He followed in pursuit as I drove out in a hurry, I saw him enter his car and reverse out of the compound as I raced back to U.D to accept his proposal.
Bassey Odiete
Funke stood rooted to the spot, her eyes so wide and mouth ajar, she stared down at me as I threw the syringe with the half empty content few steps away from where I lay on U.D’s stiff body. I sprang up, sweating, momentarily confused.
“You killed him” she said, just above a whisper.
“I didn’t. I swear. He came at me and we started struggling” I said afraid yet calm.
“He is dead! You killed him” she said, her eye watering, voice reaching the ceiling. Immediately, a thought formed and I eyed the white hand towel that smelt like it was soaked with halothane on the floor. She ran to the body and knelt beside him, shaking him.
“U.D, U.D!! Please! Please wake up. I will marry you” she was crying now and shaking him vigorously.
“Funke, I didn’t. He came at me” I said, using my leg to drag the cloth before picking it up. I advanced slowly. She shook him some more, pulling out her phone.
“What are you doing?” I asked suspiciously eyeing her.
“I am calling an ambulance” she shouted fumbling for her phone. In quick succession, I grabbed her and pressed the cloth firmly against her nose. I felt her tense and she struggled, fighting with all her might. She begged with her eyes as they closed against their ability to stay open. I picked up the syringe, took deep breaths to calm my nerves right before pushing the remaining content of the syringe into her neck too. I waited; trudging the length of my room and cursing them both. U.D wanted me dead and Funke was a witness. She was going to be spill and I had to keep her quiet.
With two bodies, I had to form another plan. Carrying U.D to his room, I stripped him and lay him in bed. I was sweating, heart beating so fast, I cursed him yet again.
“You wanted to kill me over a woman!” I muttered under my breath times without number as I set up his room for the plan I had. Scattering his room, I looked around just one more time before going to the second phase of my plan.
Carrying Funke’s body, I stripped her naked and lay her strategically on him. Cleaning my fingerprints from the injection, I placed it in hers and looked at them one last time before I went to change my shirt and call Idris from the gate. I needed an alibi and he was going to be one.
“Idris! Idris!! Call the hospital. Get the Ambulance” I called loudly in obvious distress.
“Sir” he answered, running in his usual fashion, punching his phone and following me on my heels.
Almost in a run, he called the stationed ambulance driver at the gatehouse to get the car around and bring in the stretcher. He was going to need another I thought as I jumped the stairs and flung the double leaf door leading to U.D’s wing of the house. He followed suit. Opening the main entrance to U.D’s sitting area, I stepped aside to let him in.
“Subahanallah!!!” he exclaimed, taking another look before looking at me with eyes filled with questions I was never going to answer.
“I thought I heard noise about some thirty minutes ago but didn’t take it as anything, coming over to get his car keys for a drive, I knocked and when he didn’t answer after a couple of minutes, I came in to see them like this” I calmly informed and at the same time looking disturbed.
“Sir, are they alive?” he asked, looking at the duo with great concern.
“I have no idea. Where is Joshua!!!??” I shouted.
“Yes Sir” it was Joshua and the old lady Nurse. They both exclaimed as they saw the naked bodies. The Nurse rushed to cover their nakedness and Joshua made to get another stretcher. Idris was on the phone, asking that the family doctor be in the hospital, an emergency he continued. My heart pounded and I poured out in sweat regretting the bickering and the game of who the ladies loved! All our lives, we had competed for attention and now, it was the reason I had killed him.
“She is Alive. She is breathing” the Nurse shouted, almost in an uproar and cutting into my thoughts. She signaled me to help her carry the already dressed body. I stood momentarily confused. She had stopped breathing! How possible was it that she was now breathing? I asked myself, panicking.
“Help me carry her” she shouted as Joshua and Idris arrived with another stretcher. I watched as they hurdled the bodies on the stretchers and wheeled them out. What was to become of me now?
Was she is going to tell the world I killed my brother? It was going to be my word against hers. I had an alibi, she had none. Or did I?
I gave an evil grin as another thought formed.
“I am coming to the hospital. Idris inform father of what has happened” I said jumping into my car.
I had to make sure she doesn’t wake up. There was no way I was going to allow her to spill.
It was the only way

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Crush or Love? Episode IX

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Emeka Douglass
The past days have been filled with regrets and sheer depression, moving round the house like a zombie in same boxers and T-shirt; the office, a distant concern. The issues I thought I had dealt with had now resurfaced and all the forgiveness I sought from Father Moses countless times at confession sessions receding to the back of my anxious mind. Her gorgeous eyes as they watered with hurt, pain and anger tormented me and I stared at my ceiling in self-hate, waiting for rapture. That was the only way out of my dilemma. I regretted it now. The days I was desperate and selfish. The days I took her life and the life of my unborn child into my hands. I wish I could take it all back. Do everything right by her. Be the man she wanted. But I cannot. I simply cannot. What was more troubling was the fact that I still wanted her. I wanted her so bad, it hurt.

The reaction shocked me the night she walked in at Nkoyo so uptight, suppressing her true emotions. Heads turning, steps so precise and frame built for a man-built for me, my heart skipped a beat as it did the first time I saw her. Her small frame carrying heavy drawing board up the stairs to her studio, she looked lost and stopped to ask for directions.
“Please are you for Arc 204?” she asked, eyes roaming and looking for the lecture room. I was at the Department waiting for Lekan after lectures.
“No” I said enjoying her naivety. I was in my final year-Law and she was asking if I was offering a year two Architectural course. I found it exciting.
“You know where the studio is?” she asked. Her small handbag between her armpit and big wooden drawing board weighing down her small hands. Her shoulders slumped.
“Just over there” I answered pointing to the studio at the end of the corridor.
“Thanks” she said sweetly with a bright smile before dragging her large board.
“You don dey fail for her abi?” it was Lekan, my right-hand man sneaking up on me while I watched her walk to her studio.
“She is cute” I said as we headed downstairs to the car park.

It would be another 3 weeks before I saw her again on a Sunday morning at the chapel. This time, she was smartly dressed in fitting jeans and sleeveless white turn-up shirt stopping at the base of her spine accentuating her small waist that opened to her curved hips and firm rounded buttocks. I felt a reaction forgetting that I was just from Mass. Her hair wrapped in Erika Badu’s fashion and heels so high I feared for her delicate ankles. She matched past the church sidewalk in engaging steps and got on a bike. I hasten to my car and followed the bike on a spur. I smiled as I pursued the bike and attempted a run-in. The already angry bike man turned and threw an insult.
I blasted my horn and followed roughly, this time going so close. The violent bike man lost it and parked, charging at me. She came in between us and handed him a note. He calmed, collected the note, spat on the ground before climbing his bike. He drove off in fury.
“What is your problem?” she asked turning to face me. She didn’t recognize me.
“I was trying to get home in time” I lied as I studied her angry expression.
“By killing people on the road. Nice one” she said waving down another bike.
“Let me take you home” I offered staring at her straight face. She wasn’t finding it funny and her calm anger told me it was not a good day to play.
“I’d rather get killed than be party to someone on a mission to kill innocent bike users. Try safe driving sometime” with that, she got on another bike and disappeared after few seconds. I stared after her. I was hooked.
Monday morning had me waiting at her Department. I had no business in school but I just had to see her. She smiled immediately her eyes met mine. I smiled back.
“I see you are still alive” she said passing me and I followed naturally.
“And so are you” I teased raising my eyebrow.
“Thankfully you were the only killer on the road. I got home safe” she said going to her lecture room.
“Haha!” I laughed, her sense of humor pulling me closer.
“Are you supposed to be here?” she asked as she took a seat by the window and I sat beside her.
“Beside you?” I teased and she smiled. The old lecturer, who was not ready to be in the class, preached away in his usual FCS style as she listened with rapt attention and took notes.
“Are you seriously listening to that?” I disturbed.
“Yes I am” she gave a small smile and scribbled on.
“I like your red nails” I added.
“Thank you”
“And your lips. They are so you” I disturbed some more.
“Sure” she said smiling some more before blessing me with her eyes. Her small dimples denting as she shook her head at my mischief.
“You know I will keep disturbing you yea?” I asked now sure I wanted her. Eyes taking in the smoothness of her skin, her long but sparse eyelashes and her lips inviting me to steal a kiss.
“I think that question is invalid” she said before returning to her lecture. I studied her hair line, her small shaped ears and the shape of her jaw before I allowed my eyes travel down the side length of her body.
“Stop ogling me” she said few minutes before the old man stepped out of the room.
“I wasn’t” I defended. She nodded in jest putting away her notebook.
“Let’s go for lunch. I am hungry” I said tugging at her.
“I am not hungry”
“I just had lecture with you, the best you could do is have lunch with me”
“Alright. Lunch it is” she said as she packed her bag and soon we headed to the car park.
“So we are going to eat inside the killer truck” she said referring to my jeep. I laughed.
“Yes we are” and opened the door like a gentleman.
“Nice hair cream” I added as she settled in and I closed the door.
“Thank you for smelling” and that was the beginning of our love story. We were inseparable afterwards. Always teasing. Always arguing.
The first night I kissed her felt so surreal. It had been two months and had picked her from her house at 4 a.m. for a meaningless drive.
“What are you doing here?” she asked eyes wide as she opened her door at few minutes to 4 a.m.
“I couldn’t sleep” I answered pulling her for a hug. She laughed and went back to her drawing.
“You could have called you know” she eyed me as I came to stand beside her new drawing stand I got for her birthday. She was such a dedicated little Architect and loved the crease between her brows when she was at her board. That got me the first hug ever and the feel of her supple body was imprinted. I asked for hugs after that and when she wouldn’t give, I’d steal them.
“Yes, about that… I don’t have credit and all the sellers exhausted their stock yesterday. I am just coming back from MTN” I joked with a straight face. She threw her head back in laughter.
“You for real?” she asked taking a spoon of flakes in front of her.
“Yes babe” I answered with a straight face.
“Well, you are here. Sup?” she asked turning to face me.
“Why are you awake?”
“Work?” she rolled her eyes at me.
“We are going out” I announced.
“To?” she questioned.
“Okay. I need the air” she said handing me the bowl of flakes. I downed it and soon we were headed to nowhere in particular.
“So where are we going?” she asked for the umpteenth time.
“I have no idea” I told her. Soon we were quiet and minutes later, her eyes closed. She was fast asleep and she looked so peaceful. Without thinking, I drove to my favorite spot-the foot of a hill where my friends and I had gone on few occasions for hiking. Killing the engine, I waited for her to wake up. She didn’t.
“Funke” I called gently, she smiled before opening her bloodshot eyes.
“I slept off. Where are we?” she asked with a small smile, rubbing at her eyes.
“Time to hike” I announced jumping down and going around to her side.
“What?” she complained. Hands in mine, we walked up the trail before I noticed the dark heavy clouds gathering.
“I am tired Emeka” she complained halfway up.
“Climb on my back then” I said squatting and she laughed before she did. The climb up was quiet and we reached just as the first drop of rain touched my head.
“A pond” she said shouted, jumping down and running to the mouth of the small body of water.
“It is cold” she said dropping her leg in the water. I smiled at her playfulness.
“Let’s go. It is going to rain and the path will be slippery” I informed noticing the increased droplets.
“Noooo” she said and I laughed at her eagerness to explore.
“We will come back” I pacified. She smiled, the disappointment leaving her small face.
The walk down was faster but not fast enough as the rains poured on us and we ran down like kids.
Laughing hysterically when we got to the car, we were soaked and her hair plastered on her face.
“You are so not forgiven” she accused peeling away the hair.
“What did I do?” I asked bewildered.
“You brought me out here to get cold” she said as the rain fell on us.
“Let’s go home” I said and then raised my hands in false alarm.
“Are you with my keys?” I asked with a straight face before breaking into a wide grin and took a shout run as she attempted a body search. She raced after me.
“Emeka, come and open this door!” she pursued. Reaching few meters from the car, I picked her up as she ran into my arms and carried her to the car. She laughed so hard her body shook. Completely soaked now, I could see the outline of her jutting breasts as she took high breaths. She calmed down as she noticed my darkening countenance. I loved her mounds.
Dropping her by the door, I could feel her heart beat. The rains fell on us as we stood as if in a trance. I knew the terms. Just friends she had said. I wanted more and it was such a perfect time to take it a notch higher. Eyes so white and lips so pink, I forgot the rules of friendship we had established and planted my lips on her. She froze.
Delving deep and teasing her lower lips, I inched in closer as she allowed. Her resistance slowly dissolving and head angling to give me better access; I smiled against her lips as I gained access to the lips that tormented me for weeks and nights. Her soft lips melted into mine as I traced her small waist and pulled her closer. The rains mixed with the kiss and that was the first time I heard her moan. The sound so erotic, I felt hot blood rushing to my groin and I pushed against her stomach. She felt it and tensed again. I ignored her tension and licked at her tongue. Advancing closer to her rounded breasts, my large hands cover her and molded her nipples through her wet shirt. She reacted as if she was stung.
Chest heaving, she looked everywhere else except my eyes. I removed her hair from her face and raised her chin. She gave a hesitant smile.
“Let me take you home” I said noticing her discomfort. She nodded and entered the car quietly. Teeth chattering, I switched on the heater but the quietness grew on the way home. I remember the small smile she gave before getting down and closing the metallic gate that surrounded her mini student compound where she lived with other students. And she avoided me for days. Always busy, never at home and leaving for lectures before I came to pick her up. I knew she was avoiding me but that fueled me more than ever to have her. Be her man.

Waiting at the car park after a hot annoying afternoon with my confused project supervisor, I saw her come out of her Complex, laughing with a tall dark boy who laughed with her as they headed to the bus park. Jealousy filled me instantly and I considered going to drag her by the hand. I decided against it and drove home blasting my horn at every chance.
“She lives” I said to her sleepy eyes as she opened her door that night at 1 a.m. I knew that was the only time I’d meet her.
“Hey” she said with sleepy voice looking behind me.
“Can I come in?” I asked calmly while I boiled inside.
“So what have you been up to?” I asked noticing the clean drawing board and night bag.
“Taking the weekend off” she said climbing her bed.
“With who?” I asked. I couldn’t hold it any longer.
“No one” she looked innocent.
“I don’t think so. I saw you two together today at your Complex” I accused. It was surprising and petty to feel that jealous but I didn’t care. She was mine.
“Glory is a friend” she informed quietly.
“Yes, a friend like me” I raised my voice.
“Please don’t shout” she looked on.
“I am not but you have got to stop seeing that boy” I commanded.
“You should leave” she said standing up, going to her door. I grabbed her roughly, pinning her to the door. Her eyes filled with fear.
“I didn’t mean to scare you with the kiss. And please don’t be afraid of me. I didn’t plan it. It just happened because I really like you and the thought of being just a friend kills me-literally. I can’t be your friend anymore. I want to be your man. I want you so bad it hurts and if I can’t have you, I am going to make everyone miserable” I declared hotly, breathing on her lips and trying so hard not to kiss her again.
“I know” she said above a whisper.
“And when you keep running away from me, I just …” I continued and then the realization that she just spoke hit me.
“What did you say?” I asked.
“I know” she said now getting louder.
“You know you drive me crazy yea?” I said breaking into a smile.
“I know I like you too and I can’t help being just your friend anymore. But I am not sure………..” I didn’t allow her finish.
Planting my lips on her pink pouted lips had been on my mind all day and I seared her with my kiss. She belonged to me now and I was hers. Pressing against her roughly, she kissed me back.
“I love you Funke. I want you all” I kissed her nose and she looked at me through her long sparse lashes. Afraid yet bold.
“Are you sure” she asked catching her breath. Her lips now red and slightly swollen.
“More than I think possible” and made to kiss her again before peeling her night shirt and picking her to the bed.
“I love you too” she muttered just before we lost ourselves in her cold sheets.
The night I took her virginity still imprinted on my memory. The fear in her eyes, the eagerness in her touch, the sounds she made as I fed her and the shattering orgasms we experienced over and over again. Our lives changed overnight. She was hardly at home because I wanted her with me all day. We played, studied, made love and made love all night. All day
Then she dropped the bombshell the night I finished my external project defense.
She was 2 months pregnant.
I was beyond words. Of course I knew I was responsible but was I ready for the responsibility? What was Father going to say? And Mum would be so disappointed. I still wanted her but I had to get rid of the baby.
“Get rid of it?” her eyes had popped and I calmed her down.
“It was just a suggestion. Do you want it?” I asked noticing the hurt at my suggestion.
“I want you. I want our baby” she said dreamily. I knew there was no convincing her to have an abortion.
“Then we will let it stay” I promised falsely and drew her into an embrace all the while scheming for ways to cause a miscarriage. Lekan was consulted and as always he had the perfect solution. Some ‘Magic powder’ he called it.
“It will just make her bleed it out and you both can continue like rabbits” he had tapped me on the back and handed me the black powder mixed with grounded sleeping pills. I got home and mixed it with a bottle of coke. In no time, she was sleepy. Soon after she laid down, the bleeding started. It poured and poured. She struggled now and called out to me when she woke up barely 30 minutes later. Her eyes found me studying the glass and understanding lit up in her fearful eyes.
“Emeka” she called weakly before she held on to her stomach and shouted. She went still. I stood rooted to the spot. Advancing slowly, I touched her but she had gone cold and looked lifeless. I took to my heels, grabbing my bag and called Lekan to come to the house to clean up. I thought she was dead and Lekan was the hard man. I drove to Lagos that night never looking back, fearing I had murdered her. The weight of my action dawning on me.
That was the last time I saw her. That was the last time I heard from Lekan.
I left her dying and the images of her sprawled lifeless body with blood pooling around her after taking the solution Lekan had given me tormented me for months until I went for the first confession. And then I had several others with Father Moses but I never forgave myself. Life had continued after the nightmares subsided a year later and I had gone for my Masters.
It all seemed like it happened in another life and I turned on my bed. Seeing her give that presentation was more than enough proof that she had survived but still hurt from my betrayal. I had to ask for her forgiveness and do right by her. Surely I must.
It was Sunday morning and I had no will to get myself to church. Chi-chi of course would be coming over after the service. The very last person I wanted to see. Cancelling the wedding would hurt everyone and disappointing Chi-chi was just as painful as leaving Funke now that I have found her. I wanted to know how she had survived. Did she lose the baby? Did Lekan get there? The images of her lying helpless and bleeding profusely had me jumping out of bed and heading to the gym. I had not slept in days and was beside myself with guilt.
I was going to see her just one more time.
Funke Dayo
The announcement of our wedding that was just a hoax was met with the foulest of reactions. Bassey had gone up in profanity-flames, swearing fire and brim stones. Calling me names and indeed calling U.D a scraper who always wanted his remnants. Somehow, I pitied U.D who stood hot faced and weakly told him off. This was no happy home.
I hated the tension in the house and walked out leaving the two men staring down at each other. The last thing I needed was some males fighting over me. It just didn’t make any sense and I realized that I was just a toy. A means to soothing egos. I should have known.
Almost running to my car, I heard footsteps behind me. It was U.D.
“I am sorry about bringing it up without asking you first” he said putting his hand on the wound down mirror.
“You should have” I said to his face that showed so much hurt and reversed out of the big gate, making a 360 turn before speeding home. Perhaps it was time to take a break from men.
A life without drama.
Bassey Odiete
“You know she is mine” it was U.D charging at me. The announcement of a wedding caught me off guard and I had vehemently refused the idea.
“Never will you marry her. I have fucked her. She screamed hard and moaned. I bet she is getting wet right now and you know what? I will fuck her again even if you marry her. She is just a hot ass and nothing will stop me from shagging it again” I spat furiously.
How did he ever think I’d allowed that happen? Was he really that weak and stupid to drag a woman with me? Of course I wanted to sound as dirty as possible and it had worked. The look on Funke’s face told me she was hurt but I’d apologize to her later and make her mine. I really liked her and I had plans to make it work between us.
Running out of the house in anger, U.D followed suit begging. She didn’t seem to be biting and I knew for sure the plans whatever they were, were totally crushed.
He came back fuming at the mouth. I had never seen him that furious.
“You stay away from her! You hear me?!” he shouted on top of his lungs.
“I saw her first and I had her first” I told him taking a seat in front of the large TV on my wall.
“That does not mean anything!” he shouted again getting red at the face.
“It means I fucked her real good” I retorted waving him away from my room in arrogant dismissal.
“This time, you are not getting away with it” he said storming out of my room as he always did. I laughed at his weakness. He was so weak.
I should have seen it coming.
But I didn’t.
U.D Odiete
The anger was literally killing me and the derisive way he dismissed me fueled me the more. Walking into my room, I drew on the deadly trio I had long acquired. It was time.
Bassey Odiete
I saw him come back into my room. Walking towards with his hands behind his back, I wondered what he was holding. Now alert, I faced him.
“What is that in your hand?” I asked suspicious of his moves.
He was within arm’s length and in a flash, the white towel he held made appearance. He forced it on my nose and immediately I knew what it was and fought for control. Struggling and pushing me down, he covered my nose with solution of what smelt like halothane. I struggle fiercely and pushed. He slipped and I climbed on top of him.
“Stop this madness right now” I roared but he wouldn’t stop. Removing the white towel from his hand, I threw it away and noticed just in time as he raised the large syringe with yellowish liquid to my neck. On instinct and without thinking, I grabbed the syringe and planted it right in his neck.
Gasping for breath with eyes wide open, I knew before he started shaking that he was gone.
“U.D” I panicked; shaking him but his eyes were closing already.
“U.D!!!” a female voice called and I turned to see Funke standing at my door looking down at us with me holding the death weapon and U.D lying still underneath me.
I had killed my brother and Funke was a living witness.
I was doomed.

Crush or Love? Episode VIII


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Bassey Odiete
I poured myself a glass at the bar and prayed U.D would be too drunk to remember the slap. She couldn’t have slept with him, could she? Of course she had. How could she? I took a large gulp as the images of her red dress, her supple breasts, her scent and her pouted lips tormented me. I had to get over her. I knew I wasn’t going to. I had to have her again and again.
The night was the longest as I sat and schemed on how to get her attention once more. Surely she still wanted me between her curves and smooth patch. I felt myself growing hard at the thought and stood up to take a cold shower. I didn’t need two heads thinking for me today.

The first light of dawn had me going for groceries at SPAR. Dropping a bag at her house at 8am and tagging it anonymous, I waited patiently for her call. Of course the old Gateman promised to have it delivered immediately and had nodded with enthusiasm as I tipped him with high notes before leaving. U.D was walking out of the house as I drove in at few minutes past 9am.
“Hey early bird” I called partly hoping he didn’t remember the slap. He looked rested. He must have been too drunk I concluded.
“Hey bro” he shook my hand as he walked up to me as I stepped out from the car.
“Going out”? I returned the firm slap of his hand.
“Yes. I have got a date” he said and shone his teeth in bright smiles. I was green with envy but smiled too.
“With Funke I suppose?” I asked fishing.
“The very same” he said entering his Rover.
“Have fun” I called after him hoping he would not.
A plan began to form in my head.
Funke Dayo
Another knock sounded on the front door and I held my bathrobe tight to my chest. I mouthed a silent prayer against the forces of Emeka Douglass.
“Who is that?” I called rather loudly at few minutes past 9am.
“Na Musa Ma” it was the old Gateman and I felt relief rush through me as I opened the door.
“One man say make I give you” he said handing me a basket.
“Who?” my eyes suspicious of the gift.
“I no no Ma” he said
“And you collected it. Go away with it” I dismissed him and closed the door. It had to be Emeka. It just had to be him.

Another knock soon sounded again as I climbed back into bed. I let the person knock some more. My phone rang afterwards. I broke into smiles and went down to open the door.
“Okay?” it was U.D leaning against the door with raised eyebrows.
“Hey” I left the door opened and hurriedly brushed my hair with my hand thanking God I was dark skinned. The blood rushing to my face and tensed air leaving my body told me I was falling for him.
“So you are just waking up” he said as I turned to face him. All smiles and heart beating fast.
“Emm, nope” I said waiting for him to take me in his hands unconsciously. He approached me and I stood still. I stopped breathing the moment he bent to plant a kiss on my dry lips.
“Someone is yet to brush” he said as he bit my lower lips. I pushed him away totally embarrassed.
“Silly” I slapped his hand resting lightly on my hips.
“I have brushed na” he feigned seriousness as I walked back up to go brush.
“Haba! Come na, Oya na” he ran after me and in playful rush, I ran up. He pursued.
“Open this door” he said hitting the door of my bathroom. I rushed to my brush and minutes later poured out my mouth content. Rinsed my mouth and checked my reflection in the mirror before I opened the door to see him fold his arms across his broad chest.
“Are you done? Can I get my kiss now” he asked as I looked over his shoulder to nowhere in particular. I was giddy with excitement.
“Maybe” I said almost shy but holding my head straight. He shouldn’t know that he affected me this bad I thought.
“That is just enough for me” with that he brought his head down and my breath caught in my throat.
“Are you excited?” he asked in a whisper. My heart beating fast.
“Yes” I answered softly as his lips claimed mine. The minty flavor soon diluted as he deepened his kiss and pulled me close tugging my night robe at the waist. Unconsciously, I raised myself on my toes and pressed close to him; his hand positioning my head and brutally assaulting my lips just before sucking them into his. A moan escaped me as my hand traveled to his neck in abandon.
In a swift movement, he lifted me up and dropped me on the bed still kissing me.
“Your heart is beating so fast” I informed him quietly as he stretched his length against me.
“How you make me feel” he replied before planting his lips on mine again. His hands had found my belt and tugged my robe opened. Barely covered in flowery panties and white lacy bra, I studied his expression as his eyes traveled the length of my body. He seemed to be contemplating what to do with the offered sacrifice as he teased me by planting wet kisses directly on my nipples.
“Let’s get breakfast” he jumped off abruptly. I looked at him with pleading eyes but he looked everywhere else except my eyes. I knew deep within me why I wanted this. The moment I had him, I was simply going to lose interest. Perhaps I wanted this so bad because I was afraid of losing myself to him. I pushed the possibility of love aside. Surely I was incapable of love.
“What do you have in mind?” I asked getting out of bed and throwing my robe on the bed. He watched quietly, his throat clamping hard. I walked seductively to my wardrobe and took more time in finding a pair of leggings and provocative blouse. Wriggling my butt into them, I wished I could see the look on his face. Turning to face him, I saw him fix his stare on my back and smiled.
“You know you have got to stop wearing these” he said in thick voice before heading out. I followed him minutes later, wearing my blouse and combing my hair into a bun.
“Smells good” I said stepping into the kitchen. He had eggs frying while he grated carrots in the pan that revealed lots of onions and chili.
“I am a chef baby” he said lightly. The dark countenance gone.
“And what is chef baby making?” I joked coming to stand beside him.
“Breakfast baby?” he joked back.
“Need help?” I asked
“Yes, squeeze the oranges” he said as dropped the grater in the sink and squeezed my breasts.
“Hey! Stop that” I beat his hands away.
“I told you to stop dressing so sexy” he said without missing a beat and went back to the egg.
Minutes later, food down, we stretched lazily on the big couch.
“When are you going to the office?” I asked reminding him of the workload.
“Up for all night?” he asked as he brushed my hair.
“No” I replied.
“We go soon then” he replied turning down the volume of Rihanna’s Rude Boy.
“I am not ready” I made to collect the Remote.
“So you dance” it was a rhetorical question.
“I was in a good mood” I defended knowing he was referring to his welcome party. I couldn’t tell him Bassey was here before I came to pick him up plus the look on Bassey’s face when he barged in on us was disturbing. He looked hurt. I didn’t dwell on it though. It was done and it was past.
“Will you marry me?” he suddenly blurted out.
My body turned cold and jumped out of his arms like I was stung.
“No” I answered so fast my head spun.
“Why” he asked sitting so calm.
“Because I slept with your twin brother” I replied eyes blaring.
“And I told you it didn’t matter anymore”
“I am older than you” I found another reason
“You are not”
“I don’t know you well” I found yet another reason
“You are out of reasons. We will get married in two months”
“I am not and you are joking” I laughed yet afraid. Somehow, he looked so serious and determined.
“I am not going anywhere Funke. I am not going to have sex with you just so you can have me out of your system” he informed, eyes finally resting on me.
I caught my breath.
“Yes, Funke. You are that obvious”
“I think lives would be better if it we don’t complicate it”
“And you think having sex with every man is not complication?” he asked and it felt like a slap. I blinked.
“You need to leave now” I stood up.
“Don’t get all tensed up” he said
“I am not. I want to have sex with you and be done with it. Getting married to you is out of it” I stated evenly.
“I won’t have sex with you until you say yes” he insisted stubbornly.
“You will and very soon too” I challenged excitement coursing through me.
“We will see. Meet me when you have bathed at the office” with that he planted a hard kiss on my lips and took his leave.
Sitting down heavily after I heard his car drive out, I knew it was time to weigh my options.
U.D Odiete
“I can’t believe I just asked her to marry me. What was I thinking?” I asked myself aloud as I drove to the office. Was it just to spite Bassey? Did I really want to get married? To Funke? I know we were good together and the feel of her body against mine felt so good. Too good. I smiled as I remembered the butt wriggling and white lacy bra that had her pale nipples poking out. It was quite a sight and doubted if I was going to keep my hands off her for long.
The slap still rang in my head. Bassey must have been pissed but it felt good to be the one desired now. The pent up years of resentment; having him steal my women were over and it would seem Funke was the kind of challenge he needed to break his pride. I found myself enjoying the feel. Almighty Bassey panting after a woman that wanted me. How the tides change. It was petty but it felt so good.
If there was one thing I was sure of was this: Funke Dayo was one hell of a lady and I was going to get married to her in two months.
Bassey Odiete
I waited all day for U.D but he was nowhere in sight. The suspense killed me. Did she get my gift? She would have called me if she did by now. My phone buzzed just then and I picked it with alacrity. It was Susan. Another booty-call. I dropped the phone with distaste. She was spoiled goods. The images of what could be happening got me fired up and I drove to the house on surveillance.
I drove past the house and looked out for either of their cars. I didn’t see any. I parked a block down and walked to the house. The old guard broke out in smiles as he opened the gate just in time to see me.
“Oga, welcome” he smiled looking at my hands.
“Is she home?” I asked.
“Madam don komot” he answered still looking at my hand
“She komot with somebody?” I poked.
“No o” he answered walking away.
“The man wey come here unkor?” I asked some more.
“You know Oga, I no no you. I no fit dey tell you everything about my Madam. You know how ei go look” he looked at my hand again. I smiled. He needed notes.
I made out with some and he broke into smiles with his brown teeth showing his appreciation.
“But Oga, you know na”
“I know” I waited.
“One man come. The man look like you small. He komot then she too come komot later”
“So they didn’t go together” I asked
“Did you give her the basket?”
“Eheeeeen, I give her but she come give me” he scratched his head.
“She didn’t look inside?” I asked now furious with the corrupt old man.
“She just say make I take am. So I take am” he said opening his palms as he explained.
I had heard enough and went back to my car. Where did they go to? For how long were together. I was going crazy. I had to see her soon.
Funke Dayo
The quiet office had most of the staff finishing their designs. U.D and I worked oblivious of time. Yawning as I stretched at past 7pm, I suddenly remembered I had not eaten save breakfast.
“Hungry?” he spoke my mind.
“Dinner at my place?” he suggested finally looking at me through tired eyes.
“Sure” I answered.
“Just few minutes”
“I hope Bassey will not be be home” It was a question.
“Do you care?” it was harsh.
“You shouldn’t have slept with him then”
“Don’t speak to me in that tone”
“You are having dinner at home with me. If you have problems with it, deal with it before we get there” it was almost a command.
“Why doesn’t it bother you? It is weird to want me after knowing I slept with him” I wanted to annoy him.
“What is weird is getting married to you in two months. I am weird alright” he closed his work and got up.
I stood scanning my witty mind for a reply but came out empty.
He didn’t need an answer. Few minutes later, we headed home.
Bassey Odiete
I waited at home to tell U.D that I knew what he was up to. Trying to make me jealous wasn’t going to work and I knew he wasn’t with Funke. That thought died the moment they both exited their cars and walked towards the entrance with U.D taking her hand in his. The old man must have fed me wrong information.
“Hey” it was U.D.
“Had fun?” I asked underlined with meaning.
“More like work” it was U.D. He looked like he was enjoying the charade. I winked at him and he winked back. Funke barely smiled and looked largely uncomfortable. I liked the fact that she was uncomfortable. It meant that she still remembered my worthwhile administrations.
“How are you?” I asked her squarely.
“I am good. You look good” she complimented. I smiled. Perhaps he didn’t satisfy her.
”Dinner” it was U.D and she followed him to the kitchen with hands on her waist. His voice was heard ordering the cook and followed the cook to his room with the food trolley. I sneaked to the kitchen. Her back to me, I dropped my hands on her waist and she turned to face me. Her eyes angry.
“Get your hands off me” she moved but backed into a corner instead. I blocked her path with my body.
“You look good Funke”
“Don’t touch me” she said and I moved to let her pass. She rushed out of the kitchen just as she bumped into U.D.
“Oh” she said relaxing as she saw him and I saw the look in her eyes. It looked like she really cared about what U.D thought of her.
“Was going to wait for Dad but I might as well as say it now” it was U.D holding her on her waist before stealing a kiss. I blinked.
“What?” I asked right before Funke looked at him momentarily confused. Then it hit her.
“No” she shook her head vehemently.
“Yes” he said rubbing her nose with his.
“What?” I asked wondering why she was so uncomfortable.
“We are getting married in August”
“The hell you are” I retorted hotly.
It was never going to happen.

Crush or Love? Episode VII

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Emeka Douglass
The petite lady standing before me looked oddly familiar and when she stretched her hand for a handshake, I knew it was a bad idea coming with father. Funke Dayo.
‘Funke Dayo’ she introduced in her kind small voice. I braved a smile and returned the handshake before taking the extended hand of her rather large colleague.
“Miss Funke is good at her job and I am glad Roberts allows her to do the designs” father was loud and full of praises as usual. I simply nodded and kept a bland expression. The entire conversation and presentation passed over my head noticing the woman she had become. The sophisticated architect held the men’s attention and they listened to her presentation with so much raptness right before breaking into applause. She was good. I cowered in shame. Without as much of a side glance, she shook the team after the presentation, made small jokes with my father before heading out of the meeting room. The last I saw of her were her heels as she walked out confidently with her rather large colleague making comments that had her throwing her head back in a loud laugh. The sound I only knew too well.
The day passed slowly and I walked around my office like a caged animal after the meeting. Why did I ever follow my father for his presentation? The old man wouldn’t let me be! Three months to my wedding and I see her. This was definitely temptation. I had to stay away from her. I had too.
Funke Dayo
The day passed quickly. The constant smiles and jokes U.D threw at me got me off the bad energy right after the meeting. Emeka was the past. I left him there years ago and he wasn’t going to feature in the present. The prep talk got me relaxed and totally in control of my emotions.
“So dinner after work?” it was U.D inviting me for dinner after work at 6:45pm.
“Dinner after work is off limits for Staff” I said with a wink as I entered my car and drove home stopping to pick berries and ice cream at SPAR. Just then Bisi called.
“Hey Babe!” I greeted sounding excited quite sure she was at home.
“Sweety!” she shouted over the lines.
“Are you home?” I asked hoping she was.
“Home ke? My darling is taking me to China with him on a business trip. There is this deal wey him talk say he dey make with those China people to come and build railway wey dey work with electricity” she said in pidgin.
“Haba Babe! Remember us in Chinco o” I called playfully and paid the tight-faced lady at the pay-point.
“Before. I miss you but we are leaving Lagos tomorrow. I go send you pictures” she squealed and spoke to someone at the background.
“You no well. Na picture I go chop? Abeg find me correct pumps and bags when you dey come” I said to which she laughed and promised.
“Bye dear” she said in high-girl voice before ending the call. The drive home was slow with traffic scattered at various junction. Dropped my bag on the glass center piece and headed to blend my berries and ice cream. Poured in a ceramic bowl and placed in the refrigerator, I went upstairs for a warm bath.
Just as I came downstairs and settled in for a nice scoop, the knock on the door had me dropping my bowl in annoyance. The nosy neighbor was here again. I yanked the door opened in annoyance.
It was Emeka. I froze.
“What the hell are you doing here?” I shrieked and slammed the door in his face more out of fear before running up to my room and flinging myself on my bed. I broke out; shaking in hateful painful sobs. I cried myself to sleep after resolving never to lose it again. He was my past and it was over.
Was it?
Emeka Douglass
The fear in her eyes and the slam in my face told me all I needed. She still hated me and I hated myself the more as I stood unsure on what to do next. Commonsense told me to leave her alone. Let sleeping dogs lie instead I had Obinna find out where she lived. I had to see her. The old gateman came to stand in front of me with questioning eyes. I found my way out after handing him few thousands of notes. He smiled in appreciation and quickly pocketed the money before escorting me out.
“Thank you sir, well done sir, anytime sir” he greeted bowing. I waved as I entered my car and drove off.
Funke Dayo
I hated the quiet house as I dressed slowly, depressed and afraid of the future. I thought of the days of innocence and trust; the days I wore my heart on my sleeves and believed that love existed. It has been 3 days since Emeka showed up at my door step. U.D on the other hand has been fun. The laughs, stolen kisses and night visits helped push the episode behind. He was taking my time, my space and my mind. It has been a long time I let myself feel so free with someone else and I feared it just might end up bad. Moreover, he seemed not to be interested in what I thought he wanted. The look on his face when I initiated a quick rump in the living room last night had me smiling as I drove to work. He froze and quickly dropped me from his firm laps as if he was stung.
“Time to go” and he was gone in less than a minute. I was going to try again.
Armed with a mug of warm creamy coffee, the drive was slow and in few minutes was at the office. The security guard smiled at me and I waved before taking the elevator to the 5th floor. Logged in at the reception and proceeded to my office down right.
I turned just in time to see U.D behind me.
“Hey” he said holding out a wrapped gift and a big smile. I nodded and waved while I entered the already cleaned office.
“Good morning” I managed a smile as he came around with the gift.
“What is this?” I asked with suspicion.
“Well, open it” he said with boyish excitement as he closed the door.
“Okay” I smiled and opened it slowly. His eyes shone and it looked like he couldn’t wait to have me open it.
“What is this?” I asked in a laugh as a warm cake perfectly baked to a sandy brown color revealed itself in a transparent case.
“Your breakfast” he said throwing up his hands in the air right before placing a cold peck on my lips.
“Hey! You have got to stop doing that” I tried a frown and found myself laughing.
“I can’t help it” he said trying to drop another. I ducked and went to sit behind my desk.
“You had your chance last night” I reminded him but he looked away.
“Need help?” I asked coming around with my coffee to stand behind him. He was redesigning an Estate.
“Where is my own?” he frowned.
“Your own what?” I feigned confusion.
“My own coffee”
“Ah! Kitchen”
“I brought the cake” he said throwing up his hands in playful exasperation.
“Yea……for me”
He shook his head.
“Let’s go make U.D some coffee” he said tugging at my blouse.
“Hey! Don’t remove my perfect tuck-in” I laughed and followed him to the kitchen. In few minutes, the office was in full operation and we hardly had time to eat lunch.
“So much work here” he stretched at 4:00pm.
“Yes” I answered as I emailed my lunch to Uche to order.
“I want to go home” he said leaving his seat.
“You have got piles of work. I just ordered late lunch. What do you want?” I asked totally relaxed.
“Whatever you are having” he said as he made to use my restroom.
“I can’t wait for you to get your office” I said in a laugh as he closed the door behind him. I made a mental note to get sanitizer. A knock at the door.
“Uche, you had it ordered already?” I opened the door to Emeka. I was tempted to lose my nerve but I bit my lips. This was not the place.
“What do you want?” I asked under my breath allowing him to enter my office. I didn’t need peering eyes.
“I want to talk to you” he stated calmly.
“About what?” I asked under my voice. U.D would be out any minute.
“About us” he said eyes threatening me to make a scene. I swallowed painfully.
“Nkoyo. 8pm” I said and walked to open the door for him to leave. He obliged me and walked out. I closed the door behind him and as if on cue U.D opened the toilet door.
“Someone was here?” he asked looking at me with concern. I must have looked shaken.
“Yes, it was Chief’s son. He came to add some thoughts, progress report?” I said brightly. A tap on the door saved me. It was Uche’s food man.
“Thank you” I said as I collected it and went to get my purse. U.D stepped in and handed him an excess of a couple of thousands. The boy’s eyes widen in smiles.
“At this rate, you are going to be broke before your first salary” I played dropping the pack on my desk.
“I came to be with you” he said as he passed by and dropped his bulk on my seat. I smiled and pulled his chair to sit.
“So what did you get?” he asked as I struck his hand that was opening the pack.
“I got two plates of Afang and wheat. The wheat is for you” I said taking out my steaming bowl and walked to stand at the glass window to lick my hot bowl of stocked soup. He followed me.
“Why are you following me?” I laughed.
“I don’t eat alone” he stated quite frankly.
“Oh?” I raised a brow.
“Yes. Oh” and with that he took my spoon and scooped my soup.
“I am so going to tell Roberts to get you your office next” I said painfully. Almost comical but annoying.
“You might have a little problem there” he said going over to bring his food to stand with me. I stopped him with a wave of hand and went back to join him.
“And why is that?” I asked sitting back.
“Because he knows why I am here” he said with a smirk before opening his bowl.
“Yummy” he said rubbing his hands and taking up his cutlery.
I smiled. I was partly excited and also afraid. It was going to be hard getting U.D to understand that nothing was going to happen between us. Sex yes, others no.
“So tomorrow night is the welcome party yes?” he asked taking a ball of wheat.
“Yes” I answered chewing on some sweet fish. It was Friday and I had movies lined up for my long soak but the thought of meeting Emeka in few hours turned the food to ash in my mouth. My stomach tightened and I lost my appetite. The rest of the chatter passed over my head and left U.D at the office promising to be back. It was now or never.
8:05pm had me entering Nkoyo and looking around for him. He was seated at the far end of the room and stood up immediately he saw me. My face was a mask of my real emotions and I played it cool.
“Good evening” I said coldly taking a seat. My eyes trained to stare but not see.
“How are you Funke” he called in his calm voice. The very same that had me hung up on him like drug.
“I am well Emeka” I called. I gave my order to the smart waiter and he left.
He stared at me for long and shook his head.
“You have grown so beautiful and confident” he was testing the waters.
“Why are we here?” I cut him short nodding to the waiter as he dropped my order and left.
“To catch up. To ask what happened to you, my baby” he had dropped the bombshell as the drink hit the back of my throat and I swallowed painfully.
“I don’t know what you are talking about” I looked at him eyes glued to his.
“You were pregnant for me” he pronounced each word clearly. I fixed my stare.
“I was” I answered and took another sip to ease the pain after the painful swallow.
“I am really sorry I was selfish back then. I would never have made that decision now” he placed his hands on mine.
“Don’t touch me” I said with a cold irritated tone.
“I really am sorry” he said dropping his hands by his side.
“Sorry for what? Breaking my hymen? Getting me pregnant because I was stupid? Telling me I was on my own when I was barely a child myself? Or almost killing me and leaving me for dead when you tried aborting my baby after drugging me?” I was fuming now. The pain was fresh and I couldn’t hold back. My eyes watering. He looked pained and adjusted his tie looking everywhere except me.
“Emeka, you are my past. There is no going back now. I was pregnant for you. You got rid of it. Please stay away from me and have a good life” I said placing notes in the menu for my drink before marching out with aching ovaries and watery eyes.
I drove home knowing that this was just the beginning.

Crush or Love? Episode VI

It has been a busy week and I hope yours was too (I don’t want to be the one shouting TGIF the loudest). Great News! Our Feature Person for the month of November is Alana Munro, Amazon Best Selling Author. Lips Sealed till then. Send in your questions and together we would have a great interview and good writing lessons. So let’s read, shall we?


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“So you had her singing glory-halleluiah” U.D’s acid tone told me he was pissed as I walked into the house hours later with a satisfied face.
“You have been home long?” I sidestepped the question sitting heavily on the couch and dropping my hands into his bowl of cashew nuts.
“Was she?” he asked jaws twitching.
“I told you about it” I said offhandedly.
“So what?! I liked her” he exploded angrily snatching the TV remote from me.
“You told me to take a chance. It is no fault of mine that she couldn’t resist me. Just like the rest of them” I smiled but sense he was really vexed.
“Yea, you are right. I am not mad at you. I guess I am just pissed because she fell just like all of them. I should have stopped her from going with you” he says breaking into a grin.
“Why are you so into her by the way, you have got Tabitha” I remind him of his ‘angel’ in the U.S as I threw couple of nuts into my mouth.
“Tabitha and I have got issues. I am not sure about her. Funke excites me and really cute. She looks like The One but that was before you……..” he didn’t complete it changing the channel to old men arguing horribly about politics. My father was guilty of embezzlement. I pitied their plight.
“Wooo! The One? Common U.D you can’t be serious” I asked totally shocked at his choice and laughed at the absurdity. Funke was just like the other girls and I had her eating from my palms in less than five minutes. Well not palms but you know what I mean.
Bottom-line: I was not going to allow my kid brother marry her. Technically, I came out first or so the story goes. Was it just because she was eager to jump in bed with me or the mere thought of having another man touch my goodies was unbearable. I pushed the thought aside.
“Yes Boss. I do want to get married soon and you should too” he said in a laugh. I joined in. He stood up hours later to go to his wing of the big house. At 38, we both were living together in houses that father bought in our names; almost as if one could not live without the other. Good genes had use looking like boys. “His Boys” he would say with so much pride right before he threw us together. It was fun having U.D around, other times it certainly was not.
“I apologize” I said crossing my heart.
“Yea” he looked at me, smiled and shook my hand in a loud slap.
“So where did you leave poor Felicia?” I asked after him as I walked over to the kitchen to demand lunch from the bald cook.
“Dropped her at home shortly after you left” U.D shouted his reply before closing his door.
My phone buzzed it was Vicky. I would be going to her later tonight. She was itching and I had to go scratch. Customer service was important in this business. I sent her an instant picture. I sure looked cute with my cute pink lips and perfectly arched brows. She had it coming tonight.

For some reasons, I couldn’t get her out of my mind – the days that followed were the longest in my life and as was the game, I’d wait till they come crawling back for a repeat of the last session. I had not seen her in a week. Radio-silence. More than ever, I was questioned my charm. Was I losing it or she was simply playing hard to get? The thought of her getting her groove on with some man made my blood boil. I had to hear from her soon or I’d go totally crazy with the image of her pouted lips and glazing eyes. Perhaps it was because I had terrible sessions with the girls but then, there was the possibility of Funke having the body that would make any man drink from her well forever. I found myself constantly straining my trousers in huge tents every single time I think about our steamy session. I longed for a repeat and I had to see her.

The evening soon came and as I belted my jeans, I wondered for the umpteenth time what she was up to. The thought drove me restless and within minutes I was driving to her house uneasy yet hopeful.
The door opened as I raised my hand stationed for a knock. There she stood in a short clinging gown and low cut neck that exposed the soft molds of her upper breasts. Her full red pout and well shadowed eyes which pronounced her lashes made me take an involuntary swallow and a painful leap in my chest. She stood shocked for a second before gathering her posture for an attack; her eyes already questioning me.
“What do you want?” she asked coldly looking behind me probably looking for U.D before settling the bold eyes on me again.
“Not a good way to treat a new friend” I said coyly. She stepped out and closed the door without turning. Her rosy smell filled the air and I stilled my hands from taking her into my arms.
Quietly walking away from me, she entered her car and the old gateman opened the gate. I stared at her departing self in disbelief and annoyance. I had forgotten about a date and she called just as I entered my car.
“Hey babe, I can’t make it tonight’
“But you promised!” she whined in hot heat.
“I will make it up to you” that seemed to pacify her voracious appetite.
“Okay baby” she cooed and I drop the call so fast I wondered what was up with me. I definitely had to put this fire out and get her out of my system.
The short drive back to the house almost had me running over an innocent lad. Running up the stairs to U.D’s quiet room had me panting and thoroughly angry. U.D would get me her number and I would have a good time giving her a piece of my mind. Even that thought didn’t calm me down. U.D was with a lady it would seem and as I pushed the door, there she was in U.D’s arms.
“Hey” I greeted totally shocked at seeing her in his arms. The duo looked at me and I felt like the intruder that I was.
“And where are you guys headed?” I asked after the initial shock noticing U.D was dressed.
“Oh! I forgot to tell you, I work at The Prime. And it would seem they have this welcome party for new architects, Funke is my chauffeur” it was U.D. Funke stood in his arms with no expression but quiet eyes.
“Oh!” was all I could mutter. I wondered when U.D made the move. I was at Charles for most part of the week. It was therefore no surprise that he had gotten himself at the number one architectural firm in the city. Thanks to Dad of course. After the awkward silence and and forced smile, I returned to my room and walked around my room like a caged animal. ‘forget about the little vixen in the red dress’ I muttered repeatedly and stood still for several minutes listening for possible screams but there was just silence. Perhaps they were in his bathroom, just cuddling? Maybe he had her mouth tied? I couldn’t stand it any longer and walked out of the house to take a drive this time noticing her car as they drove out.

The drive did me good and the quick slam of Vicky’s centerpiece left me more angry than satisfied. Of course she was immensely grateful and sedated. I would not allow her get under my skin I resolved.
“What was U.D’s plan?” I asked myself over and over again. Surely he was not interested in making her the One. Was he? I waited in my room instead of Vicky’s place and jumped up immediately I heard the gate open. Peeping outside, I saw her drop him off. It was 3am.
“Had fun?” I asked lightly going to fix myself a drink.
“It was hot” he said already drunk. His neck tie was skewed. Of course it was i thought maliciously.
“So! You want to work now” I said taking a seat at the bar. He came over for a glass.
“Oh yea, she was so surprised to see Roberts introduce me on Monday” he was saying in a high laugh.
“And?” I prodded taking more gulps than intended.
“She sure is hot” he was drunk. I wasn’t going to get much from him this way.
“So why was she hugging you?” I said finally getting my jealousy a breathing space.
“Yeah” and he said no more.
“U.D, you are not taking her back, are you?” I asked selfishly and hoping he would say no.
“Yes, I am” he said with beaming smile.
“What did you do with her? Did you sleep with her?” I asked coldly.
“Why do you care? I have to get my own piece of ripe ass and have her scream my name while I plough her little garden” U.D said grinding his waist suggestively right before a slap landed on his face. I was shocked and wondered what had come over me.
“I am so sorry. I really don’t know what is wrong with me” I apologized at the look of shock on his face and saw myself out immediately.
This was crazy.

Funke Dayo

The cold sweat that poured down my blouse on Monday morning was legendary. Introducing U.D as the Head architect was bad enough until I heard the saddest news. I had to share my office with him until the new office was ready for him. That would normally take weeks. So imagine the awkwardness in my office when he said he knew as Bassey had told him of our little time out and he was cool with it.
I simply nodded in guilt and swallowed dry air. He tried making small talks and came around for designs that I was working on. I showed him the
Amadi-oha design and he was impressed right before he pieced the work. I was stuck with U.D. More annoying was his calm demure and pleasantries he paid every single time.
“You know you are allowed to be angry” I said leaving the office for him and finding solace in the Ladies. Bisi was not back yet and she was more interested in the gist than proffering solution to my dilemma. I needed this job and U.D was out to frustrate me I assumed.
“You know you are not supposed to be hiding out here” U.D had followed me to the Ladies unknowingly.
“What are you doing here?” I asked eyes bulging and already walking past him. He grabbed my arms and pushed me to the wall roughly before planting a dry hard kiss on my lips. I struggled against him.
“This is what you wanted, is it not?” he asked right before the door knob twisted and I ran into a toilet to avoid gossip. He walked out minutes later and I waited patiently for the occupant to release her bowels before rushing out. I had no where to go but my office. He sat on his makeshift desk with his eyes fixed on me.
“Please stop looking at me crazy” I begged. I couldn’t concentrate and the guilt was eating me up. Of course I wasn’t sorry about the romp but having U.D work with me was painfully embarrassing.
“Why did you do it?” he asked quietly. I knew he wasn’t going to let it go. He needed a reason.
“It wasn’t planned” I said without looking up. He stood up to the door and I took a breath of relief just before he locked the door and turned back. I stood up.
“What are you doing?” I asked backing into the corner.
“Why did you do it?” he was standing before me now; my back against the glass wall.
“I just did it. I swear it wasn’t planned” I said with pleading eyes.
“Come here” he said quietly. I stood unsure. Afraid.
“Come!” he barked and I moved quickly to take his outstretched hand. His soft hand pulled me gently as I closed my eyes and cowered. He chuckled before pulling me into his arms. Tensed and expecting some kind of slap, I stood tightly until his hands circled my tiny waist and buried his nose in my neck. His hot breath fanning me. Stroking my back, I felt his heart so beat fast.
“Never do it again” he whispered and I nodded enjoying the feel of his hands, breath and scent. Heart beating wildly, I raised my head to look at his face.
“I am sorry” I whispered.
“Kiss me” he commanded with a tight face.
The flood of emotions overcame my senses as I pressed my lips against his; demanding him to kiss me back. I need not have bothered. The wild onslaught of my pouting lips had me moaning into his mouth and dropping my arms on his solid shoulders. His hands tracing my waist moved upwards to grab my globes. A knock sounded.
We stilled.
“Chief is here” it was Uche my secretary.
“Please prepare the meeting room” my voice sharp and professional.
“Yes ma” disengaging from him, he smiled and placed a peck on my forehead.
“Don’t sweat it. Your design is perfect” he smiled as I gathered my laptop.
“Coming?” I asked walking past him.
“You bet” and like that we were back to being colleagues.

I walked in to see Chief seated with the fool who I had fallen for in my first year and had never gotten over.
“Meet my son, Emeka Douglass” the room was silent.
I was doomed.