Crush or Love? Episode XII

Today is the last of the episodes of Crush or Love? on AfricanLoveStories.Com. It was great fun to write and was even more ‘cool’ to have you read it. Your comments kept me going and I hope you enjoy the end as you did the beginning. While I’m tempted to announce another online series IContinue reading “Crush or Love? Episode XII”

Crush or Love? Episode XI

Funke Dayo The moment I opened my eyes to see Emeka staring down at me, I thought I was dead and sat right up. The cold dried air in the lush white room licked at my exposed arms; my skin spouting Goosebumps. The sunlight sneaked in through the slightly opened window furnished with bright yellowishContinue reading “Crush or Love? Episode XI”

Crush or Love? Episode X

READ PREVIOUS EPISODES Emeka Douglass The shrieking door bell and buzzing phone in planned union told me Chi-Chi was not just at the door, she was fiery furious. Soon she came around my window and called out my name. I laid down waiting for her to go. “Matthew, where is his?” she asked the youngContinue reading “Crush or Love? Episode X”

Crush or Love? Episode IX

Hello People! TGIF A good week……. ***clearing throat*** “I want to announce yet another good news! Now on AfricanLoveStories.Com is Humor Wednesdays. I love humor and stumbled upon a very funny dude. You all will love him….and he is Uncle Stephen……..Trust me….he is no Uncle….handsome dude with funny stories….and he kicks start our Humor WednesdaysContinue reading “Crush or Love? Episode IX”

Crush or Love? Episode VIII

Read Previous Episodes Here Bassey Odiete I poured myself a glass at the bar and prayed U.D would be too drunk to remember the slap. She couldn’t have slept with him, could she? Of course she had. How could she? I took a large gulp as the images of her red dress, her supple breasts,Continue reading “Crush or Love? Episode VIII”

Crush or Love? Episode VII

I sincerely apologize for posting this late. I assure you this will not happen again. Thanks. Read Previous Episodes here Emeka Douglass The petite lady standing before me looked oddly familiar and when she stretched her hand for a handshake, I knew it was a bad idea coming with father. Funke Dayo. ‘Funke Dayo’ sheContinue reading “Crush or Love? Episode VII”