“…I mean I could care less what another man and another man do behind closed doors” confessions of Okechukwu Ofili from his book manuscript ‘How Intelligence Kills’. This did not make much sense until yesterday when the news of a male celebrity coming out of the closet made headlines and I wondered why_totally uninterested. GoodContinue reading “SO WHAT IF HE IS GAY: 18+”

There are no Demons in our Heads

I would like to state here that the Right to Religion should not be abused. While we have the freedom to choose what/who we belief in which in turn affects our opinions, decisions and actions, we have absolutely NO RIGHT whatsoever to force it on another being. Moreover, we must be humane, reasonable and abideContinue reading “There are no Demons in our Heads”

Paedophiles in Senators Clothing

I wake up and I pray for the rains to fall. Fall heavily. How else can I cancel a TEDx engagement? But it didn’t. So up I stood and out I went. The air is gloomy just like the state of my country. Being a paedophile is legal-I am thinking of yesterday’s event on myContinue reading “Paedophiles in Senators Clothing”


Here I sit on my desk deeply disturbed by the deteriorating and devastating situation in my beloved country-Nigeria centring on lies, greed and dishonesty. Just this morning, I read of the use of thugs by an alleged pension fund thief in our court to molest and intimidate journalists who were taking pictures for the prints.Continue reading “THE GRASSROOTS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CHANGE.”