M.O.T.I.V.E.S Episode 1

New Series by Uneñ Ameji is finally here. To be posted every Tuesday, Motives is an intense story of hurt, revenge, lust and lucre. A story where Uneñ Ameji, in her usual fluid style takes her readers on a dark journey into what goes on in the life of the rich and famous.

African Stories is most delighted to publish her series and hopes you all enjoy her *love stories.

Episode 1.

Somewhere in Maitama, Abuja – Nigeria
20th February, 2011

The sound of clinking wine glasses, bright lights from the outrageously expensive Arabian chandelier reflecting on gold-plated surfaces and deep-throated patronizing laughter coming from stylishly dressed gentlemen and breathtakingly beautiful women in exquisite flowing gowns and blinding jewelry…..ah yes, this was the kind of life Laide Bello was born to live. Ace socialite and fashion designer, Laide knew she was at her zenith and nothing could stop her now. At 27, unmarried and a foster mother to two teenage boys, she wondered when her secret would be found out.
She blinked momentarily as the dark thought snuck up on her. Clearing her throat loudly and looking around for her teenage boys, she smiled as she saw them across the room, her heart swelling with passion and love. What would life be without them at her side? she thought, admiring the men they had become.
“Excuse me Ma” it was the shrill reproaching voice of Kasimu, her frog-eyed butler.
“Yes Kasimu” she answered over her shoulders, watching her guests mingle and wondering for the umpteenth time why in God’s name she always ended up sleeping with him after swearing she wouldn’t spread her legs for his thick piece of equipment.
“There are two police officers here to see you Ma” he said in low voice, coming closer to her than necessary. She stepped away from his hot breath.
“Why are police officers here? Step back” she ordered sharply as he pressed on, not masking her irritation at his boldness. This was the problem with rolling in the sheets with subordinates….they lose sight of drawn lines.
“I don’t know Ma. They said that they had news about your father” Kasimu said, his jaw twitching. He wanted to stab the haughty pig to death, shameless thing. The “shameless thing” was Laide’s alias in the servant’s quarters. The only thing that stopped Kasimu Adesina Adesida was her old man, and until the man took his last breath, Kasimu would continue to be sexually exploited by his disgraceful nymph of a daughter.
“Oooooh God! That man won’t let me be! The old delusional man” she hissed, throwing the content of her glass to the back of her throat and carelessly dropping the empty glass in his hand before walking to her visitor’s quarters at the other end of her impressive 6 bedroom duplex in an large manicured compound. He struggled to catch the glass and took a deep breath to calm down his nerves.
“Good evening officers” she said pleasantly, smiling brightly as she entered the room. Opulent and cold, the room painted in brilliant white with black cushions and steel furniture felt anything but welcoming.
“Madam Laide” it was Inspector Daniel Abati, wearing a summer shirt with two missing front buttons, black and white striped short knee-length trousers that needed a quick press and flamboyant brown hat that had seen better days. Team-Naturals would envy his thick black beards that looked like lush fern in the Amazon. Known for his brilliance and unconventional dressing habit, Laide thought him a complete joker but a friend of the family in his rights.
“Laide would do, Dan. I hear you have a message from my father” she said, correcting the badly dressed inspector and taking a seat while signaling Inspector Dan and his unusually tall colleague to do the same. Her eyes straying to the midsection of the tall police officer and wondering if the bulge in front of his trousers housed a good plowing equipment or simply a pseudo boxer-effect. She smiled at her thoughts. Insatiable.
“I am afraid there is bad news” Inspector Dan said coldly.
“I suppose I have lost another illegitimate sibling” it was a sarcastic question, signaling Kasimu to get her a glass of wine.
“Not exactly. It is your father. He died this morning. His body is being taken to the Castle” he informed her, his eyes watching her closely for her reaction.
The Castle – the enormous 40 hectares estate of business tycoon and political godfather, Chief Badmus Bello, was located atop Idanre hills in Ondo State, Nigeria and known across Africa as the largest luxurious estate held by a single man for personal residence. It was here that Chief Badmus Bello had built his massive mausoleum valued at $2 million dollars. It was rumored that he buried gold and money in his money bank underground and has a refinery somewhere on the premises where he refines oil and sell to marketers across the country and smaller African countries. Although none of these rumors had been proven, Chief Badmus was certainly a force to be reckoned with, larger than life some people say but certainly he was not larger than death.
This place would be his final resting place amidst his mini golf course and farm.
“That man is incapable of dying. I suppose you are joking Inspector. Why really are you here?” she asked as she took a sip of the warm diluted glass of Chapman. She shot Kasimu a look as her tongue tasted the watered liquid in a glass. He had the decency to step out immediately. She hated Chapman, and to be served with the warm and diluted abomination, he knew what was coming to him.
“I am afraid that’s the truth. Your father fell from his balcony today. He is to be buried before night fall according to the rites” it was Yusuf. Yusuf J. Sani, Inspector Dan’s newly assigned partner was a fine officer but was particularly displeased at being assigned with Dan. He hated the Chief and wondered why he had been assigned to the case.
“Fell or pushed?” Laide asked, standing up and turning away from the officers, her mind racing.
‘Could this be true? He finally did it?’, she thought furiously as the two inspectors watched her closely.
“Your presence will be required” Yusuf continued, not answering her question
“Of course. Of course” she answered solemnly, keeping the grin that was about splitting her lips and putting on a pained expression.
“I will be going to the Castle right away Officers, if that’s all. My mother needs me at this dark hour. I suppose there is to be an investigation” she had the graciousness to look forlorn, tears pooling in her round beautiful eyes.
“Yes, we take our leave” it was Inspector Dan. She nodded at their exit before breaking into a grin as she walked back to her party. She felt hot and looked around for Kasimu.
The old bastard was dead. Finally.
“Do you think she is sad that the old devil is gone?” Officer Yusuf wondered out loud as they walked out of her house.
“I don’t think I will be sad if I am to inherit $10m from a scumbag. Would you?” Inspector Dan answered, picking his nose.
Someone had murdered Chief Badmus Bello and Dan had a feeling this was going to be a little too much to sweep under the proverbial carpet.


Mandola Hotels & Towers, Somewhere in Lekki, Lagos – Nigeria
20th February, 2011

Kole sat still, watching the smoke from his cigarette float lazily into thin air. He was high and as he watched the black whore before strip naked, he wondered briefly if her opening was wide enough to take his legs. He laughed at the thought and sniffed his white “dew” some more. She didn’t know what he had in mind when he had picked her from the club hours earlier. She looked wild and greedy too, her eyes sparkling with pure greed the moment he started throwing money around.
He didn’t feel like selling this one to Alhaji for his rituals, she didn’t look pure enough for the rituals either ways. Perhaps he could watch Billy tear her apart or simply plug her to the pleasure machine and film her for his collections. He laughed again.
“You like my boobies” she said coyly, shaking her large mammary glands in his face.
“They are exceptionally beautiful” he all but groaned, taking a drag of the marijuana wrap in between his filthy fingers.
“Mommy is going to make you feel so good” she continued, fingering herself as she climbed the bed and moving her hips in rhythm to the slow R&B music playing at the background.
“And Papa is going to make sure you do” he answered, dialing his phone and dropping it. In few seconds, two hefty men entered his suite and the next hours would be the worst for the girl with the mammary glands.
“Please, don’t do this. Don’t kill me” she begged, crying and shouting as a result of the pain inflicted on her by the hideous men. Her hands had been secured to the bedpost and her legs tied firmly to the foot of the bed.
“Baby, I won’t” he laughed, coughing and sniffing some more.
“Please, Please” she wept as another of the big brute climbed over her.
“You will enjoy this one. I promise” he laughed again as the brute drove home and the scream filled the room, his camera recording the rape scene.
“Hey Boss” it was Zino, his body guard entering the inner room.
“Yes Zino” he looked up as his bodyguard stood before him.
“You have been called home” his bodyguard said.
“Why? What now? Can’t they see I am busy?” he cursed, throwing the remaining marijuana joint on the floor.
“Your father is dead. They will be burying him within the hour”
“How sure are you?” he asked, his eyes turning bright, a smile breaking out on his face.
“It is the breaking news” he answered as he briefly watched the two figures on the bed and turned on the large Plasma TV. It was indeed the breaking news.
“You are right Zino! That son of a bitch is dead!” he shouted, going to pour scotch into his glass and adding iced cubes.
“Cheers” he saluted to no one in particular.
“Hey! Hey you! Stop fucking that loof and go get my car ready” he spat crudely to the man who was almost climaxing. He kept thrusting, not stopping for he was far too gone.
“Zino?” he called his bodyguard angrily.
“Hell” Zino cursed before pulling out his silencer and putting bullet into the large man’s hanging balls as soon as he removed his obscene organ from the girl. A loud scream filled the room before the bulky frame collapsed on the abused girl beneath him. The room quieted except the whimpering sound of a female.
“You would think these men had enough holes” Kole said nonchalantly. Zino shrugged.
“Now you have to take me” he informed Zino carelessly as he walked out of the room.
“Today is your lucky day sherry….., my father is dead. See you soon” he called loudly to the girl on his bed before leaving his penthouse suite.
“Tell Tank to clean up the mess and let her go. I am in a good mood. So he is dead! I can’t believe it” he laughed, pointing at Zino and entering the elevator opened to him.
“He is your father” Zino reminded him as he also stepped into the elevator.
“Who cares? He had it coming. Now I can have my $10m. Whooop!” he danced unsteadily as they reached the underground car park.
“Mr. Kole Bello?” it was a clear police voice.
“Who wants to know? My father is dead” he said shouted, excited; not noticing Zino had taken steps back into the elevator.
“You are under arrest for the murder of Mr. Philip Aguda and Miss. Josephine Uton”
“Are you seriously arresting me right now?” he laughed as they cuffed him.
“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to your lawyer and if you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you. Take him to the station” a dark lanky officer read him his rights.
“I am $10m richer you fools! I can afford the judge” he shouted on top of his lungs as he resisted arrest.
“Take him away” the officer signaled and they pushed him into the police sedan.
“My father is dead assholes” he shouted and broke into laughter.


TrueWord Evangelical Church of All Missions, London – United Kingdom
20th February, 2011

The electrifying evening sermon, the shouts of praise, the expectant faces. Martha Chimnomso Bello pitied the congregation as they bellowed on top of their lungs. Pathetic really. If only they knew. She smiled as her face lit up the biggest screen in the auditorium. She really had to talk to the media unit. She hated when they picked her face when she was not ready.
“This week is your week!” it was the man of God shouting at the end of the service.
“This week, your enemies will wash your feet!!!!” he thundered
“Amen!!!!!!” thousands shouted.
“This week, as you go, the devil will not and cannot stop you” he continued strongly
“Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” they roared.
“My God will surprise you this week!!” he shouted fervently.
“Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” a louder roar.
“As you go, may the favor and grace go with you. The Grace” he said at last, watching the impatient look on his wife’s face.
“May the grace of our Lord Jesus, the son of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with me, now and forever, Amen” Martha recited the grace as she followed the man of God, her darling husband of 8 years with the security personnel paving way to their office.
“Finally! One can throw away this God forsaken hat” Martha said as soon as they were left alone in her husband’s office.
“Please don’t start. I am tired” Debola said, removing his outer jacket.
“If you were called like you claim, you won’t be tired” she threw hotly at him.
“If the devil is using you, I bind his hold over your life. The God I serve, the same God who has called me will….”
“Oh please, will do what? Raise our children from the dead? All four of them? When He does, I will repent of my unbelief, until then, I believe Lord, help my unbelief” she said sarcastically, standing up and going to the fridge.
“Nomso, you have to let it go. God knows why and it has been 3 years”
“So we should try getting pregnant again” he said sadly.
“We? So that your God can kill them again. No thanks” she said, taking the cold water bottle in her mouth and sucking it until it cracked under the pressure. Debola Bello was tired of his wife and honestly had no idea how to continue living with her as man and wife but divorcing her was not an option he was willing to consider.
First son of Chief Badmus Bello and General Overseer of The TrueWord Evangelical Church of all Missions aka TEC, Debola was absolutely tired and heartbroken. He had lost his faith but the last thing he would do was admit his unbelief and disappointment in God to his wife. The death of their four children, two set of twins in a fire accident that left them alive but scared was the beginning of his problems. Nomso had lost her faith and her ability to support him spiritually.
Just then, his phone rang.
“Hello Mami” he greeted fondly. Martha scoffed. It was his mother. She sounded tearful and as soon as she sneezed, Debola knew something was wrong.
“What is wrong Mami” he coerced gently as she cried some more.
“Your father, Baba rẹ kú yi owurọ” she cried informing him that his father had passed away that morning.
“What? Kini” he screamed into the phone, standing up. Martha came close.
“When, how did this happen?” he continued, getting rid of his necktie. Mami cried some more with hiccups as she tried to explain that he fell off the balcony but the police were insinuating he was pushed.
“Why didn’t you call me since?” he said already dialing his personal assistant, Pastor Tayo from his intercom
“You were in service” she cried.
“So what?! I am on my way. No one should touch my father’s body. I said no one” he dropped the call and looked at his wife.
“Your father is dead. Are you going to raise him up?” she taunted wickedly.
“He was pushed or fell from his penthouse this morning” he said gravely.
“That is not good” she replied with a little frown.
“I have to get to the Castle. My uncles are hurrying to bury him according to their rites”
“I will come with you” she said knowing she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the beast finally lowered into red earth.
“Thank you” he said as Pastor Tayo came in.
“I have just lost my father. Assemble the team, we will be going to the Castle immediately”
“I am sorry sir” Pastor Tayo gasped.
“God is in control” he nodded, his eyes glazed and unfocused.
In their minds, the trio laughed triumphantly.

Uneñ Ameji
Author of Memoirs of a Justified Gold Digger on Amazon.com
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  1. And she returns with another riveting series! You know I miss you, right? 🙂

    Nice meeting the good, the bad and the ugly… but it’s way too early to be conclusive.

    Keep it coming!

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