NEW FOUND SOUND – #Adamant by PasQal

Ok guys…..#hidesFace
It has been long, long time a post came up here but this music video has got people talking and wondering if music in Nigeria has found new direction – lyrical content on point, no boobs shaking and the beats……..uhmmm! We likey.
Without long story….here’s Adamant by PasQal
pasqalThe grinding hustle and sight and sounds of the streetz are evident throughout this attention arresting, undiluted hiphop single aptly titled “Adamant” by PasQal, a Nigerian born Cameroonian underground hiphop/ RnB artist – with the determination and hunger necessary to propel him and this record to the top of charts.

Adamant, a hiphop & ragga infused track off his soon-to-drop GhettoWay EP, carries the resonating message of resilience and determination, motivating and propelling the average person to attain their goals in life and living out their dreams regardless of the ever present challenges they may be faced with.

pasqal 3
The Lagos born and bred – now Abuja based – artist has actually been knocking on the doors of the music scene since way back, first was in 2011 with “Eni timba mu” that received massive hype from radio stations, major blogs and websites like, followed by “Still Fly (Cover)”“True Stories” and “6Foot7Foot (Cover)” which can be found on almost all the major online platforms.

“I never knew this guy PasQal till a few days ago and boy am I happy! The beat is crunk, the Hook is crunk, the verses are crunk. Korrect hiphop tune, I’m already a fan!” – Ovie O #Quoted.

pasqal 2


PasQal (Tambe Paschal) was born in Sari Iganmu – Orile – one of the slums of Lagos city to Cameroonian parents. Growing up in an environment similar to a jungle where “survival of the fittest” is not just a phrase, even as a boy music has always been an escape from it all singing along to almost every music he hears as it was easy for him to absorb the lyrics.

Realizing his passion for music, PasQal started trying his hands on his own materials across multiple genres especially hip hop and RnB. As his musical ambitions continued to grow, aided by the sights and sounds of the streets – which have had a profound influence on the direction his musical journey has taken – PasQal has matured into a multitalented and multi genre artist to reckon with.

Finally, after honing his unique sound over recent years, he is now working on his debut EP “GhettoWay Plan” which underlies the struggle that PasQal has gone through over recent years and his resolve to lead a better life. The project will affect the industry in a way that has never been experienced before.

pasqal 4
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Watch/Download here…

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