Ankara Press: Q&A with Publisher Bibi Bakare-Yusuf

AnkAnkara Press logoara Press is a new romance imprint published by Nigerian publishing house Cassava Republic Press. The imprint launched on 15th December 2014 with six new titles, set in locations in Nigeria, South Africa and the UK. AiW author Emma Shercliff and publisher Bibi Bakare-Yusuf discuss the process of creating romance for the African market. _1page-dividerES: Bibi, could you tell me a little about the Ankara Press imprint, and specifically about how it was conceived and why you thought it was important to launch a romance list?

BBY: Two reasons. Firstly, I felt that our ideas about African literature needed to be more diverse. Every time we think about African literature we think about literary fiction. We don’t think of African literature in terms of genre fiction. Yet genre fiction is the mainstay of many publishing houses all over the world. It’s curious to me why, in African publishing…

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