Book Release: Gentlemen’s Club by Uneñ Ameji is Finally Out


Uneñ Ameji, African Stories affiliated Author is out with a new mini series titled “Gentlemen’s Club“. It is exclusively available on the Okadabooks App.

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An erotica series, Gentlemen’s Club, set in modern day Nigeria, tells a different story of love amidst suspense and heated sexual scenes. She promises it would get hotter as she unveils each part, connecting myriad experiences and stories for the enjoyment of her readers.

Gentlemen’s Club…Anonymous the first of the series is about Talatu Sani-Sabo, owner of an art gallery and independent woman who wants a child at all cost. Tally is introduced to sex services rendered by the infamous club by her friend, Lucy – a bisexual.

All is set until she meets the wrong man.

Yakubu Aman, an artiste and ace music producer is searching for the right woman. He is ready for love but he finds lust. By fate, he meets a woman who he can fall in love with but she solicits for sex – A 21st century desperado.

Will Yaks choose love over decency? What becomes of their night of erotic pleasure?

Find out.

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Release Date: Gentlemen’s Club (18+)


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As promised, we have a release date for the new series “Gentlemen’s Club”.

The #NewErotica Series “Gentlemen’s Club” by @UnenAmeji will be available in electronic format on the 30th of January, 2015. Keep watching this space on how you can get it.

Below is an excerpt….enjoy
Front Cover-page-001


THE DEEP-THROATED MOANS, SQUISHY FUCKING SOUNDS AND HEIGHTENED gasp coming from the twisted bodies on the large white bed barely made visible by light rays from the flat screen TV excited the man sitting at the dark corner, the perfect angle where he watched eager body parts sinking into each other with such ferocity and precision.
It would be any moment now – their climax. His eyes glued to the wet juncture of their thighs and ears listening to the pathetic pleading sounds of the girl whose body could no longer take the onslaught, he climaxed just as she did but the initiation ceremony was nowhere near completion.
The newest member of the Gentlemen’s Club who was keen on becoming a member was fit as a horse, endowed beyond belief and vastly skilled in fucking. The man smiled with glee as he watched the young man reach over and flip the girl like a doll before positioning himself firmly behind her, all pleas from the girl falling on deaf ears as he found her hot wet hole and penetrated deeply. The young man needed to cum but more important was to prove himself. And from all indication, it wasn’t going to be anytime soon.
He fucked like his life depended on it and Imonike knew he had found a money maker. The small sobs spilling helplessly from the busty girl soon turned violent as he fucked her; ruthless and relentless, she metamorphosed into a raving lunatic spewing abuses most abominable and demanding to be fucked to death amidst cries to make her cum and a cackle that sounded like a wounded hyena.

Metamorphosis – Imonike’s favorite word.
“ noun (n) [met-uh-mawr-fuh-seez]…a complete change of form, structure, or substance, as transformation by magic or witchcraft.” he recited under his breath as he watched the young man reach his end. Holding strangely still as he climaxed, he emptied loudly into the unprotected womb of the local prostitute picked from the brothel downtown. The condom was in shreds and none of them had asked for extra.
For some reason Imonike ‘Joku Adibe loved magic and sex; and a sex magician who owned a laundry outfit he became. He often thought the art of sex was in itself magical and only dedicated fuckers blessed with the magic wand had the right to call themselves men. His father had an enormous wand that he had given to each of his sons and Imonike was grateful for it even if the man who had given him was a complete waste of creation.
Imonike had discovered sex early by watching his parents fuck night after night oblivious to the watching eyes of their five sons lying on the floor in the hot dark tiny room. Even the mosquitoes who constantly sucked their sick blood would pause to watch. Sometimes, Imonike was sure his parents might have been putting up a show for them; perhaps some form of sex education or simply because they were shameless animals who lived to breed and abuse. His father died fucking the neighbor’s wife on a Sunday morning while the faithfuls went to church. His mother moved in with the husband that night. Imonike left home in the morning – never to return.
A laundryman whose mind was far dirtier than the clothes he washed, Imonike knew he was going to be someone important one day but how important was left unknown. The Gentlemen’s Club, the name of his dry cleaning outfit he started while in his second year at the University doubled as the name of his ‘group’ of two fuckers. Ebele, his partner had ‘resigned’ from active duty after graduation. The club founded 10 years ago was for the dark and wealthy – desperate women who needed discreet sex services. This line of business was common yet Imonike knew the niche was evergreen and over the years, he reformed, re-strategized and groomed his men to provided excellent services for lonely, vulnerable and rich women.
Yes, the Gentlemen’s Club had just found their 10th member and he knew he had to expand his operations soon.
“That was one good fuck” he said darkly, his deep baritone filling the room as the young man tried to locate the man sitting in the dark.
“Seems like you have found a place with us Melvin. Welcome to the club” he continued with punctuations as he lit his cigar before pressing the intercom.
“Cancel the rest. I have what I need for now”.
The Gentlemen’s Club prided itself on recruiting only one member every year and this was the tenth year. He smiled smugly as he remembered his beginning – A broke undergraduate and laundryboy who stumbled on a group of neglected rich housewives and desperate old maidens.
“Metamorphosis” he repeated and watched the young man stroke the fair thighs of the prostitute with relish before parting it to the juice he had created. Imonike nodded his approval and the young man dug in.
It was time to dine.

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New Erotica: Gentlemen’s Club by Uneñ Ameji


So there is a new mini Erotica series from @UnenAmeji and she has decided to tease us a little. A story of wild love and sizzling sex scenes, it sure is going to be a hot tale in her usual fashion….a mix of humor, fluid and captivating storyline.

See cover below
Front Cover-page-001

Keeping fingers crossed for release date people and you’d be the first

What is wrong with being different?


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It’s been forever! Happy New year! Many more refining years ahead. We will get back to postings and hope to make your days. Starting off, we have Collins Arikor’s article. Enjoy 😀

It seems the world opposes, or even fears, anything perceived to be different from subscribed norms. When people are different or they try to do things differently, they must be ready for opposition. Stories abound, even in Biblical times, of men and women who had contributed so much to the progress of society in almost every conceivable field and yet they had to endure tremendous criticism, judgment and persecution. The reason for such imbalance obviously can be traced to the nature of humans. Anyone who tries to keep all the people happy all the time will never fulfill his/her destiny. Likewise the one who ignores all the people all the time. Everyone born into this world has the same starting point. We all have equal opportunities to either succeed or fail in life. Some others would definitely succeed, while others would end up in defeat and frustration.

No doubt success is a universal desire. It is innately present in every human; everyone yearns for success in one form or the other. Unfortunately, many go about trying to succeed by chasing shadows; chasing the winds. Unquestionably, someone’s success in life should not be dependent on man’s fabricated opportunities, but should be monitored and guided by personal inputs. I don’t spend time listening to growth experts who are not exhibiting any outward sign of growing themselves. They are just propounding theories. Theories and ideas that are probably not workable. Rather, I engage in trying it out, even though I might be laughed at. Let me say this with all humility: we are a people of equal destiny, what distinguishes us is insight.

The future of any endeavor is absolutely bleaks without that extra-ordinary self-confidence in one’s one capabilities and abilities. This is because the quality of confidence, is what ultimately determines the degree of triumph. The criticisms would come in their numbers. Scoffs and jibes would be plenty, but, because being successful is not a seven-day wonder, only self-confidence could drive those ones who would eventually turn out winners. There is always a period of challenges and adversity in life. Endurance, in the form of self-confidence, is the key needed to travail. At various stages of life’s race, challenges may arise but do not give in. It is your duty to resist discouragements when they come. It may not appear to be working today, but by keeping at it, it will surely work tomorrow. Most champions have marks of failure in their past records. But because they refused to remain where they fell, they ended up turning their stories for better.

This discourse certainly cannot be complete without humble reference to one of the greatest minds to tread planet earth: Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin’s story, today, is well-known throughout the nooks and crannies of America and beyond. Even though he had no formal education, Benjamin Franklin was one of the most admired men in the Western world, during the last half of the 18th century. Till this day, Americans still commemorate the Benjamin Franklin Day; a day off in honor of a great brain, which came entirely by personal development. Even when Benjamin Franklin sought to write for his elder brother’s newspaper where he was an apprentice, he was outrightly rejected. He wrote stories anyway, under a pen name, Silence Dogood, a fictional widow who was highly opinionated, particularly on the issue of the treatment of women. “Silence Dogood” later became popular, but that was just the platform Benjamin needed to become successful, for his jealous brother beat him which resulted in his running away. He subsequently started his own printing shop and took over a newspaper, the ‘Pennslyvania Gazzete’ which became a success story in America.

After inventing the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell struggled to come up with the money to make his invention a household name. Particularly, no one really took the invention seriously at first and even his family and friends encouraged him to focus on his improvements on the telegraph instead of that “speaking telephone nonsense.” Today, the world is regarded as a “small village”, largely due to improvements on Graham’s invention.

The point being made here is that being different is the basis for success in life. How a person responds to your actions, and, for that matter, how others respond is really up to you. Life is a race. Anybody can be a winner in life. It takes those who are willing to be different. Champions are not born; they are made. Your desire of becoming a champion starts with the task of identifying the race set before you, and, it inevitably ends with you succumbing to life’s adversities that may present themselves. Dare to be different.

Take charge of your destiny. See you at the top.

This article was submitted by Collins Arikor. He is @CollinsOgo on twitter.