New Book: The Other Side by Dennis Agyeman now on African Stories

Good news people!

Happy to announce that we have a new Author in the house….yes, yes...we dey increase small small…hehehe…

The Other Side, a book written by Dennis Agyeman is about love and societal expectations. A preoccupied doctor finds love after all his travails. Is love true? Does love heal? Will he be able to save his own? This is a book about that digs deep into simple issues in life, health issues that we consider to be trivial and living in the new age. Not a long read…lazyreaders…

Dennis Agyeman is a young and inspired African writer sharing what he calls ‘gist’ and stories to entertain his readers on his Blog. He is @persiux on twitter and you can mail your reviews to He joins African Stories.

Dennis Agyeman

Dennis Agyeman
Click to download The_Other_Side_-_Dennis_Agyeman[1]

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Enjoy, Spread the word.

Have a great week!



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