Beautiful Stranger. Episode 3

Happy Friday guys! TGIF!!! A little somtim-somtim for the weekend. Read, share and lots of rest. Cheers. You can read previous episodes here Episode 3 Toni pushed her weight against the leather seat and focused on the Television. Nora was going to be fast asleep by now. Nora never took long once she hit theContinue reading “Beautiful Stranger. Episode 3”

All Fun and Games. Episode 9

….really do not know what happened yesterday. Was it Monday or what? Specially apologize for posting this episode 24 hours late. Gawd! So embarrassing…perdóneme Read All Previous Episodes of All Fun and Games by Tomi Adesina ALL FUN AND GAMES – EPISODE 9 “This will calm your nerves.” Craig said as he handed Aisha aContinue reading “All Fun and Games. Episode 9”

All Fun and Games. Episode 8

Episode 8 **** Aisha leaned against the door as she folded her arms, creating an imposing figure against the door with her yet petite frame. “Craig!” she called in her best feminine asset. “Craig!” Vicky stared at her carefully. “I can’t believe this.” “I know you can’t. Do you want an autograph? Last chance.” AishaContinue reading “All Fun and Games. Episode 8”

Beautiful Stranger. Episode 2

Read Previous Episode Here EPISODE 2 Jerry knew he would fail the alcohol test, but that didn’t bother him. His bad luck had intensified in the last weeks and this was leading the other doctors to doubt his competence. Patients transferred to him always had a ten percent chance of survival and that was puttingContinue reading “Beautiful Stranger. Episode 2”

All Fun and Games. Episode 7

ALL FUN AND GAMES – EPISODE 7 Aisha stared at her wristwatch as another hour had passed since she sent Craig a message to meet her at the restaurant. She dialled his number for the third time. “Where could this guy be?” she thought aloud. “Or is he bailing on me?” she thought. It’s aContinue reading “All Fun and Games. Episode 7”

Beautiful Stranger. Episode 1

EPISODE 1 “Another shot…please…” The barman stared at him critically. “Another shot? Look at you…you are virtually stoned.” Jerry slid his identity card on the table. “By the new law, this ID permits me to be served alcohol up until any limit as I am old enough to decide these things…Another shot!” he growled withContinue reading “Beautiful Stranger. Episode 1”