Quantum Assault by Réal Laplaine


Book Title: Quantum Assault
Author: Réal Laplaine
Rating: 3/5

Summary: When one brave Eleina dared to survive at all costs, Keeno McCole, with his high cheek bones, tawny colored skin and intensely black hair sets out to take on the booming human trafficking market across the globe with his partner in-crime and best friend, Jake Williams. Together, they uncover the Nb83 – a revolution in bot technology, the staggering conspiracies and the pending doom aimed at one purpose, World Dominance. Taking its settings across North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa, Laplaine’s Quantum Assault is a thorough read and indeed an action packed novel worthy of an adaptation.

Social Context: ‘Survival is not a moral issue nor is it even an ethical one’. Survival is what survival is – man for himself, God for us all. We do what we must to survive in the face of oppositions and hard choices but Réal raises a valid reasoning in his book. How justifiable is ‘good’ and at what point does ‘good’ contravene human rights? Quantum Assault while entertaining painfully points out greed, use of fear and selfishness to promote ideologies and status quo detrimental to the populace, revealing the extent of conspiracy behind a seemingly simple human trade. ‘A few deaths in order to advance a science for the good of the many, is justifiable loss’. What price is the right price? What altruistic motive can save the world?
The philosophy of cause and effect where “one either stayed on the cause side of the fence or one became an effect, a victim” is largely operational, with many rather attacking than taking the defensive; almost as if the world was a jungle, and only the strongest survive – like the hunger games. He highlights on state of democracy, the rule of law and the unfriendliness – progressive intolerant of western intervention by the Venezuelan government under the Chavez regime and its implication. While Hitler was seen as the villain, Réal goes a step further to reveal the ever present villains in all societies – vultures who funded the world war mostly for selfish reasons. Like the African proverb, ‘the grasses suffer when two elephants fight’, the masses will always be on the receiving end, and greed leveraged through fear is used to control millions of lives – monopoly. These people are found in the highest of places and will never afford themselves the luxury of guilt, remorse, compassion or humiliation for in their worlds; there is no wrong, just their version of right”

Writing style: The fast paced yet fluid writing style connects events and stories in the book. His choice of words, expression and narrative prose gives an almost perfect finishing to an intelligent storyline.

My thoughts: This book is arguably one of Réal’s most prolific writings. From the very first page to the last, the mounting pressure to have the villain exposed and killed kept me awake throughout the night and only slept at first ray of light – after the villain was caught and killed! The structure and fluid style makes it as if one were present at each scene; following the drama as it unfolded. The action hero, almost invincible is seen to have a heart and the warm brewing love story underlining the threat of extinction gave a love-monger like me a candid reason to keep turning the pages. The story line is fantastic and the sequence is natural; almost addictive. However, it would have been perfect if I were asked to help with the ‘Nigeria scene’ 😀

It was a good read and I recommend it.

Book Review by Uneñ Ameji

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Author: Réal Laplaine

Author info: about.me/reallaplaine

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