Crush or Love? Episode IX

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Emeka Douglass
The past days have been filled with regrets and sheer depression, moving round the house like a zombie in same boxers and T-shirt; the office, a distant concern. The issues I thought I had dealt with had now resurfaced and all the forgiveness I sought from Father Moses countless times at confession sessions receding to the back of my anxious mind. Her gorgeous eyes as they watered with hurt, pain and anger tormented me and I stared at my ceiling in self-hate, waiting for rapture. That was the only way out of my dilemma. I regretted it now. The days I was desperate and selfish. The days I took her life and the life of my unborn child into my hands. I wish I could take it all back. Do everything right by her. Be the man she wanted. But I cannot. I simply cannot. What was more troubling was the fact that I still wanted her. I wanted her so bad, it hurt.

The reaction shocked me the night she walked in at Nkoyo so uptight, suppressing her true emotions. Heads turning, steps so precise and frame built for a man-built for me, my heart skipped a beat as it did the first time I saw her. Her small frame carrying heavy drawing board up the stairs to her studio, she looked lost and stopped to ask for directions.
“Please are you for Arc 204?” she asked, eyes roaming and looking for the lecture room. I was at the Department waiting for Lekan after lectures.
“No” I said enjoying her naivety. I was in my final year-Law and she was asking if I was offering a year two Architectural course. I found it exciting.
“You know where the studio is?” she asked. Her small handbag between her armpit and big wooden drawing board weighing down her small hands. Her shoulders slumped.
“Just over there” I answered pointing to the studio at the end of the corridor.
“Thanks” she said sweetly with a bright smile before dragging her large board.
“You don dey fail for her abi?” it was Lekan, my right-hand man sneaking up on me while I watched her walk to her studio.
“She is cute” I said as we headed downstairs to the car park.

It would be another 3 weeks before I saw her again on a Sunday morning at the chapel. This time, she was smartly dressed in fitting jeans and sleeveless white turn-up shirt stopping at the base of her spine accentuating her small waist that opened to her curved hips and firm rounded buttocks. I felt a reaction forgetting that I was just from Mass. Her hair wrapped in Erika Badu’s fashion and heels so high I feared for her delicate ankles. She matched past the church sidewalk in engaging steps and got on a bike. I hasten to my car and followed the bike on a spur. I smiled as I pursued the bike and attempted a run-in. The already angry bike man turned and threw an insult.
I blasted my horn and followed roughly, this time going so close. The violent bike man lost it and parked, charging at me. She came in between us and handed him a note. He calmed, collected the note, spat on the ground before climbing his bike. He drove off in fury.
“What is your problem?” she asked turning to face me. She didn’t recognize me.
“I was trying to get home in time” I lied as I studied her angry expression.
“By killing people on the road. Nice one” she said waving down another bike.
“Let me take you home” I offered staring at her straight face. She wasn’t finding it funny and her calm anger told me it was not a good day to play.
“I’d rather get killed than be party to someone on a mission to kill innocent bike users. Try safe driving sometime” with that, she got on another bike and disappeared after few seconds. I stared after her. I was hooked.
Monday morning had me waiting at her Department. I had no business in school but I just had to see her. She smiled immediately her eyes met mine. I smiled back.
“I see you are still alive” she said passing me and I followed naturally.
“And so are you” I teased raising my eyebrow.
“Thankfully you were the only killer on the road. I got home safe” she said going to her lecture room.
“Haha!” I laughed, her sense of humor pulling me closer.
“Are you supposed to be here?” she asked as she took a seat by the window and I sat beside her.
“Beside you?” I teased and she smiled. The old lecturer, who was not ready to be in the class, preached away in his usual FCS style as she listened with rapt attention and took notes.
“Are you seriously listening to that?” I disturbed.
“Yes I am” she gave a small smile and scribbled on.
“I like your red nails” I added.
“Thank you”
“And your lips. They are so you” I disturbed some more.
“Sure” she said smiling some more before blessing me with her eyes. Her small dimples denting as she shook her head at my mischief.
“You know I will keep disturbing you yea?” I asked now sure I wanted her. Eyes taking in the smoothness of her skin, her long but sparse eyelashes and her lips inviting me to steal a kiss.
“I think that question is invalid” she said before returning to her lecture. I studied her hair line, her small shaped ears and the shape of her jaw before I allowed my eyes travel down the side length of her body.
“Stop ogling me” she said few minutes before the old man stepped out of the room.
“I wasn’t” I defended. She nodded in jest putting away her notebook.
“Let’s go for lunch. I am hungry” I said tugging at her.
“I am not hungry”
“I just had lecture with you, the best you could do is have lunch with me”
“Alright. Lunch it is” she said as she packed her bag and soon we headed to the car park.
“So we are going to eat inside the killer truck” she said referring to my jeep. I laughed.
“Yes we are” and opened the door like a gentleman.
“Nice hair cream” I added as she settled in and I closed the door.
“Thank you for smelling” and that was the beginning of our love story. We were inseparable afterwards. Always teasing. Always arguing.
The first night I kissed her felt so surreal. It had been two months and had picked her from her house at 4 a.m. for a meaningless drive.
“What are you doing here?” she asked eyes wide as she opened her door at few minutes to 4 a.m.
“I couldn’t sleep” I answered pulling her for a hug. She laughed and went back to her drawing.
“You could have called you know” she eyed me as I came to stand beside her new drawing stand I got for her birthday. She was such a dedicated little Architect and loved the crease between her brows when she was at her board. That got me the first hug ever and the feel of her supple body was imprinted. I asked for hugs after that and when she wouldn’t give, I’d steal them.
“Yes, about that… I don’t have credit and all the sellers exhausted their stock yesterday. I am just coming back from MTN” I joked with a straight face. She threw her head back in laughter.
“You for real?” she asked taking a spoon of flakes in front of her.
“Yes babe” I answered with a straight face.
“Well, you are here. Sup?” she asked turning to face me.
“Why are you awake?”
“Work?” she rolled her eyes at me.
“We are going out” I announced.
“To?” she questioned.
“Okay. I need the air” she said handing me the bowl of flakes. I downed it and soon we were headed to nowhere in particular.
“So where are we going?” she asked for the umpteenth time.
“I have no idea” I told her. Soon we were quiet and minutes later, her eyes closed. She was fast asleep and she looked so peaceful. Without thinking, I drove to my favorite spot-the foot of a hill where my friends and I had gone on few occasions for hiking. Killing the engine, I waited for her to wake up. She didn’t.
“Funke” I called gently, she smiled before opening her bloodshot eyes.
“I slept off. Where are we?” she asked with a small smile, rubbing at her eyes.
“Time to hike” I announced jumping down and going around to her side.
“What?” she complained. Hands in mine, we walked up the trail before I noticed the dark heavy clouds gathering.
“I am tired Emeka” she complained halfway up.
“Climb on my back then” I said squatting and she laughed before she did. The climb up was quiet and we reached just as the first drop of rain touched my head.
“A pond” she said shouted, jumping down and running to the mouth of the small body of water.
“It is cold” she said dropping her leg in the water. I smiled at her playfulness.
“Let’s go. It is going to rain and the path will be slippery” I informed noticing the increased droplets.
“Noooo” she said and I laughed at her eagerness to explore.
“We will come back” I pacified. She smiled, the disappointment leaving her small face.
The walk down was faster but not fast enough as the rains poured on us and we ran down like kids.
Laughing hysterically when we got to the car, we were soaked and her hair plastered on her face.
“You are so not forgiven” she accused peeling away the hair.
“What did I do?” I asked bewildered.
“You brought me out here to get cold” she said as the rain fell on us.
“Let’s go home” I said and then raised my hands in false alarm.
“Are you with my keys?” I asked with a straight face before breaking into a wide grin and took a shout run as she attempted a body search. She raced after me.
“Emeka, come and open this door!” she pursued. Reaching few meters from the car, I picked her up as she ran into my arms and carried her to the car. She laughed so hard her body shook. Completely soaked now, I could see the outline of her jutting breasts as she took high breaths. She calmed down as she noticed my darkening countenance. I loved her mounds.
Dropping her by the door, I could feel her heart beat. The rains fell on us as we stood as if in a trance. I knew the terms. Just friends she had said. I wanted more and it was such a perfect time to take it a notch higher. Eyes so white and lips so pink, I forgot the rules of friendship we had established and planted my lips on her. She froze.
Delving deep and teasing her lower lips, I inched in closer as she allowed. Her resistance slowly dissolving and head angling to give me better access; I smiled against her lips as I gained access to the lips that tormented me for weeks and nights. Her soft lips melted into mine as I traced her small waist and pulled her closer. The rains mixed with the kiss and that was the first time I heard her moan. The sound so erotic, I felt hot blood rushing to my groin and I pushed against her stomach. She felt it and tensed again. I ignored her tension and licked at her tongue. Advancing closer to her rounded breasts, my large hands cover her and molded her nipples through her wet shirt. She reacted as if she was stung.
Chest heaving, she looked everywhere else except my eyes. I removed her hair from her face and raised her chin. She gave a hesitant smile.
“Let me take you home” I said noticing her discomfort. She nodded and entered the car quietly. Teeth chattering, I switched on the heater but the quietness grew on the way home. I remember the small smile she gave before getting down and closing the metallic gate that surrounded her mini student compound where she lived with other students. And she avoided me for days. Always busy, never at home and leaving for lectures before I came to pick her up. I knew she was avoiding me but that fueled me more than ever to have her. Be her man.

Waiting at the car park after a hot annoying afternoon with my confused project supervisor, I saw her come out of her Complex, laughing with a tall dark boy who laughed with her as they headed to the bus park. Jealousy filled me instantly and I considered going to drag her by the hand. I decided against it and drove home blasting my horn at every chance.
“She lives” I said to her sleepy eyes as she opened her door that night at 1 a.m. I knew that was the only time I’d meet her.
“Hey” she said with sleepy voice looking behind me.
“Can I come in?” I asked calmly while I boiled inside.
“So what have you been up to?” I asked noticing the clean drawing board and night bag.
“Taking the weekend off” she said climbing her bed.
“With who?” I asked. I couldn’t hold it any longer.
“No one” she looked innocent.
“I don’t think so. I saw you two together today at your Complex” I accused. It was surprising and petty to feel that jealous but I didn’t care. She was mine.
“Glory is a friend” she informed quietly.
“Yes, a friend like me” I raised my voice.
“Please don’t shout” she looked on.
“I am not but you have got to stop seeing that boy” I commanded.
“You should leave” she said standing up, going to her door. I grabbed her roughly, pinning her to the door. Her eyes filled with fear.
“I didn’t mean to scare you with the kiss. And please don’t be afraid of me. I didn’t plan it. It just happened because I really like you and the thought of being just a friend kills me-literally. I can’t be your friend anymore. I want to be your man. I want you so bad it hurts and if I can’t have you, I am going to make everyone miserable” I declared hotly, breathing on her lips and trying so hard not to kiss her again.
“I know” she said above a whisper.
“And when you keep running away from me, I just …” I continued and then the realization that she just spoke hit me.
“What did you say?” I asked.
“I know” she said now getting louder.
“You know you drive me crazy yea?” I said breaking into a smile.
“I know I like you too and I can’t help being just your friend anymore. But I am not sure………..” I didn’t allow her finish.
Planting my lips on her pink pouted lips had been on my mind all day and I seared her with my kiss. She belonged to me now and I was hers. Pressing against her roughly, she kissed me back.
“I love you Funke. I want you all” I kissed her nose and she looked at me through her long sparse lashes. Afraid yet bold.
“Are you sure” she asked catching her breath. Her lips now red and slightly swollen.
“More than I think possible” and made to kiss her again before peeling her night shirt and picking her to the bed.
“I love you too” she muttered just before we lost ourselves in her cold sheets.
The night I took her virginity still imprinted on my memory. The fear in her eyes, the eagerness in her touch, the sounds she made as I fed her and the shattering orgasms we experienced over and over again. Our lives changed overnight. She was hardly at home because I wanted her with me all day. We played, studied, made love and made love all night. All day
Then she dropped the bombshell the night I finished my external project defense.
She was 2 months pregnant.
I was beyond words. Of course I knew I was responsible but was I ready for the responsibility? What was Father going to say? And Mum would be so disappointed. I still wanted her but I had to get rid of the baby.
“Get rid of it?” her eyes had popped and I calmed her down.
“It was just a suggestion. Do you want it?” I asked noticing the hurt at my suggestion.
“I want you. I want our baby” she said dreamily. I knew there was no convincing her to have an abortion.
“Then we will let it stay” I promised falsely and drew her into an embrace all the while scheming for ways to cause a miscarriage. Lekan was consulted and as always he had the perfect solution. Some ‘Magic powder’ he called it.
“It will just make her bleed it out and you both can continue like rabbits” he had tapped me on the back and handed me the black powder mixed with grounded sleeping pills. I got home and mixed it with a bottle of coke. In no time, she was sleepy. Soon after she laid down, the bleeding started. It poured and poured. She struggled now and called out to me when she woke up barely 30 minutes later. Her eyes found me studying the glass and understanding lit up in her fearful eyes.
“Emeka” she called weakly before she held on to her stomach and shouted. She went still. I stood rooted to the spot. Advancing slowly, I touched her but she had gone cold and looked lifeless. I took to my heels, grabbing my bag and called Lekan to come to the house to clean up. I thought she was dead and Lekan was the hard man. I drove to Lagos that night never looking back, fearing I had murdered her. The weight of my action dawning on me.
That was the last time I saw her. That was the last time I heard from Lekan.
I left her dying and the images of her sprawled lifeless body with blood pooling around her after taking the solution Lekan had given me tormented me for months until I went for the first confession. And then I had several others with Father Moses but I never forgave myself. Life had continued after the nightmares subsided a year later and I had gone for my Masters.
It all seemed like it happened in another life and I turned on my bed. Seeing her give that presentation was more than enough proof that she had survived but still hurt from my betrayal. I had to ask for her forgiveness and do right by her. Surely I must.
It was Sunday morning and I had no will to get myself to church. Chi-chi of course would be coming over after the service. The very last person I wanted to see. Cancelling the wedding would hurt everyone and disappointing Chi-chi was just as painful as leaving Funke now that I have found her. I wanted to know how she had survived. Did she lose the baby? Did Lekan get there? The images of her lying helpless and bleeding profusely had me jumping out of bed and heading to the gym. I had not slept in days and was beside myself with guilt.
I was going to see her just one more time.
Funke Dayo
The announcement of our wedding that was just a hoax was met with the foulest of reactions. Bassey had gone up in profanity-flames, swearing fire and brim stones. Calling me names and indeed calling U.D a scraper who always wanted his remnants. Somehow, I pitied U.D who stood hot faced and weakly told him off. This was no happy home.
I hated the tension in the house and walked out leaving the two men staring down at each other. The last thing I needed was some males fighting over me. It just didn’t make any sense and I realized that I was just a toy. A means to soothing egos. I should have known.
Almost running to my car, I heard footsteps behind me. It was U.D.
“I am sorry about bringing it up without asking you first” he said putting his hand on the wound down mirror.
“You should have” I said to his face that showed so much hurt and reversed out of the big gate, making a 360 turn before speeding home. Perhaps it was time to take a break from men.
A life without drama.
Bassey Odiete
“You know she is mine” it was U.D charging at me. The announcement of a wedding caught me off guard and I had vehemently refused the idea.
“Never will you marry her. I have fucked her. She screamed hard and moaned. I bet she is getting wet right now and you know what? I will fuck her again even if you marry her. She is just a hot ass and nothing will stop me from shagging it again” I spat furiously.
How did he ever think I’d allowed that happen? Was he really that weak and stupid to drag a woman with me? Of course I wanted to sound as dirty as possible and it had worked. The look on Funke’s face told me she was hurt but I’d apologize to her later and make her mine. I really liked her and I had plans to make it work between us.
Running out of the house in anger, U.D followed suit begging. She didn’t seem to be biting and I knew for sure the plans whatever they were, were totally crushed.
He came back fuming at the mouth. I had never seen him that furious.
“You stay away from her! You hear me?!” he shouted on top of his lungs.
“I saw her first and I had her first” I told him taking a seat in front of the large TV on my wall.
“That does not mean anything!” he shouted again getting red at the face.
“It means I fucked her real good” I retorted waving him away from my room in arrogant dismissal.
“This time, you are not getting away with it” he said storming out of my room as he always did. I laughed at his weakness. He was so weak.
I should have seen it coming.
But I didn’t.
U.D Odiete
The anger was literally killing me and the derisive way he dismissed me fueled me the more. Walking into my room, I drew on the deadly trio I had long acquired. It was time.
Bassey Odiete
I saw him come back into my room. Walking towards with his hands behind his back, I wondered what he was holding. Now alert, I faced him.
“What is that in your hand?” I asked suspicious of his moves.
He was within arm’s length and in a flash, the white towel he held made appearance. He forced it on my nose and immediately I knew what it was and fought for control. Struggling and pushing me down, he covered my nose with solution of what smelt like halothane. I struggle fiercely and pushed. He slipped and I climbed on top of him.
“Stop this madness right now” I roared but he wouldn’t stop. Removing the white towel from his hand, I threw it away and noticed just in time as he raised the large syringe with yellowish liquid to my neck. On instinct and without thinking, I grabbed the syringe and planted it right in his neck.
Gasping for breath with eyes wide open, I knew before he started shaking that he was gone.
“U.D” I panicked; shaking him but his eyes were closing already.
“U.D!!!” a female voice called and I turned to see Funke standing at my door looking down at us with me holding the death weapon and U.D lying still underneath me.
I had killed my brother and Funke was a living witness.
I was doomed.

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  2. This is just the beginning! Wow! I hope U.D is not dead sha? Suspense filled, mind blowing, great work! Looking forward to episode X. Weldone!

  3. Damn!!!…things are getting really bad,I pray U.D doesn’t die, even though he tried to kill his bro first. A very good piece. Thumbs up.

  4. Found out bout the blog today and its bn worthwhile. *on my knees* pls dnt let UD die,am begging. Great story,my fingers ® triple-crossed till next week.

  5. lolz if ud dies like that na 2-0 for am o…i see Emeka winning at the end. luvly storyline..aunty pls post d nxt episode on time biko

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