We Have Guests!

Hello You!

I bet everyone had a good weekend…..I did. And yes! I’ve got great great news……drum rolls…..

Remember I promised AfricanLoveStories.Com Person of the Month? Yup!
And we have her. Bestselling Author Alana Munro with her book: WOMEN BEHAVING BADLY – EXPOSING THE TRUTH ABOUT FEMALE FRIENDSHIP is the Author that supports Authors. Book Marketer/owner of Reach for the Stars – a quality yet affordable book marketing service ran by authors for authors; Alana will be answering our questions on how best writers can become Bestsellers and what the perks are. I can’t wait to post her interview and you guessed right……Memoirs of A Justified Gold Digger might just………Nope! **Lips Sealed**

Read Exclusive Interview next week Monday-18th November, 2013 on AfricanLoveStories.Com


Something I know you all will love……..

A New Online Series for your excited eyes…….
we have our first guest blogger ever with her absolutely interesting online series NO HEART FEELINGS.
Her Name?
Sally Kenneth Dadzie….
Sally is a renowned Nigerian writer and blogger trying to make people read her stories, she sends letter bombs…so beware. She blogs at http://moskedpages.com and tweets as @moskedpages.
Posting every Tuesdays, No Heart Feelings commences today.
Enjoy the suspense, romance and intrigues.

And thank me later.


Published by The F100

The F-100 is a real estate investment company. The F100 offers her investors and 100 female members a collaborative investment platform to build, own and operate resorts, residential, commercial and industrial real estates in Nigeria and Africa’s performing cities; as well as making low risks investments in start-ups, agriculture, commodities and manufacturing.

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