Crush or Love? Episode XI

Funke Dayo The moment I opened my eyes to see Emeka staring down at me, I thought I was dead and sat right up. The cold dried air in the lush white room licked at my exposed arms; my skin spouting Goosebumps. The sunlight sneaked in through the slightly opened window furnished with bright yellowishContinue reading “Crush or Love? Episode XI”

My Oga Down Below

100% Nigerian Humor from Home of Humor If we cant make you Laugh….Then you have very strong village People Today will be the last of Uncle Stephen’s humor stories on AfricanLoveStories.Com. Kindly vote him for the Best Humor Blog for the NBA! Here is the link Nigerian Blog Awards.Nigerian Blog Awards Click and Vote forContinue reading “My Oga Down Below”

Crush or Love? Episode X

READ PREVIOUS EPISODES Emeka Douglass The shrieking door bell and buzzing phone in planned union told me Chi-Chi was not just at the door, she was fiery furious. Soon she came around my window and called out my name. I laid down waiting for her to go. “Matthew, where is his?” she asked the youngContinue reading “Crush or Love? Episode X”

The Flight

And it is here! The First of online Humor Series from AfricanLoveStories.Com, It is @itsUnclestephen! But not so fast, He needs your vote to win the Nigerian Blog Award of the year for the Best Humor Blog. I have voted, you should too. Here is the link Click and Vote for The Home ofContinue reading “The Flight”

No Heart Feelings. Episode 2

So real quick, remember I told you about Humor-Wednesdays coming on AfricanLoveStories.Com? Well, guess what?! Starting tomorrow, @itsUnclestephen will be featuring one of my favorite piece “The Flight” posting tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed. Enjoy READ PREVIOUS EPISODE He was dead. He walked around like a zombie. Life around him also departed, floating by in huesContinue reading “No Heart Feelings. Episode 2”

Exclusive: Top 10 questions with best selling author Alana Munro (plus 1)

It was Timon who said “If you want something done, you have got to do it yourself” – Lion King Self publishing is spreading like wild fire across Continents and it would seem that the major question of upcoming African writers is “How do I sell my book?”. The revolution in music and movie industryContinue reading “Exclusive: Top 10 questions with best selling author Alana Munro (plus 1)”

Crush or Love? Episode IX

Hello People! TGIF A good week……. ***clearing throat*** “I want to announce yet another good news! Now on AfricanLoveStories.Com is Humor Wednesdays. I love humor and stumbled upon a very funny dude. You all will love him….and he is Uncle Stephen……..Trust me….he is no Uncle….handsome dude with funny stories….and he kicks start our Humor WednesdaysContinue reading “Crush or Love? Episode IX”