Crush or Love? Episode VI

It has been a busy week and I hope yours was too (I don’t want to be the one shouting TGIF the loudest). Great News! Our Feature Person for the month of November is Alana Munro, Amazon Best Selling Author. Lips Sealed till then. Send in your questions and together we would have a great interview and good writing lessons. So let’s read, shall we?


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“So you had her singing glory-halleluiah” U.D’s acid tone told me he was pissed as I walked into the house hours later with a satisfied face.
“You have been home long?” I sidestepped the question sitting heavily on the couch and dropping my hands into his bowl of cashew nuts.
“Was she?” he asked jaws twitching.
“I told you about it” I said offhandedly.
“So what?! I liked her” he exploded angrily snatching the TV remote from me.
“You told me to take a chance. It is no fault of mine that she couldn’t resist me. Just like the rest of them” I smiled but sense he was really vexed.
“Yea, you are right. I am not mad at you. I guess I am just pissed because she fell just like all of them. I should have stopped her from going with you” he says breaking into a grin.
“Why are you so into her by the way, you have got Tabitha” I remind him of his ‘angel’ in the U.S as I threw couple of nuts into my mouth.
“Tabitha and I have got issues. I am not sure about her. Funke excites me and really cute. She looks like The One but that was before you……..” he didn’t complete it changing the channel to old men arguing horribly about politics. My father was guilty of embezzlement. I pitied their plight.
“Wooo! The One? Common U.D you can’t be serious” I asked totally shocked at his choice and laughed at the absurdity. Funke was just like the other girls and I had her eating from my palms in less than five minutes. Well not palms but you know what I mean.
Bottom-line: I was not going to allow my kid brother marry her. Technically, I came out first or so the story goes. Was it just because she was eager to jump in bed with me or the mere thought of having another man touch my goodies was unbearable. I pushed the thought aside.
“Yes Boss. I do want to get married soon and you should too” he said in a laugh. I joined in. He stood up hours later to go to his wing of the big house. At 38, we both were living together in houses that father bought in our names; almost as if one could not live without the other. Good genes had use looking like boys. “His Boys” he would say with so much pride right before he threw us together. It was fun having U.D around, other times it certainly was not.
“I apologize” I said crossing my heart.
“Yea” he looked at me, smiled and shook my hand in a loud slap.
“So where did you leave poor Felicia?” I asked after him as I walked over to the kitchen to demand lunch from the bald cook.
“Dropped her at home shortly after you left” U.D shouted his reply before closing his door.
My phone buzzed it was Vicky. I would be going to her later tonight. She was itching and I had to go scratch. Customer service was important in this business. I sent her an instant picture. I sure looked cute with my cute pink lips and perfectly arched brows. She had it coming tonight.

For some reasons, I couldn’t get her out of my mind – the days that followed were the longest in my life and as was the game, I’d wait till they come crawling back for a repeat of the last session. I had not seen her in a week. Radio-silence. More than ever, I was questioned my charm. Was I losing it or she was simply playing hard to get? The thought of her getting her groove on with some man made my blood boil. I had to hear from her soon or I’d go totally crazy with the image of her pouted lips and glazing eyes. Perhaps it was because I had terrible sessions with the girls but then, there was the possibility of Funke having the body that would make any man drink from her well forever. I found myself constantly straining my trousers in huge tents every single time I think about our steamy session. I longed for a repeat and I had to see her.

The evening soon came and as I belted my jeans, I wondered for the umpteenth time what she was up to. The thought drove me restless and within minutes I was driving to her house uneasy yet hopeful.
The door opened as I raised my hand stationed for a knock. There she stood in a short clinging gown and low cut neck that exposed the soft molds of her upper breasts. Her full red pout and well shadowed eyes which pronounced her lashes made me take an involuntary swallow and a painful leap in my chest. She stood shocked for a second before gathering her posture for an attack; her eyes already questioning me.
“What do you want?” she asked coldly looking behind me probably looking for U.D before settling the bold eyes on me again.
“Not a good way to treat a new friend” I said coyly. She stepped out and closed the door without turning. Her rosy smell filled the air and I stilled my hands from taking her into my arms.
Quietly walking away from me, she entered her car and the old gateman opened the gate. I stared at her departing self in disbelief and annoyance. I had forgotten about a date and she called just as I entered my car.
“Hey babe, I can’t make it tonight’
“But you promised!” she whined in hot heat.
“I will make it up to you” that seemed to pacify her voracious appetite.
“Okay baby” she cooed and I drop the call so fast I wondered what was up with me. I definitely had to put this fire out and get her out of my system.
The short drive back to the house almost had me running over an innocent lad. Running up the stairs to U.D’s quiet room had me panting and thoroughly angry. U.D would get me her number and I would have a good time giving her a piece of my mind. Even that thought didn’t calm me down. U.D was with a lady it would seem and as I pushed the door, there she was in U.D’s arms.
“Hey” I greeted totally shocked at seeing her in his arms. The duo looked at me and I felt like the intruder that I was.
“And where are you guys headed?” I asked after the initial shock noticing U.D was dressed.
“Oh! I forgot to tell you, I work at The Prime. And it would seem they have this welcome party for new architects, Funke is my chauffeur” it was U.D. Funke stood in his arms with no expression but quiet eyes.
“Oh!” was all I could mutter. I wondered when U.D made the move. I was at Charles for most part of the week. It was therefore no surprise that he had gotten himself at the number one architectural firm in the city. Thanks to Dad of course. After the awkward silence and and forced smile, I returned to my room and walked around my room like a caged animal. ‘forget about the little vixen in the red dress’ I muttered repeatedly and stood still for several minutes listening for possible screams but there was just silence. Perhaps they were in his bathroom, just cuddling? Maybe he had her mouth tied? I couldn’t stand it any longer and walked out of the house to take a drive this time noticing her car as they drove out.

The drive did me good and the quick slam of Vicky’s centerpiece left me more angry than satisfied. Of course she was immensely grateful and sedated. I would not allow her get under my skin I resolved.
“What was U.D’s plan?” I asked myself over and over again. Surely he was not interested in making her the One. Was he? I waited in my room instead of Vicky’s place and jumped up immediately I heard the gate open. Peeping outside, I saw her drop him off. It was 3am.
“Had fun?” I asked lightly going to fix myself a drink.
“It was hot” he said already drunk. His neck tie was skewed. Of course it was i thought maliciously.
“So! You want to work now” I said taking a seat at the bar. He came over for a glass.
“Oh yea, she was so surprised to see Roberts introduce me on Monday” he was saying in a high laugh.
“And?” I prodded taking more gulps than intended.
“She sure is hot” he was drunk. I wasn’t going to get much from him this way.
“So why was she hugging you?” I said finally getting my jealousy a breathing space.
“Yeah” and he said no more.
“U.D, you are not taking her back, are you?” I asked selfishly and hoping he would say no.
“Yes, I am” he said with beaming smile.
“What did you do with her? Did you sleep with her?” I asked coldly.
“Why do you care? I have to get my own piece of ripe ass and have her scream my name while I plough her little garden” U.D said grinding his waist suggestively right before a slap landed on his face. I was shocked and wondered what had come over me.
“I am so sorry. I really don’t know what is wrong with me” I apologized at the look of shock on his face and saw myself out immediately.
This was crazy.

Funke Dayo

The cold sweat that poured down my blouse on Monday morning was legendary. Introducing U.D as the Head architect was bad enough until I heard the saddest news. I had to share my office with him until the new office was ready for him. That would normally take weeks. So imagine the awkwardness in my office when he said he knew as Bassey had told him of our little time out and he was cool with it.
I simply nodded in guilt and swallowed dry air. He tried making small talks and came around for designs that I was working on. I showed him the
Amadi-oha design and he was impressed right before he pieced the work. I was stuck with U.D. More annoying was his calm demure and pleasantries he paid every single time.
“You know you are allowed to be angry” I said leaving the office for him and finding solace in the Ladies. Bisi was not back yet and she was more interested in the gist than proffering solution to my dilemma. I needed this job and U.D was out to frustrate me I assumed.
“You know you are not supposed to be hiding out here” U.D had followed me to the Ladies unknowingly.
“What are you doing here?” I asked eyes bulging and already walking past him. He grabbed my arms and pushed me to the wall roughly before planting a dry hard kiss on my lips. I struggled against him.
“This is what you wanted, is it not?” he asked right before the door knob twisted and I ran into a toilet to avoid gossip. He walked out minutes later and I waited patiently for the occupant to release her bowels before rushing out. I had no where to go but my office. He sat on his makeshift desk with his eyes fixed on me.
“Please stop looking at me crazy” I begged. I couldn’t concentrate and the guilt was eating me up. Of course I wasn’t sorry about the romp but having U.D work with me was painfully embarrassing.
“Why did you do it?” he asked quietly. I knew he wasn’t going to let it go. He needed a reason.
“It wasn’t planned” I said without looking up. He stood up to the door and I took a breath of relief just before he locked the door and turned back. I stood up.
“What are you doing?” I asked backing into the corner.
“Why did you do it?” he was standing before me now; my back against the glass wall.
“I just did it. I swear it wasn’t planned” I said with pleading eyes.
“Come here” he said quietly. I stood unsure. Afraid.
“Come!” he barked and I moved quickly to take his outstretched hand. His soft hand pulled me gently as I closed my eyes and cowered. He chuckled before pulling me into his arms. Tensed and expecting some kind of slap, I stood tightly until his hands circled my tiny waist and buried his nose in my neck. His hot breath fanning me. Stroking my back, I felt his heart so beat fast.
“Never do it again” he whispered and I nodded enjoying the feel of his hands, breath and scent. Heart beating wildly, I raised my head to look at his face.
“I am sorry” I whispered.
“Kiss me” he commanded with a tight face.
The flood of emotions overcame my senses as I pressed my lips against his; demanding him to kiss me back. I need not have bothered. The wild onslaught of my pouting lips had me moaning into his mouth and dropping my arms on his solid shoulders. His hands tracing my waist moved upwards to grab my globes. A knock sounded.
We stilled.
“Chief is here” it was Uche my secretary.
“Please prepare the meeting room” my voice sharp and professional.
“Yes ma” disengaging from him, he smiled and placed a peck on my forehead.
“Don’t sweat it. Your design is perfect” he smiled as I gathered my laptop.
“Coming?” I asked walking past him.
“You bet” and like that we were back to being colleagues.

I walked in to see Chief seated with the fool who I had fallen for in my first year and had never gotten over.
“Meet my son, Emeka Douglass” the room was silent.
I was doomed.

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