Time For Submission: Singing the Past State
November-December 2013.
This time we have a concept note with a difference. Our guest editor for this issue, Suneetha Balakrishnan, has put forward her idea about the theme in the following paragraphs:
“In interpreting the theme ‘Singing the Past State’ or ‘commemorating in the state of the present a perpetration and perpetuation of the past State’, I have opted to put it in the humble jargon of the word-practitioner that I am.
As the guest editor here, I am called to commemorate something that touches upon history, cultural memory and also fiction. In simpler words, it could be a diverse narration of how the past continues to hang around today but not always in a bad way. Since we are also aiming to represent genres more associable with the aspect of the political landscape defined by “the interplay of the past in the present”, especially non-fiction and translation, I would like to look at the immediate taxonomy of past that we have, and choose ‘anything before independence’. More sharply put this theme could be ‘pleasant, pre-colonial and connected to the present’.
The theme can be broadly interpreted. For instance, it could be a non-fiction piece on how fiction helps create fictive memories for cultures; the persistence, so to speak, of a past that never was. This is one end of the spectrum.
At the other end of it, I am translating from the first autobiography in the Malayalam language, written in 1858, and which has been overlooked its due by literary historians of the language till now. This text is all the more to be celebrated because it had been written by a converted Christian who was the heir to one of the kingdoms in the region, and later came under the influence of the scholar missionary, Herman Gundert, who, in turn, compiled the first ever Malayalam dictionary.”
We are trying to focus more on nonfiction, translations from regional literatures around the country and visual narratives (broadly speaking, this may include photographs, or photo essays, sketches, visual poetry and graphic narratives) for this issue. Please send in your entries by the end of October 2013. The deadline for submissions is 26th October 2013. Due to several reasons, we are shifting the launch of this last issue of the year to the first part of November 2013. Preferably by the 15th of that month.
You can find more information and submission guidelines here:
And GoodLuck!!!

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