Art Afrika: Black Communion Poetry Anthology


ArtBeat Afrika, a contemporary Africa poetry society, calls for submissions from published and unpublished Africa Poets at home and Diaspora.
This anthology, titled: ‘BLACK COMMUNION’ is aimed at showcasing to Africa and the world the work and talents of ‘the new Africa poet’.

You MUST be an African citizen or from an Africa origin to contribute to this anthology.
1. All poems must be in English. English poems with few tribal expressions and imageries are also allowed, provided they are accompanied with proper English translations.
2. Collaborations between two or more poets are ALLOWED. Note that a part of this anthology will be dedicated to collaborations among Africa Poets.
3. A poet is not allowed to submit more than 7 poems.
4. Both short and lengthy poems are welcomed.
5. Previously published works are allowed provided they are published in the last two (2) years.
1. Submission should be sent in either the e-mail body or as an attachment.
2. Along with the poem(s), the following should also be sent: Name, Pen Name (If available), Nationality, email address and a short biography.
3. All submission should be address to
4. The deadline for all submission is the 30th of September, 2013.
5. Submission to this anthology is FREE.
Artbeat Afrika is a society founded with the sole aim of ‘the unification of the Africa Poets’. Currently with members from Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria, artbeat aims at building ‘the league of Africa Poets’ and serve as loudspeaker to all ‘Black Voices’.
BLACK COMMUNION will be edited by Wale Owoade, a poet and founder of Artbeat Afrika.
Find more information here:
And GoodLuck!!!

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