Disclaimer: Unconventional. Unverified. Subjective. Rants.


I was born into a man’s world. I grew up in a man’s world. I live in a man’s world and I can CATEGORICALLY tell you without asking My Oga At The Top that a man’s world is full of shit!!! Literally!!!
At the end of this article, I’m going to sound like a full blown feminist and I only hope I achieve that plus more. Did I mention being a feminist is frowned at in a man’s world? Like I care.

For those of us that believe that God is the creator not some boomerang action, this unverified eccentric original opinion will rouse some form of reaction, emotion or reflection. For those with the Big Bang school of thought, I’d advise you stop reading and wait for a theory that backs this shitful obscene world. But then again, why not read? Get amused and shake your Big Bang head.

So I am going to ask few questions and provide answers that are generally correct.
1. Who took the first bite of THE APPLE in the Garden of Eden? Eve.
2. Who had the conversation with THE SERPENT? Eve.
3. Whose world did it become? Adam.

#Feminists revolt all you want but I will take the risk of bursting your bubble: IT IS A MAN’S WORLD. Tell me a woman is in the deep and I will go all out_blindly too to defend her without facts and thoughts. Not anymore. And if anyone takes out the time to really look even without swallowing the bitter pill, you would see it.


It is my submission that knowing the nature of the fallen man and the rot that was going to become of earth, God handed him the plate of shit world as punishment for his weakness and unwillingness to take responsibility for eating the fruit and not being aware of his position as THE MAN. THE HEAD. THE ONE WHO IS IN CHARGE. And as such Adam was ‘cursed’ with the responsibility of growing up, accounting for the shit he didn’t deal with that day in the Garden and finding his true self.

This is the lot of his male descendants.

How else is a man going to correct his mistakes if he is not presented with the same task in which he failed at? A higher assignment is not given until the present is passed I’m told. Adam was a victim of his eyes. The moment he saw Eve, he was ‘hooked’ and as such he could not refuse her a simple request.
Without #juju I might add.
‘No Eve, I don’t want a bite’ and he would have blissfully continued naming his animals! But he didn’t. He took a bite and when it was time to take responsibility for his actions, he blamed God for giving him a woman and fingered Eve to take the fall. He could as well have asked God why he created him in the first place! His submission was that of the blamer. Everyone is responsible but himself.
Free Me.
Punish Eve.
God na you cause am sef.
And if Man was God, he would have. But He is not. God knows what RESPONSIBILITY is. If you are put in charge, you are faulted if one of your subjects goes astray and have the responsibility of leading him back. If he doesn’t? Quietly eliminate him Disown the sheep legally.
“God said I shall rule over you so everything I say is law and do not forget the fact that you owe me big time for eating the apple that was forbidden’ Adam said to a newly cursed Eve with head bowed as the Angel escorted them out of the Garden. I wasn’t there. Do not quote my overactive imagination on this. But I’d say overtime, Eve whose desire is the husbands’ schooled her female ‘fruits’ on this mandate and it has been dutifully passed down.

I digress here. Almost every man wants to be accorded the MAN OF THE HOUSE, THE HEAD TITLE………when it comes to rules and regulation. His way is The way. But when it comes to the spiritual for example (which to me is the most important), he pushes the woman to the front and gives the excuse “WOMEN ARE CLOSER TO GOD. NA DEM DEY GO CHURCH PASS”. They are still fingering the new EVE to perform the duties they are failing at!!! Just like their first father: ADAM!!! MEN! If you indeed are the HEAD of the house, I urge challenge you to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY of that position. Spiritual, Financial, Emotional and Physical.

Let us face it. The first man was;
He wasn’t ready to take responsibility for eating the apple and was an expert blame shifter. The present man is mostly the same. A woman is raped and he says it is because she dressed provocatively or stayed out late at night, a girl child is married to her grandfather and he says she is a woman because she is bleeding and so able to warm his bed just because his mind is polluted into thinking that a girl who hits puberty automatically becomes a prostitute or lose, a female wife is harassed and he says the place of the woman is in the kitchen and on his bed and not an office forgetting that she is the breadwinner while he is the breadconsumer, a man embezzles funds and fails to perform his duties and he says he is not the first man to steal or deplete state funds meant for millions, a female baby is raped and he asks where the mother of the baby was. There is simply no thought to taking the responsibility of why a man would rape a baby whether the mother was there or not!!! Don’t get me started on a man defiling his whole family and increasing rapists activities-Gender-wise or Economic all over the world. #FocusNigeria.

Again, walk through the streets and the world literally smells like piss. The pollution of our streets with waste and the audacity with which they men whip out their organs shamelessly letting out their smelly liquid is connected to the way in which they handle their affairs. ‘Just do whatever you want and no one can stop you’. This reminds me of the man that whipped out his organ in traffic amidst blaring headlights and horns and took a piss right on his car tyre. Such act of shame is carried into the way he manages his home, his office and his environment. I am genuinely concerned about this ugly trend and I get the replies of men defending their pissing rights on the street while a woman who does that is shameless and without morals. Some even demand statistics because they see women taking a piss too. I will not leave my purpose and go about gathering statistics of road pissers but I can tell you that I saw five men and not a single woman this morning taking a piss on the streets. And why won’t they piss when you have practically messed up your world?
‘It is our world and we dare do what we want with it. NO QUESTIONS ASKED’ the arrogant man.

I am not fighting for control of the world. Trust me, I know firsthand what it feels like to be handed a failed project. It is like been handed a drum of shit and no gloves. I am sure our President knows what I am talking about. A drum of highly fermented shit aged decades is handed to him with unlimited cash divert avenues as compensation for dealing with so much shit and unending demand for loyalty to his kingmakers and his favorite subjects. While I am not a fan of the present Government or claim to have an insider with genuine information, I am not oblivious to the fact that the country’s problem did not start with him. Taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for making it better and not the constant distraction, excuses or absolute silence on key issues is a way forward. However, I wait for the positive impacts for his efforts.


There is nothing that has been presented to us that we cannot overcome. Men can actually save the world. They indeed have what it takes to make their immediate world a better place. Do not abuse your position at any level but strive to understand why and how to administer your position. Acknowledge when you are wrong and cannot do it on your own. Ask for help. Seek to do what is right. Get knowledge. Respect God. Respect the woman. Don’t be afraid to speak out against every form of injustice and take a stand in what you know is right. Be the man Adam never was.
And tell GOD;
I ate the apple
I know I have failed you.
I take the responsibility
I have fulfilled them.
I am a Man and This is my world.

P.S: I must confess that I take a little pleasure in knowing that women are not responsible for the shitty world but merely victims.
Now that’s the sad part. Victims.
Next week Friday will be dedicated to this.
See you next week!


Published by The F100

The F-100 is a real estate investment company. The F100 offers her investors and 100 female members a collaborative investment platform to build, own and operate resorts, residential, commercial and industrial real estates in Nigeria and Africa’s performing cities; as well as making low risks investments in start-ups, agriculture, commodities and manufacturing.

13 thoughts on “IT IS A MAN’S WORLD: TAKE A FREE PISS 18+

  1. Luvly article u put 2geda thr, my dear…. I keep telling u… Ur brain av so much shid in it….. I like d words. Each lines was intriguing read evry words start to finish… I evening tot I cud turn to page 24 to read more… Hehehe.. #unen#cynthia#wink..#jodexxxi#jose…

  2. Its funny how women bemoan their lot about how it’s a man’s world wнєη there’s kata-kata,aηd then turn around to smugly claim tнaт wнaт a man can do,a woman can do better, when they score a point.
    *glaring at Cynthia*

    1. Good point Walter. Same goes for refusal to take responsibility for producing female children for instance. The blame game won’t take both parties anywhere. I hope to make that clear next week.

  3. There’s a lot of emotion in this piece, mostly anger lol. Finally a female accepts it’s a man’s world, but says it’s messed up. The world isn’t that bad though. The problem with this article is that it’s a bit one sided, telling only a single story, not all men are as portrayed by this post, some men are actually feminists. And talking about taking responsibility, I remember when I was quite younger, when I do something wrong, my mother doesn’t get blamed for it, rather she punishes me, and says I take responsibility for my actions, and she is quite the feminist herself. Everyone should be held responsible for their actions, Adam as much as he had a part in it, shouldn’t stomach the entire blame as you’re suggesting. Every human played a part that brought the world to it’s current state, be it a boy, girl, man or woman, albeit some playing greater parts.

    1. Thanks Chinweke!

      I got that ’emotion-concept’ from my mother too! She reads my blog!lol. Surprisingly, I didn’t. Perhaps my style of writing? Or calling for responsibility actually makes me “over-zealoty”hehehe. Ofcourse not all men are as portrayed. Far from it. Will be posting an article concerning the female folks next week_lol. Please read if you can. Thanks again

    2. Lol@mother_a feminist! My role model already. Being a feminist could actually pass the message of responsibility too!

      I hope to reach a balance on this issue. @Harold: I understand your views.

  4. Impressive write up,beautifully done but don’t you think you were unduly harsh on the male folk,it seems more man hating and less feministic .

    P.S I saw a woman a few days ago take a leak on the road,

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