“…I mean I could care less what another man and another man do behind closed doors” confessions of Okechukwu Ofili from his book manuscript ‘How Intelligence Kills’. This did not make much sense until yesterday when the news of a male celebrity coming out of the closet made headlines and I wondered why_totally uninterested. Good thing I was in a reflective mood and was on a brink of depression.

Before I go further, let me clear up a few things. This is not a review. This is not a “hit” stunt. This is like no other ‘article’ I have written and I honestly do not care if this offends anyone. I do not support and I do not condemn the act of same sex having carnal knowledge of each other. There is ONE who has the power to do that. I SIMPLY and ABSOLUTELY do not care about sexual orientations except when wicked eyes light up every time little children or defenseless victims are within close radius. I have a vision and it is NOT in any way related to the preference of humans on who to mate with except maybe linked to influencing how abusers should be punished. DEATH.
So Wentworth Miller is gay and I am broke still looking to make a couple of billions. He is gay and thousands are dying all over the world. He is gay and shameless NIGERIAN looters in yards of stolen cloth continue to smile to the bank strutting around like honest men while honest men hide in the shadows in shameful and dirty threadbare garbs-afraid to demand change and oppressed because they fail to take a stand. Do we know who these men are? Read the news often and get interested in affairs of your country-Nigeria. It is your duty.
He is gay! I ask SO WHAT?
We have got bigger fish to fry. I apologize to the Vegetarians but some of us actually LOVE flesh. We do our best to eat your share just like you eat our share of weeds I mean fruits and vegetables.
Here is the crux of the matter. We ought to make life better and not bother about who wrote letter stating terms for declining an invitation to attend a function. We make issues of people’s orientation forgetting our own. How do we make life what it is meant to be? What should be our orientation?
What do we stand for? Really?
I read a “manuscript” recently ‘How Intelligence Kills by Okechukwu Ofili’- Our dangerous addiction to intelligence, religion, respect and more he says. Many days past and I still find some theories and opinions unequivocally insightful and liberating, some almost disturbing and some humorous. A good terrific read. This book manuscript made quite an impression and I am glad I asked to proofread read it. Mind you, I did not add an alphabet!!!
His views on suppressing life’s essence in the name of societal expectation and acceptable standard truly reveal the annihilation (pardon the exaggeration) of real ingenuity. His calls to action were noble and clearly outlined but I dare say theoretical. Note I did not say impossible. He mentioned the ‘anti-ajebota’ and ‘wetin-concern-me’ mentality that most Nigerians have developed as a shield against the harsh and unfair reality of broken down systems where everything goes and no one is held accountable save the nameless man that knows no one. Spirituality and the promise of paradise where there is no sorrow keeps the ‘frustrated’ man hopeful while living in humiliating and demeaning situations in hunger, anger and bitterness. May I say that it is easier to make change and better lives than actually getting into “paradise”. I don’t know about you but I am not subscribing to suffering on earth because of promise of Paradise that I cannot guarantee. Man dey sin everyday and na by Grace we all dey live. Ergo, making Heaven should not be substituted for impoverish living.
…….Only Fela could have said it best: “Nigerians were suffering and smiling” – a situation that he blamed on the religiously influenced dogmatic optimism that possessed Nigeria. An optimism that not only isolated Nigerians from the apparent poverty they faced, but also isolated the Government from its social responsibility to its people. According to Fela, religion had made Nigeria dangerously optimistic…hence our dangerous addiction to religion…” curbed from “How Intelligence Kills”

Do we then throw religion and our beliefs away? Do we now embrace nothingness? I say no. Every man should believe in what is Right and what is True but this I tell you.
Get involved in making notable changes by answering the call to team up and lend your voice to worthy causes. Don’t analyze sexual orientation and escapades of ‘celebrities’ or sit in shadows discussing important National issues and reeling out brilliant executable ideas but sign up for seminars on leadership and change. Make it your business to be involved in politics. Get the Nigerian Constitution Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999(1) and join or start a political party. Why can’t we the youth have a political party right here: on social media platform and register it with INEC when we have dedicated and accountable persons ready to take on the affairs of our country. Who is ready to go in depths with me on this?
Take a stand when you are deprived of your RIGHTS as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Take a stand when your fellow humans are being roasted. Take a stand when they are being abused. Say something when your Constituent has only one water tank of 500 liters to service a community of over 5000 people, poor or absence of infrastructures and increased tales of woes.
Get involved in the change you want to see.
Stand for what is right.
This is what I stand for; this is what I care about.

Published by The F100

The F-100 is a real estate investment company. The F100 offers her investors and 100 female members a collaborative investment platform to build, own and operate resorts, residential, commercial and industrial real estates in Nigeria and Africa’s performing cities; as well as making low risks investments in start-ups, agriculture, commodities and manufacturing.

9 thoughts on “SO WHAT IF HE IS GAY: 18+

  1. Unen nice write up!! But we need to not condem but discourage this same sex issue in nigeria hia..we don have laws protecting kids from this same sex issue and with tha rate of poverty in the country if this same sex relations is encouraged the cost adult pampers will increase in Nigeria oooo..its un natural

  2. Wow!!!! Food for thought. The typical issue of discussing about your neighbours’ broken window while your own house is on fire.

  3. This Is a lovely lovely post. Seriously, who’s the owner of this blog? I like you already. Btw how do I get my hands on the manuscript? Asking for it is rather ironic considering the title, “how intelligence kills” as in acquiring it I gain more intelligence…ignorance really is bliss. Its a shame how we humans, most of us anyways tend to make a big deal out of the most irrelevant of things, abandoning the more pressing matters, you should check out my blog post about religion, somewhat similar to this, albeit from a different perspective.

  4. You are simply irresistible , nice one. But I think same sex of any kind should be totally condemned regardless of the communities or society. Our father in heaven condemn it . Pls keep it up.

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