I rang the bell and waited few seconds before jumping the low fence to avoid getting soaked from the huge rain droplets. What if I was not the only one jumping the fence I thought as I dashed to the front door. An hour had passed and she was yet to call me.

Two steps up the front porch and I saw them in an embrace through the slightly opened curtain blinds. I stopped. They looked cozy-almost perfect for each other. A vein twitched as I watched silently and when she tiptoed to give him a kiss, I was vexed. I walked back to my car and drove home in fury.
Who was I kidding? I wasn’t just looking out for her but somehow I had gotten attached. Way too attached.

Here I was worried and she was all chummy with her ex. I may just have the knack for picking women with problems I told myself. And why was I vexed anyways? There was absolutely nothing between us. Oh well, the memory of the interrupted kiss still lingered but that was not enough reason to lay claims on her. I paused at the thought.
That was exactly what I was doing. Laying claims in Naboth’s vineyard. I gave a spiteful chuckle. Naboth’s vineyard indeed. Perhaps setting things up with Wande may just be the right thing.
…….or not. She wasn’t the type of woman that would understand me. Baida was. I knew that.
It wasn’t an option I concluded as I gave a loud blare. I was home in less than ten minutes.
What were they doing now? I tortured myself.

God help me.

I drove in roughly after Andrew opened the gate. Yomi was out and came around the car as I stepped down.
‘All good?’ he asked as he approached in his boxers and ear phones.
‘Go put on some clothes and stop walking around my house naked! Can you at least do that?’ I shouted and slammed the door as I walked angrily to the house.
‘Baida?’ he called and I stopped to look at him.
‘I don’t want to talk about it’ I turned to go into the empty house.
Was it so obvious?
‘Wande is in your room’ he informed quietly. I came to a halt just then. If I continued to my room, there was one outcome.

I did not need more blackmailing sex. I wanted Baida and I wanted her now.
‘Get her out of here’ and I marched back to my car. It was funny but Yomi always related with Wande better.
I saw Wande standing in a pair of shorts and bra in my rear mirror as I drove out. She must have heard me come in and was down to tempt me as usual. Sadly, I did not stir at the thoughts of our wicked sessions.
‘Urrrgh’ I yelled in frustration. Until I met her, I was having a normal life.
The drive around town was senseless. The image of Baida in his arms kept eating at me. There was one way to get over the stifling jealousy that was drowning me.

I drove to her house.
The quiet lightless house stood in the dark and I prayed she was awake. Well, if she wasn’t, I’d wake her.
I jumped the low fence as usual and walked up the front door. I held the doorbell down for a minute and I saw the light come on. It was 10:40 pm.
‘Leke, is that you?’ she asked. Her voice was sleepy.
‘Yes’ I said as I heard the door click.
There she stood in male boxers and night top that fell from her shoulders. She looked freshly scrubbed devoid of her makeup with puffy sleepy eyes. Her lips were pink and swollen.

Momentarily, the image of her kissing Dan flashed in my head. My face tightened and I swallowed tightly.
‘I am sorry I didn’t call as promised’ she said closing the door behind me.
‘You didn’t’ I turned to look at her. She sensed my tone.
‘You are not angry, are you?’ she looked at me with an innocent look.
‘I am glad you noticed’ I said sarcastically. I could see the outline of her body and I tried in vain to keep my eyes from staring at her chest. And those lips!
She affected me bad.
I wanted her so bad and at same time I wanted to keep her. Keep her for me. I swallowed again as she walked to take the couch and gave a small pat.
‘Come seat’ she indicated and I walked slowly. I was past anger now and watched her with fascination as one would with a new toy.
‘I am sorry I didn’t call. Just too much drama’ she waved and her chest gave a gentle push. She looked lovely with her hair down. It was scattered and I found myself smiling.
I sat beside her. She smiled and sneaked into my arms warming me with her body.

She was so soft and warm. I gathered her into my arms and took a deep breath of her scented hair. Smelt more of apple to me. Aren’t all hair product apples? How would I know? I took another deep sniff. Apples I concluded.
‘Thank you for coming back’ she murmured.
‘I saw you kiss him’ I squeezed my eyes.
‘I know. I saw you leave’ she said simply. I raised her chin to look into her eyes.
‘You did?’ I asked surprised.
‘Yes’ she smiled sweetly. She gave a playful nose rub and smiled again.
‘Kiss me” she said with a playful wink.
Well, what can I say?
The Lady’s wish was my command.
Kiss her I did. She opened slowly and teased as I got deeper.
I could kiss her forever and the question slipped me for the first time.
‘Be mine Baida’ I said against her lips.
She stopped abruptly. Eyes searching mine, chest heaving. Her lips had my signature now and I stirred.

‘It is late’ she smiled weakly and made to stand up. She was tactfully avoiding the comment. I held her back and gave a little tickle. She jumped and giggled as I carried her up.
‘Put me down Leke’ she twisted but held on tightly.
‘I will fall’ she laughed as I climbed her stairs.
‘You are totally out of line’ she said as I opened the door to the bedroom I saw her enter the previous night and dropped her on the bed in an embrace.
‘Drop me, drop me’ she giggled. Her hair spreading on the white sheets.
‘You are beautiful Baida’ I admired as she laughed.
‘You are handsome Leke’ she said looking into my eyes with pouted lips. I found it extremely humorous and laughed out loud.
‘Shhhhsssh! I have got neighbors’ she said and we laughed some more.
‘So what did you two talk about?’ I asked as we both stopped laughing minutes later. I was still lying in her arms pressed against her firm breasts.
‘Nothing really’ she said with another playful nose rub. I gave a tickle and she struggled playfully.
‘The cozy embrace is nothing?’ I pressed.
‘Let’s say we buried the hatchet’ she smiled sadly.
‘And the kiss sealed it I bet’ I insinuated. She gave a playfully push and got up.
‘So, what’s with mommy-bride?’ she asked going over to her dressing mirror. The mood was lost.

‘Working on it’ I answered truthfully.
‘Good’ she said walking to her window. She peeped out and stood quietly.
‘What is that?’ I asked coming to stand behind her.
‘I think we have got visitors’ she looked past me to the wall clock.
It was 11:57pm now.
‘Are you expecting visitors?’ I asked suddenly at alert.
‘No’ she went to lock her door.
‘Who are they?’ I asked sensing trouble.
‘They must be from Dan’ she said without thinking before going to her wardrobe. She pulled out a pistol. At that point, I stepped back.
‘Whoa!’ I raised an eye brow.
‘Please be quiet’ she went back to the window and we watched as the shadows stood still whispering. Looked at the house and we bent down simultaneously to avoid been noticed. They went round and came back to the front door. Just then, a car drove past and gave a light horn few buildings down the street.

It was like a call off signal because few seconds later, the men in dark clothing jumped the low fence confirming my earlier thoughts and disappeared into the night.

We stood still and watched ourselves.
‘Is that licensed?’ I asked as she opened her wardrobe and set it down.
‘Does it bother you?’ she asked.
‘Of course it does. Why do you have a gun in your house?’ I asked coming to stand before her.

I definitely knew how to pick them.

‘For protection?’ she said rolling her eyes and walking away from me. She peeped out of the window one more time.

This was totally unbelievable. Here I was leaving Wande because she was a nag and going after a firearm weirdo. I found it humorous and I startled her with my resonating laughter.
She smiled too and joined the laughter suspiciously.
‘Why are you laughing?’ she asked going to her bathroom.
‘I find it funny’ I said going to stand by the door. She stood by the sink, a quick bond of her hair and splashed water on her face continuously.
‘I’m glad you are laughing’ she said looking at me with a sad smile. The water had soaked through the night top and I could see outline of her firm breasts. I swallowed harder now as I studied her. She was really suffering inside and I was drawn to it.
The walk to her was unprepared as I took her in an embrace and ran my hand down her back in a gently caress.
‘You will be fine’ I murmured into her hair. She took in a deep breath and seconds later felt warm tears stain my shirt. Her eyes were wet and red. She took another deep breathe.
‘Ssshhh. You are safe’ I stroked the more with small kisses on her head. We stood still for few minutes while she quietly let her tears fall.
‘Thank you’ she said raising her eyes to meet mine. I never tell a crying woman to stop. Somehow, I think tears should be let out. Let the rains fall.
‘Any time’ I smiled cleaning her tears as she looked at me.
‘Gosh! You must think I am some crying baby’ she said trying to leave my arms and timidly lowering her eyes. I held her.
‘No, I think you absolutely cute’ with that I bent down and planted a kiss on her inviting lips as she sniffled in the tears. She exhaled deeply as I continued the assault on her supple lower lip and grazing her chest with my fingers. Slowly, her hands rounded my neck and she gave in to the sweet moment that I had long waited for.
The hair bond was removed in minutes and her top followed suit seconds later. Eager and responsive as I rested her against the wall, she was soon heaving and pushing against me; her small fingers massaging the back of my head and sucking on my tongue. That was my cue.

Picking her up, I carried her back to her bed and dropped her carefully stopping a moment to discard my shirt.

The night had just begun.


He slept like a mother bear. His big arms wrapped around me made it difficult to turn and I smiled shamefully at the memory of what we did last night. I blushed. God! He was insatiable and never have I freely given myself to a man. The simple heated kiss had gone more than I had planned and within minutes I was past reason. I gave myself a mental kick and stood up to get my pills. Yes, obviously I had not learnt my lesson. How could I have gone the whole way without protection?

I made to get up but He held on tighter. Wriggling, I turned to face him. He looked peaceful and harmless. His thick brows and lashes fanned out his face and the quiet breath leaving his somehow pointed nose led me straight to his lips. I blushed at the sight of the firm lips and the memories of what he did with them. I had to get those pills. I waited few more minutes before trying again.
A peep at my bedside alarm clock told me it was minutes past 5 am and I tried sneaking out of bed but felt his hands pull me back for the umpteenth time.
‘Good Morning babe’ he said into my scalp.
‘Good Morning Leke’ I smiled. He was so possessive.
‘Can I go now?’ I gave a playful tickle pulling my covers off him. I threw it back. He was naked under the sheets and I blushed again.
‘Like what you see?’ he teased. I made to grab my discarded boxers and held my chest as I backed him to my bathroom.
Why was I shy? I looked at myself in the mirror and closed my eyes shut. I heard his voice approaching and I closed the door with speed.
He laughed and I joined. I opened the cabinet and saw the pills. A look at the expiry date told me it had expired. The last time I took it was with Dan. I emptied it in the toilet and flushed.

A quick mop up and teeth brushing I changed into a long shirt I had hung on the rails.
‘Why did you kiss him’ he asked as I made to open the door. I stopped.
‘You dreamt about Dan?’ I asked surprised at the strange question as I opened the door to face him. He was in his pants thankfully. My eyes strayed downwards and I forced them up to his face.
‘Let’s say I am still interested in knowing exactly what went wrong’ he smiled noticing my obvious discomfort.
‘He went wrong. I was blinded by ‘love’ but like I said we made peace. We are splitting the company’ I said. I stopped the moment I volunteered the information. I knew he was going to ask why.
‘Business not good?’ he asked.
‘No. He is my ex. What other reason should there be?’ I walked round the room aimlessly.
‘Was that why he sent those men last night?’ he asked taking seat on the bed.
‘I am not sure they were from him. Maybe they got the wrong house, realized their mistake and went away. You saw them leave right?’ I asked covering up. He saw through me.
‘Yes. Sure. Whatever you say’ he said standing up.

How do I tell him that barely a year ago, I had cajoled Harold into selling me his shares to make me the controlling shareholder of the company for price far lesser than their value? Harold was our third partner but was on to better companies. Now that I think about it, Harold was more than eager to let me have them. Dan wasn’t keen at the time because it was just days after his honeymoon. Or so I thought. Now I realize it didn’t matter who had controlling shares. He just needed the front.

Last night declaration must have thrown him off. He knew what he stood to lose. Or maybe I was just overly suspicious but I know just how far Dan could go.
‘So what are your plans for today?’ I asked feigning a smile.
‘For starters, head home. Got some issues to sort’ he raised his eyes to meet mine. I avoided them. It looked like he was trying to get information from me.
‘Okay. Let me get breakfast’ I headed down stairs without waiting for him. I was more afraid of what would happen to me if Dan pulled the plug if I insisted on walking away.

I knew it was just a matter of time before I told him that the office was Dan’s cover up for a terrorist group that needed a front man for their operations and I had only found out few months back when I went into his office to make a copy of some confidential files.

That was when I formed the plan of leaving the company. The painful excuse of my baby and my heart ache didn’t dissuade him from acting out immediately I mentioned it.

I had no choice.

I was going to initiate plan B.


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