Courting Baida I

It was one of those gloomy days. Wande had gotten me ‘pissed’ again and I had gone out to my newly acquired green park in Wuse II to cool off as usual. She just could not let a man have his peace. This time it was her feelings I was not considering. She didn’t even know the definition of the word after 10 years in the university.

Ok, that was below the belt and an exaggeration but right now, I had reached my limit.

Going home to her sexy clad self in my favourite lingerie will push her ‘transgression’ aside and I’d fall into her arms like a lost puppy. God! I hated my weakness but I knew I was getting it tonight.


Taking a chilled glass of my bottle of Heineken and watching the game on the big screen absentmindedly, I was brought back to the present by a boisterous laughter travelling from the far end corner of the open space. It stopped abruptly and then continued again. It was one of a care free soul and I turned sharply at the sound.

And that was all it took.

Her mischievous self, holding her red painted long nails over her mouth and looking around for ‘hits’ as if she didn’t know her laughter was loud and infectious.

And when she removed her hands, I knew I had found the one.

Her round eyes shone brilliantly and her lips looked like they were screaming to be kissed as her pulled back hair-bond accentuated her oval-shaped face and lips……I couldn’t get past that.

I looked at her and she met my eyes, smiled directly at me and continued with her date. I noticed then that she was on a date and felt an instant jealousy as she flashed another smile at him and he soaked it up. I took another gulp and changed seat. I was going to stare at her. Rudely too.


I noticed the man in the deep blue shirt sitting at the end of the open space staring rudely and intensely. I felt like I was under scrutiny. I shifted uncomfortably and tried to keep my eyes from roaming back to him every now and then. Damian was engaging as well and I was enjoying his Eko city experience and how his chipped canine came about. An ‘ajebo’, he looked cute saying it in his borrowed accent as his pink-washed lips opened to reveal the broken tooth that had chipped off when he landed face flat in the bus. His first time out without a car! I could not help laughing at his funny recounts. This was so refreshing.

Thanks to Tope, I had a date after months of self imposed ‘celibacy’. Sadly I wasn’t looking to start anything serious.

‘Get back on the horse’ she said. Well, she did not say anything about riding it.

The man in the dark corner stared on as the evening light disappeared. His thick brows knotted at the middle of his nose bridge giving off a stern vibe and the timed gulp of his glass spoke volumes of a ‘mechanical’ man. I could not see his eyes anymore as the night came slowly. The cold air licked at my exposed arms. Damian must have noticed the huge goose bumps.

‘You are cold’ he stated looking over my exposed arms. I gave another smile.

‘You have a beautiful smile Baida. I am glad we did this’ he said as he looked on. I blushed. Yes, I am light skinned with an Irish mother. Ergo I am capable of a blush.

‘Thank you Damian’ I replied as we stared at each other for a while and then broke into an awkward laughter. He was not aware of the rude onlooker behind him.

‘Let me take you home’ he offered and I accepted his stretched out hands.

I saw him look at us as we passed by and caught a glimpse of the man in the dark. His beards were neatly groomed and his lips firm and tight as if he had never smiled or laughed in his life. Probably he was angry I concluded as we walked out into the cold dark starry night.


He held her hand as they left. I was tempted to accost her and create a scene, I chuckled at the wicked thought. And what made them laugh in union after the stare? Show offs I hissed. I looked out and saw him hold out his car door for her as she got in and he closed the door after her. I got up abruptly and decided on a whim to follow them.

He dropped her off in Garki II, off Ngozi Iweala crescent, House 44. I saw her give him a tight hug and a light peck as his hands went round her small waist that opened to her well rounded hips. I felt my jealousy hit the roof of my Range. He should not be touching her. I swallowed and watched her enter the gate after a wave. He waited a while and did a dance before walking to his car and driving off.

I took a slow drive and looked at the house. It was dark.

Wondered if she stayed alone or maybe a husband?

I kicked myself for not checking her finger.

Those lips.

As usual, I drove home and got some. Wande had gone a notch higher this time. She waited on the covers without a stitch of clothing. I could not resist. I should not resist. If she erred, it was only reasonable that she apologised accordingly and I forgive after.

But this night was different.

I saw her laugh. I saw her frown. I saw him hold her. I could not concentrate as I tried in vain to get the rhythm going. What will it feel like to hold her? Her smell. Her skin against mine. Her…….Wande sensed it.

‘Get off me’ she called it off before I would embarrass myself further.

‘Mchew’ she hissed jumping off the bed.

‘What now?’ I asked knowing exactly what the problem was.

‘You are thinking of her! Aren’t you?’ She accused in her high pitched voice.

For the first time, she was right and I was surprised at my reaction to someone I did not know.

‘Not again Wande’ I rolled off the bed and was walking to the bathroom when I heard the sound of the shattering large wall mirror. I turned sharply to see what she had hurdled at the glass. Her Louboutin.

This was it. I was done with her. Mother was going to chew my ears but I had to put my foot down this time. Why must I be the one to marry her any ways? Femi and Yomi were available as well.

‘You are the first son and getting old’ speech by my mother was the reason I was plagued with Wande. I was fed up.

‘Get your things and leave before I come out’ I said quietly, eyes blazing as I entered the bathroom to finish what I had started.

‘You are a big fool Leke’ she called as I left her ranting.

Where did people get the ‘break-up’ to ‘make-up’ concept? I was damn tired of all the glues and tapes holding us together.

I did not come out until peace and quiet had returned to the room. I called Andrew to confirm.

‘Wande gone?’

‘Yes Sir. She just drove out’ the young stylish chap at the gate informed me.


The bed felt filthy as I climbed in. Got up and walked to my sanctuary-another room kept for nights like this and when I wanted to be alone.

The cool white sheets reminded me of her. Why was I affected this much?

Her laughter ringing in my head, a couple of turns, I slept off an hour later.

I was going to get this girl. Get into her bed and see what I find.

I knew what I had to do.

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