Good news!!!

Finally Didi is on amazon!
Yup! it is official

Read her Memoirs here:

Blurb: Didi Trap is the ace gold Digger. She discerns the Mines worth digging and knows first-hand that the art of gold digging is not in mining miserly coins but following tested laid down principles and self-crafted tools to hit jackpot every single time…..until she meets Akhmed Kyari Bricks-the only heir to the Bricks Empire.
Her biggest Mine yet.
Akhmed Kyari Bricks is the richest and youngest entrepreneur in Africa and seats tops on the board of the Bricks group of companies with just one purpose: Destroy Didi Trap.
But Didi Trap has an ally in Ali Kyari Bricks-Akhmed’s father and famous billionaire and philanthropist who Didi is subtly blackmailed to marry for 200 Hundred Million Naira or risk the exposure of a well-guarded secret.
But she finds out who she is, what she is worth and takes back what was rightfully hers-The Bricks Empire.

And she falls in love with the enemy…


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