Good Morning, I thought everyone-Nigerians should have a copy of the Constitution before the amendment is complete. You know, like keeping old currencies before it goes out of circulation. So download, read and save. Click link below to download. Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999(1) Need more Federal Documents? Fill out form belowContinue reading “NIGERIAN CONSTITUTION BEFORE AMENDMENT”

There are no Demons in our Heads

I would like to state here that the Right to Religion should not be abused. While we have the freedom to choose what/who we belief in which in turn affects our opinions, decisions and actions, we have absolutely NO RIGHT whatsoever to force it on another being. Moreover, we must be humane, reasonable and abideContinue reading “There are no Demons in our Heads”

Paedophiles in Senators Clothing

I wake up and I pray for the rains to fall. Fall heavily. How else can I cancel a TEDx engagement? But it didn’t. So up I stood and out I went. The air is gloomy just like the state of my country. Being a paedophile is legal-I am thinking of yesterday’s event on myContinue reading “Paedophiles in Senators Clothing”


Good news!!! Finally Didi is on amazon! Yup! it is official Read her Memoirs here: Blurb: Didi Trap is the ace gold Digger. She discerns the Mines worth digging and knows first-hand that the art of gold digging is not in mining miserly coins but following tested laid down principles and self-crafted tools toContinue reading “MEMOIRS OF A JUSTIFIED GOLD DIGGER: DIDI’S DEBUT”

Will Nigerians Read Books On Mobile Phones?

The reading culture of Nigerians has been on a steady decline for some time now. The decline can be attributed to many factors from a tough economy to a general lack of reading interest in the younger generation. Some have even gone as far as blaming the poor reading culture on mobile devices.  Now thereContinue reading “Will Nigerians Read Books On Mobile Phones?”