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Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999(1)

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The cold bed kept me awake for the better part of the night and well, Leke.
He came in at the exact time I needed him. The tight hug was more out of gratitude for coming as at when he did than actually loving his lean torso. I loved the look on Dan’s face.
Yes……he was jealous!!!
But it was short-lived. He still went home to her every night and was probably coiled up in her arms.

I turned at the thought and the cold sheets reminded me why I needed another body in my bed.
Leke’s maybe.
He was an alpha male……if there was anything as such. Definitely one that would make a warm blooded female to boil and the weak male cringe with self-consciousness. His intense look and firm lips relaxed after a while and his brilliant white teeth made him look desirable. I made a mental note to ask him if he had a teeth job done. He was desirable and I smiled at the thought of getting Dan jealous with Leke coming into the office more often.
Good thing he was refreshing alias ‘weird’.
Damian had called earlier.
‘Hello Baida’ he said in an accent that I was slowly getting under my skin.
‘Damian’ I called as I toweled myself getting under the covers.
‘How are you?’ he asked
‘I am alright’ I replied.
‘I am right outside your apartment’ he announced rather pleased with himself.
‘Great’ I said.
‘You coming out?’ he asked hopeful.
‘No dear. I am in bed already’ I said settling in.
‘Wow! You are not coming out?’ he persisted.
‘Yes’ I gave a yawn.
‘Please?’ he tried.
‘Good night Damian’ I gave a patronizing giggle and covered myself the more.
‘Alright Baida. Good night’ he said somewhat disappointed.
The last face I saw was Leke’s as I fell into a warm quiet sleep.

I woke up staring at the ceiling. Another day.
And why was I thinking of those lips!!!
I squeezed my eyes and got up. It was 6am. A quick work out in the gym had sweat running down my body and went to take a shower.
I dialed her number. It was switched off at 7:30 am.
I got dressed in a pair of black trousers and white shirt with golden cuffs.
The shoes were polished already. Andrew had laid out my attire for the day. I was almost at the door when Yomi called from the balcony up the stairs.
‘Looking good bro. Who is she?’
‘My wife’ I said with a wide smile and he laughed.
‘Wait! He jumped three steps at a time and landed heavily. He had been to the gym too and was sweating.
‘Are you serious? What of Wande?’ He asked eyes wide.
‘I am not marrying Wande’ I said simply.
‘I know you mean that. Have you considered mother?’ he asked quietly as we looked at ourselves.
‘Mother will come around. I am getting late’ I said taking my leave.
‘We don’t want to keep her waiting’ he was back to the teaser.
I shook my head and tried her number again. Still switched off.

She was waiting for me dressed in white ankle length pants and tucked in black turtle neck that accentuated her hips as she walked towards the car with her multicolored pumps. Her hair parked in a tight bond and dropping earrings matching her full red lips.
I wondered how my fingers would feel in her hair.
‘You are late’ she said as she opened the door. I snapped out of my mini fantasy
‘Good morning to you too’ I gave a small smile. She laughed.
‘We good to go?’ I asked as she belted herself in.
‘I am already locked in’ she eyed me playfully.
‘I thought you were kidnapped’ I started an easy conversation on our way to the office.
‘Why?’ she asked looking at me with a smile forming at the corners of her mouth.
I was going to have to kiss those lips soon. They were driving me crazy.
‘Your phone was switched off’ I looked at her waiting for an explanation.
‘Oh’ was all she offered. I didn’t press.
‘So what are we doing today?’ I asked.
‘Get ideas for new brief’ she said offhandedly.
‘I get to share your office?’ I teased. I was hoping she would say yes. I knew I was pushing and suddenly felt clingy. Leke go to work with a woman?
And why was I unprepared for the words that were flying out of my mouth.
I knew.
I wanted to be with her.
‘Sure. You got any ideas on contemporary concept for designs. H, T & M wants an African-Modern base for their new headquarters scheduled for launching in August’ she said freely.
‘I would suggest alternating modernized African pieces and primitive backdrops for different departments. Say each department have identities of different African countries or a hybrid of arts across the Continent’ I said looking at her. she looked on and then broke into a brilliant smile.
‘Perfect. You are so hired Art director’ she said eyes shining like a girl with candy.
‘I love it. This is so brilliant’ she kept saying as we got to her office.
‘My spot’ she pointed and I parked.
‘So we would have to schedule a visit to the art shops and galleries. Get some orders out. I will schedule a visit to Dr. Mangu, get the departments head to a meeting and…… ’ she was spinning and I couldn’t stop her. She jumped down, walked round and was opening the door for me to come down when I held her hand.
‘Calm down’ she stopped and took a deep breath.
‘Sorry. It is so gooooood! Why didn’t I think of that!’ she said making a fun face. I laughed finally.
‘Shall we?’

He laughed then. His white teeth was beautiful and the baritone laughter sounded so contained with his Adam apple appearing and then disappearing again. I became aware of the man standing before me. The crisp white shirt opened slightly to his frame and gold cuffs that held him at his wrist completed the simple-sophisticated look he was going for. His long fingers and neatly cut nails had me thinking of how good those hands would make me feel.
Stop Baida!
I forced my eyes back to his and found him studying me too.
I gave myself a mental shake.
‘Yes, we shall’ This time not shaking my behind. Good thing i waited for him to come pick me up. I was sure he’d come by the house if my phone was switched off. I was glad he did. My plan on getting Dan sweat was underway. I gave a devilish grin.
‘Good Morning Ma’ it was Deji. The ‘too-fine’ receptionist according to Leke.
‘Morning Morning’ I sang entering my office. He followed.
‘Really big desk’ He noted. I stopped momentarily at the statement and smiled.
‘Yes. I can make a mess of them sheets’ I said trying humor.
‘Ok’ he said standing firm and looking at me without an expression. He looked larger than the room and I felt self-conscious now.
This bobo big oh!
I smiled and went behind my desk.
‘This is impromptu. You would be sharing my office with me for a while. I will have your office ready next week’ I offered playfully.
‘I don’t mind’ he said and took the seat opposite me.
‘Good. I need you here anyways’ I laughed.
‘Tea? Breakfast?’ I offered again.
‘No. I think well when my intestines are biting me’ he said and I laughed out so loud it must have traveled to the reception. I hoped it got to Dan. I was soon to find out.
‘Alright then. Let’s get to work and we can present it to my partner after lunch’ I said after the loud laugh.
‘Your partner?’ he asked.
‘Yes. Dan Atiga’ I answered offhandedly.
‘You should meet him soon’ I said
‘Right’ he said looking at me as I took my seat finally.
The rest of the morning passed quickly. He kept the ideas coming and I kept soaking it up.
‘What do you do really?’ I asked dropping my pen.
‘Consulting’ he said with a bland look. He looked cute. But he looked like he was hiding something.
‘You are hiding your identity’ I pointed out and he looked at me sharply.
‘How would you know’ he asked sitting up.
‘I feel a vibe’ I smiled and got up to stretch. It was 2 pm already.
‘What you want for lunch? I asked
‘I will take us out’ he said coming around the desk. I stood warily.
‘Good. Let’s go eat then’ I said as he approached. I wanted to take a step but I stood.
‘I want to see your hair down’ he was standing so close now I could perceive his scent. He smelt good.
It must be my hormones and I went into a calendar-count overdrive.
Okay, it wasn’t my hormones. He had an unsettling effect and my heart beat had increased.
‘I like it up’ my voice creaked and I cleared my throat to sound firm.
‘I like it up’ I repeated.
‘I know. I want to see it down’ his hands snaked to my hair clip and expertly took it out. He looked at me and I stood still, my eyes not leaving his. He was so serious and intense as his fingers massaged the back of my neck and touched a nerve. I closed my eyes momentarily as I felt my tensed self relax slightly opening my lips at the unexpected release.
That was all it took. Her lips opened and her briefly closed eyes pushed me over. Tilting her head, I took her lips in mine and felt myself ease up. She was so soft and sweet I feared I might leave a bruise. The surprise as she opened her eyes and made to withdraw got my hands on her tiny waist pulling her close while I increased the gentle suction on her lower luscious lips.
These were my lips. They were made for me and I was going to enjoy kissing them. She was tensed and the gentle teasing got a response from her.
Just when I enveloped her tongue in mine for my signature tongue dance, her door opened to reveal a man standing there with a shocked look on his face. She tensed and I released her to look back. Something told me he was her partner…………Dan.
She blushed and left my embrace slowly, going to stand before him. I was not particularly happy.
‘Yes Dan?’ she asked
‘What are you doing?’ he asked in annoyance.
‘I was in the process of getting thoroughly kissed’
‘In the office’ he looked from me to her and back again.
‘What do you want Dan?’ she asked and I watched. I knew then that they had a history. I didn’t know how much.
‘Who is he? What is he doing in your office?’ he asked staring down at her. I was getting pissed. No one stares down at my woman.
‘He is Leke, the new Art Director and will be joining us. As for what he is doing in my office? That is PERSONAL business’ she stressed. She was up to it. I loved her energy and the darting fiery eyes.
‘Look Baida, I will not……’ she didn’t allow him finish.
‘You will take whatever I bring to the table. You have no choice. Please leave my office’
I smiled.
If I was hooked before, now I knew I was never letting go.
He stood there rooted to the spot and gave me a look that was intended to scare me away. I chuckled.
‘This is not over Baida’ he stormed out of the office. She stood there and refused to turn seconds after he slammed the door.
I walked over to where she stood, placing my hands on her shoulders. She relaxed her raised shoulders but stood still facing the door.
‘I am sorry you had to witness that’ she apologized in a small voice as if she had not just roared.
‘I am sorry you had to go through that’ I massaged.
‘Do we still go for lunch?’ she asked turning slowly at my pull.
‘Yes’ I looked at her holding her chin up.
‘I am still hungry’ I insinuated. She avoided my eyes and slowly moved to get her purse. She knew what I meant. I was still going to kiss her. But not so soon.
The drive to my house was quiet and she had no idea where we were headed. She asked just as I drove into my house. She sat up.
‘Your place?’ she asked unsure.
‘Yes’ I answered.
‘What are we doing here?’
‘Lunch’ I answered simply and got down. For the first time, I sensed fear as I came around to open her door.
‘Trust me’ I said simply and held out to her. She took it and stepped down gingerly. I was tempted to pick her up but that would have spooked her. She was so cute and sexy and I bet she didn’t know how much of it she oozed.
‘So we are having lunch in your house’ she summarized as she sighted Andrew coming towards us.
‘Good afternoon Sir’ he bowed. I smiled and gave a nod.
‘Good afternoon Ma’ he greeted her and the surprise that registered in her eyes gave Andrew the cause to smile.
‘Oh, Thank you’ she beamed as we went in. Wande never acknowledges Andrew. He must be surprised that she smiled at me.
Yomi stood with arms folded as I led her in. Her eyes taking snap shots of the house and taking in the art piece and arrangements. I knew she was gathering ideas for work.
‘You have got a lovely interior’ she noted and smiled the moment she saw Yomi.
‘Hello pretty’ it was Yomi.
‘Hello handsome’ she replied. She saw the resemblance.
‘Baida, Yomi……My youngest brother’ I introduced while I held her hand. She offered her hand for a shake but Yomi took her in an unprepared hug. She giggled as Yomi took her hand from mine and led her to the kitchen.
‘Don’t worry, I have prepared lunch for you’ he was saying as I entered the kitchen.
‘He didn’t’ I revealed and he made a face.
‘Okay, but I ordered it’ he confessed.
We laughed then.
‘He is the crazy one’ I informed quietly as we sat down to a meal of peppered fresh fish, evenly diced and sauced Irish potatoes in hot chilli, carrots and onions.
‘This is lovely’ she said afterwards as we moved to the open space on the deck.
‘It is’ I said taking the seat next to her.
‘Your brother is hilarious’ she continued as I took her hands. The sun was setting and I knew she was still ticked about the kiss or being walked in on. Moreover, it ate at me. I wanted to know. I needed to know.
I also wanted to continue from where we stopped.
‘Look at me’ I ordered silently pulling at her fingers.
‘What went wrong?’ I asked and her eyes watered. I still did not believe Good Interiors was hers or rather part owner.
‘I don’t want to talk about it please?’ she pleaded with her eyes. I nodded. She smiled.
‘Thank you’ she said and gave me a hug. I patted her hair and brushed her hair with my fingers.
It was not a good time to punish those lips for looking too good.

The moment his lips had touched mine, I was lost and succumbed to the sweet pressure he was mounting on my lower lips. Either I had forgotten how a kiss felt or he was the best kisser ever.
I placed my head on it as he stroked my hair. His heart was steady and pounded gently.
The confrontation with Dan kept coming back. I felt the hatred and revenge leaving me. I was tired of holding on but at same time I was not ready to let go.
How can I forgive him?
I had quietly gotten rid of my baby the day after I found out that Dan had gotten married behind my back. How did I not see the signs? How did I not know?
‘I thought you knew’ was all he said when I confronted him after his three weeks of honeymoon in Obudu-Calabar.
The feelings were still fresh as I lay on Leke’s chest and tried in vain to keep the tears off his shirt. I couldn’t. It escaped my closed eyes and touched him. He stroked me the more as gave me a peck on the head. He gave another one and then another.
It tickled and I started giggling.
‘Stop, Stop’ I said playfully disengaging and cleaning my eyes with the back of my right hand.
‘You are ticklish?’ he asked and gave a playfully rib tease. I jumped up with a high-pitched shout trying to get away from him. He dragged me back as I fell on his laps and we laughed.
I heard someone clearing her throat. We stopped and turned to look.
Obviously, he had his own drama and I smiled as I watched and waited.
‘So less than 24 hours and you bring her into our home’ she accused. I was shocked. Leke was married?
God help him if he was.
God help him if he was.
‘I did not bring her into OUR home. This is my house and she is mine….My guest’ he continued realizing his mistake in calling me “Mine” his like I was some property.
‘Go ahead. Lie’ she gave a shirk.
Yomi appeared then.
‘Hey Wande’ he called. She gave him a long bad stare.
‘Don’t hey me’ she shouted.
‘You should have called me or Mom the moment he brought her in here but I guess you all are the same’ she hissed and turned to face us. Leke sat up right and grabbed me tightly when he noticed I was slipping away.
I no need acid on my face biko. Film show over.
‘Can I talk to you?’ Yomi asked politely while she stood as if she wanted to swallow us both.
‘Take her out of here before I come back’ she hissed and followed Yomi out of the deck.
‘I am sorry you had to witness that’ he used my exact words and I was forced to smile.
‘I am sorry you had to go through that’ I replied and we both laughed.
‘Why didn’t you tell me you were married?’ I asked sitting up. I checked my phone and sent a text.
‘I am not. Just Mother wants me to marry her’ he said offhandedly as if it didn’t matter.
‘Seems you two need to work whatever needs to be …..well, worked out’ I said standing up and roughly putting my hair back into a bond. He noticed the change and stood up too.
‘It is not what you thinking’ he said looking at me.
‘I am not thinking’ I smiled and took my purse as I headed out of his apartment. Obviously I was not using my head this past days.
‘Where are you going?’ he asked totally surprised.
‘The office. I have got work to do. Thanks for lunch’ I said and matched with even paced steps.
I had to get away from here as soon as possible.
All this Yoruba babes no dey take man matter play at all
……Ema-binu_No vex…..
‘Don’t leave like this. Let me take you back to the office’ he offered. Perhaps the cool way I was leaving gave him the idea that I was never coming back to his apartment or ending things before they even started. It was neither.
I simply was not going to be the ‘other woman’. I knew firsthand the pain ‘other-women’ caused.
‘Naaa, no worries. Go talk to her’ I smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek like a fare well. It was a fare well.
‘I am taking you to the office’ he said stubbornly as Andrew approached.
Akin was there already. My freelance driver. I had sent him a text with the address the moment mommy-bride left with Yomi.
‘A man at the gate says he was called for a pick up’ Andrew looked from me to Leke.
‘You called a cab?’ he asked in disbelief.
‘I sent him a text’ I corrected as if it mattered.
‘What does it matter?’ he raised his voice and then brought it back down immediately.
‘It doesn’t. She is waiting. I will see you tomorrow at work’ I said raising my eyes to meet the chosen bride staring at us. I mouthed a thank you to Andrew who held the gate while I stepped out. Never looking back.
He was enjoying the milk.
He didn’t want the cow.
Dan was Leke.
I was done with milkers.
Or so I thought.
courting baida


The morning was wet and cold. It had rained the whole night and the skies were of my best color. I drove to Garki II with one purpose in mind. Meet the girl that kept me awake for most of the night. The drive took less than ten minutes and I found myself parked at same spot the ‘man dancer’ had dropped her off.
I waited.
I did not feel like going to work today. I never feel like going to work these days. Going to see my married ex and business partner behind his desk with littered photos of his ugly wife staring at me every time I had the misfortune of going into his office gave me weak stomach and severe headache.
By the way, this misfortune happened very other day.
‘Resign already’ was Tope’s advice.
That wasn’t an option. He would win the last round too? He didn’t even know he had erred. And I didn’t tell him he had.
I was the ‘liberal’ soul. It was killing me and I was dying in silence. We started the interior décor company together and had such great plans to get married, make it a family conglomerate yada yada yada….. It was a dream I was rudely awakened from.
Stepping out, I noticed a strange car parked outside my gate. Wondering who would park out of my house this early and intentionally blocking my drive way darkened my morning mood the more. The hot coffee did not drive it away.
I approached the low fenced gate and I saw a man step down from his car.
‘Hey!’ I called thinking he was leaving his car parked there but was surprised to see him approach me.
And when he got close, I was looking into the eyes of the man at the bar. He looked better this morning. I stopped.
A stalker?
He looked good and unruffled as if he had the world at his feet as he approached. His steps were calculated and he sprang.
He didn’t walk.
‘Good Morning’ he said coming to stop at the gate expressionless. His eyes fixed on mine.
‘Good Morning’ I was alert. How did he know where I live?
‘You ready for work?’ he asked as if that was the most natural thing in the world.
‘Yes and you are in my drive way’ I stated with a known look. He knew I recognized him then.
‘I came to take you to work and bring you back’ he continued as if he didn’t hear me.
His self-confidence was annoying and admirable at same time. The firm lips spoke the words mechanically as if he were a robot without an atom of emotion.
‘What is your name?’ I asked after I studied him. He didn’t look dangerous and I wasn’t bothered about being kidnapped. I stayed alone in a 3bedroom terrace duplex with low fenced gate and no security guard. I took risks.
‘Leke’ he said simply.
‘Alright. Let’s get to work’ I announced and smiled secretly as I turned to get my keys and bag from my car. This was a weirdo. Should be fun I mused as I made to get my bag.
He turned and went back to the car.
He brought it alive the moment I opened the ‘Madam’s corner’ door and got in. I thought I saw him smile but it quickly disappeared as I settled in at the back.
‘Where to Ma’am?’ he asked with clear sarcasm.
‘Metro Plaza’ I answered with a smile.
‘Alright’ and off he drove.
‘So what do you do?’ I asked starting a conversation with the ‘Leke’ man. He was manly handsome and had the chest that God made for the head of a woman. Solid and comforting.
Yes……..I noticed.
‘I stay at home’ he answered simply as he powered the steering.
‘What do you do?’ he asked looking at me through the rear mirror.
‘I make things beautiful’ I answered as we looked at each other through the mirror.
‘I bet you do’ he said with another piercing look before taking his eyes off the mirror.
‘How did you know where I live?’ I asked taking my phone out. Tope left series of messages asking for my thoughts on Damian. He was cute of course but I didn’t want to dash his puppy love. I wasn’t interested in him or any other man for that matter. The man I wanted worked with me and yet he didn’t exist for me.
Damian had left a couple too. Lunch date when I had not digested breakfast? I declined politely.
He didn’t have to know it was a cup of coffee.
This was what I avoided-continuity.
A nice time and everybody to your tents but no, they had to push.
‘I followed you home’ he spoke after few seconds past.
‘Of course you did’ I made a call.
‘Debbie, get the cheque to the bank’ I had received confirmation for presenting the postdated cheque to the bank. Lately, I have been diverting company funds into my personal account. This was not the agreement when we started the company but right now, they were no ground rules. If I brought in an independent account, I got paid independently.
They were my customers, it was my money.
Dating me and marrying an ugly woman from his village behind my back had its silver lining after all.
Piece of black shit….I take that back. I was slowly sinking into depression again especially as Adele’s ‘Someone like you’ played round the clock in and off my head.
Like my sister Homna would say
‘Ei don become your worship song abi?’ I missed her. I should go visit soon.
Obviously he was rooting for me on leaving the company to him. He got it wrong. I may have been ‘stupid in love’ but affliction shall not rise the second time so says Pastor Biodun of COZA. He must have meant a totally different thing but this was what I got. I was working on received Word.
I was going to run him out and run him down. I was scorned and he was going to get scorched.
‘Yes ma’ Debbie said. I knew I could count on her discretion.
We were at Metro plaza already.
‘So I close anytime I feel like. I will need you to come pick me up when I call you yea?’ I said as I made to get down. The look on his face was delicious. He frowned and raised an eyebrow. I chose to maintain a straight face when I was dying of laughter inside.
‘Yes Ma’am’ it was forced.
‘Your number’ I waited for him to call it but instead he collected my phone and typed his number in seconds.
‘Thank you Leke’ I smiled then and got down.
I walked to the entrance and felt his eyes behind me. It took the last of self-control not to turn and see if he was staring. I hope he was because the walk was aimed at entertaining him with my backside alias la‘hot!
Naughty me.
I watched her walk away and broke into grin. She was more interesting than I had expected. Fearless and quick-witted. I didn’t expect her to get into my car without an explanation on who I was, how I came about knowing her house or producing an identity card for which I was prepared for. Her voice was calm and polished-incapable of nagging. Her eyes were engaging and found myself stopping there. Staring at her chest would have been rude.
And her lips….
……I still could not get past that. The slim belt that held her waist in a delicate hold pronounced her hips that moved seductively as she walked. I didn’t see more.
I drove out and went to work.
‘I stay home indeed’ I said out driving to Alvan Ikoku Street, Asokoro. The company had its headquarters there.
‘I didn’t see your car in your spot’ it was Tope. Lunch time at 1:15pm and she was here with lunch for me.
She knew I wasn’t going to get lunch.
‘I have a driver now’ I said with a wink.
‘Oh ok? Spill?’ she dropped the neat food packs on the glass center table in my office and rushed to take a seat in front of my large desk. I got it because I was hoping Dan and I would make love on it after marriage. You know office romance? Keeping the love alive? Ok, you do not. I was a fool and well……‘kinky’.
I should get rid of it. Everything reminded me of him. And he was sitting at the extreme end of the floor in his own office.
God help me. The hatred ate at me and any moment I’d go bath him with acid. I jumped out of my killer thoughts when Tope gave a table tap. They were frequent these days especially since I overheard the ‘good’ news-His wife was pregnant.
I thought I was over him but the news got me back to the beginning. I pushed his thoughts aside.
‘There is this strange guy that followed us home last night and today showed up offering to drive me to and from work’ I said standing up to go check the food parks that leaked delicious smell of grilled fish. Tope had an eatery and she had the best food in town.
‘What? Babe abeg’ she came to join me in the sitting area.
‘I dey tell you o’ I said taking out a pack of noodles stuffed with shrimps and carrots instead.
‘Where you for know am from?’ she was the pidgin voice of caution.
‘I do not’ I opened it and took a forkful.
‘So you just enter man car like that’ she looked afraid on my behalf.
‘Babe, relax. He is cute’ I joked.
‘What if him na kidnapper?’ she wailed totally disturbed that I wasn’t taking it serious. Tope was only serious when she speaks pidgin.
‘He is not. I need the distraction’ I played the jilted card. It always got her to agree to anything I wanted.
She fell for it and gave a sad knowing look.
‘Okay, please be careful abeg. All this kidnappers gist dey real’ she said and we ate amidst laughter. Damian was in love with me she informed over lunch.
‘And he told you this?’ I asked smiling but not finding it admirable.
‘Yes’ she said happily.
‘He never done for pot’ I said dismissing him with a wave. Telling my friend he was in love with me without telling me first was a total no no. Not like I needed any reason.
‘I know you don’t like him again’ she sensed.
‘You know me too well’ I smiled as we hugged after lunch. It was time to pick my god son from school.
‘Well, at least one man dey picture now’ she gave a playful tickle and I pushed her away.
Opening the door to the pregnant wife of Dan leaving his office got my bile level up. Tope looked at me and I smiled through clenched teeth as we waved them.
‘Don’t’ I said before she opened her mouth.
‘When is our driver coming to pick you?’ she swallowed her thoughts.
‘Now’ and I made the call.
‘Hello Leke. I’m done for the day. Come take me home’ I said rudely into the phone and then went off.
‘Wow! Better go get a take taxi or let’s go pick Severin from school’ she teased and I pushed her playfully as we laughed down the stairs
‘He will come’ I said totally sure.
‘Alright o’ she was gone minutes later.
All day I waited for her call. It was 3pm and she calls finally.
‘Come take me home’ I chuckled to myself as I picked my keys and made my way to the Central Business District. ‘She actually thinks I am her driver’ I mused but was cut short. Wande was waiting for me beside my car. She was sober looking and had her ‘forgive me love’ face.
That was what it was………just a face.
‘Leke’ she called. I didn’t miss a beat as I opened my car.
‘Don’t go’ she held on to my left arm and I shook it off. I hated hands on my shirt. It creases and I must always look sharp. Vain? Whatever.
‘I am going out now. We will talk when I call you’ I told her firmly. Gave a straight look and drove off.
Saw her stand there for few seconds before heading to her car. I knew she was going to mother.
She loved drama and I did not want to be the John Dulome or something. Titi rolled her eyes every time I mixed up the names of her favorite Nollywood characters…..actors. She would have my ears if I called them characters.
I smiled as I sighted the Metro plaza. The need to see her was peaceful as was disturbing. I didn’t even know her name and she affected me this much. I must say I had never reacted this way to a female before.
She was nowhere to be seen. I made a call.
‘I am downstairs Ma’am’ I kept the smile out of my voice
‘Come right up to M16’ she ordered. I had to smile.
I made my way to M16 after few turns and stairs. M16 was boldly written on the glass door that opened to the large chilled reception. I walked up to the receptionist to ask for no one in particular when she stepped out of her office with her jacket off. The tucked in chiffon sleeveless top revealed her long hands and full breasts that gave slight jiggles as she walked towards me. I maintained a straight face and admired her frame.
Her globes were perfect and full. They were hidden this morning. Now more than ever, I wanted her. Her smile told me she was up to something as I noticed the eyes of a man at the other end of the reception on us.
‘Good Interiors’ engraved on the wall length glass with silver-plated nuts hung at the back of the receptionist.
This was the famous interior décor outfit that had Titi requesting for new throw pillows and arrangement after every ad. They had a brand and I was impressed.
‘Ready?’ she smiled like we were conspiring and I looked around. We were on the spot light. I switched roles.
‘Yes dear’ I said pulling her into my arms and pressing my length against her delicate frame. Her slender arms rounded my neck as I took in her scent and ran my hands down her back. She relaxed and whispered a thank you.
‘Thank you too’ I whispered back and that got me a playfully tap as she stepped out of my arms and took my hand. Hand in hand we walked out.
‘See you tomorrow Deji’ she said to the receptionist.
‘Good night Ma’ he replied looking interested in the display.
‘Your receptionist is too cute’ I complained and she let her out signature laugh.
‘How was your day?’ I asked as we walked down the stairs.
My hands left hers and we both walked separately to the car. I felt disconnected somehow.
‘Good day’ she said as she made her way to the front this time.
‘The back seat is free’ I teased and she smiled.
‘Why don’t I drive you to the house? You can seat at the back this time’ she said stretching out her hand for my keys.
‘I don’t want you to drive me’ I stated with a straight face. It was going to be difficult maintaining the aloof status for long if she continued like this.
‘I think you do’ she collected the keys before I could make up my mind and held the door for me. I laughed then.
‘Seriously?’ I asked amazed at her boldness.
‘Never joke about stuffs like this’ she made a face. Her lips pouting.
‘Okay. Let’s take you home’ and I entered. Dropping her bag on the front seat, she got in behind the wheel and powered her on like she was long acquitted with Range.
‘What is your name?’ I asked now that I sat at the back totally clueless on what next to expect. She wasn’t the norm.
‘Baida’ she replied with her eyes finding mine through the rear mirror.
‘What does it mean?’ I asked. I like the way it sounded on her tongue in her voice. It was special. She was special.
‘Means Driver’ she said and broke into a laugh.
‘Light. It means Light’ she said seriously as she sped pass a red light.
‘In a hurry to get home?’ I asked.
‘I am not’. That got her to look at me.
‘Haha! I will slow down’ she said. She didn’t.
Making calculated and skillful reverse, she had the Range facing the road in fewer minutes than I would have. She was a rough driver.
‘Make it easy for you’ she winked as she got down. I got down too and helped carry her bags.
‘Thank you dear’ she said as I followed her with her work bag that was heavy.
‘Nice house’ I stated as she opened the front door and we stepped into the quiet clean house. The smell was sharp and cold. Too airy I must say. The two-piece white cushion in front of her large screen was all the content in the sitting room with heavy embroidered curtains. The walls were adorned with large paintings. Her dining area was in simple Arabian rug and very low surfaced dark wooden table. It had the Chinese vibe. I don’t think I will be having lunch here. My large legs would never fold the way the Asians sat cross-legged for hours. Same reason yoga was a total no no.
‘Thank you’ she said collecting her bags from me.
‘Glad to help’ I stood suddenly tongue tied. I didn’t want to go just yet and I had no idea what to say.
‘No drinks though. I would have invited you in for some’ she was dismissing me.
‘I don’t want a drink’ I said looking at her quietly.
‘What do you want then?’ she asked looking at me with a blank expression.
‘I want to watch a movie’ I came up with the lamest excuse ever. I mentally kicked myself.
She laughed then.
‘I don’t have movies. This is no cinema’ she shook her head as she headed to the stair case.
‘I will be right down’ she said and she climbed up.
I waited and she came back down almost immediately in a pair of blue jeans and black t-shirt with her flats. Her hair was still in a bond but she had touched up on her make-up.
‘Where to?’ I asked taken aback by her quick change.
‘You are taking me for movies and you are driving’ she said handing me my keys.
‘With pleasure’ I followed her out and the rest of the evening was great. Her energy was infectious and I felt myself smiling as often as she did-which was like every minute.
‘So who was the man with you last night?’ I couldn’t get the nagging question from my mind.
‘Damian’ she said simply as we walked hand in hand like a couple out of the Silverbird Cinema. We had seen a movie with a title I couldn’t remember. The smiles and closeness was all I needed.
I felt like running my hands up her cheeks trailing her lips and planting them firmly with mine. This was lust. I didn’t care.
I do not believe love exist. Well, not until now anyways.
‘Who is Damian?’ I couldn’t resist pressing.
‘A friend’ she said without further explanation.
‘Your special friend?’ I pushed. I needed to know. I wanted her to myself only.
I paused mentally at the thought. Mine only?
‘Not yet. He may become one soon’ she answered looking into my eyes as we approached the Range.
‘He won’t’ I stated calmly taking her hands she had long detached from mine.
‘You don’t know that’ she gave a smile
‘I do. I am the man that is going to make you mine. And mine you shall be’ I declared playfully with a hand tug. As everything with me, once I made statements like this, I followed it through.
She didn’t know then but I had proposed to her.
‘Hahahahhahaha! Very funny’ she said throwing her head back.
‘We will see about that’ I stated with a slight smile.
It was 9 pm already.
‘Home yes?’ I asked.
‘Yes please’ she yawned.
‘Hungry or sleepy?’ I asked holding the door opened for her.
‘Tired’ she yawned again into my face.
The effrontery. She was daring and was not afraid of me. It fascinated me. Everyone was scared of me. Tip toeing around me and doing exactly what I told them to do. She didn’t look like one that could take an order and the mere thought of making her mine alone was exhilarating.
‘Great. Now I know how your mouth smells’ I made a face and she cracked up.
‘You is one funny dude’ she said with her small voice.
‘Are you hungry?’
‘God, no!’ she rolled her eyes with flashing lashes.
‘Good. Let’s get Baida to bed’.
She nodded.
‘You stay alone Baida?’ I asked suddenly afraid that something might happen to her as we approached her crescent.
‘Yes. You have no place to live?’ she asked resting peacefully almost sleepy.
‘I do. I am not comfortable with leaving you all alone in that house’ I stated as an old friend would.
‘You should be’ she said quietly.
‘I heard that’ I said few minutes later. She gave a weak smile and we fell into silence as I drove her home.
‘Thank you for a good time out’ she said coming down from the car before I had killed the car and walked away without looking back.
She was a weird one. I watched her open her door and disappear from my sight. I was jealous. She didn’t give me a hug like Damian. I wanted that!!!
The drive home took less than ten minutes and my phone buzzed immediately Andrew opened the gate for me. It was Wande.
‘Do you want to see me now?’ she asked the moment I picked.
‘No’ I answered more truthfully than I thought possible.
‘Well, speak to Mummy’ she said and I could hear the smirk in her voice.
‘Good evening Mom’ this was the drill. Report me to Mom and have me on speaker. This wasn’t going to work this time.
‘Leke dear, How are you?’ she asked sweetly buttering me up for her 11th commandment. ‘Thou shall marry Wande only and give me grandkids after 9 months’
‘I am good Mother’ I answered sternly acknowledging Andrew’s greeting with a nod.
‘So Wande tells me you are not being nice to her’ trust Mom to pour oil on troubled waters and use her diplomatic experience on me. Mother was diplomat and we travelled wherever her work took her. Dad was absent. He simply was not interested in having a family.
‘Mother, I will be coming in this weekend. We would talk about this then’ I pronounced. She was quiet. This wasn’t business as usual.
‘Alright Son. I will be expecting you’ she said after few seconds of silence.
‘Good Night’ and I was off.
‘Sir, Yomi came in today’ Andrew informed as I got down from the car. Yomi-the flamboyant-was my last brother. He was naturally high.
‘Great! Now I won’t find you when I need you’ I smiled at Andrew who looked at his toes. Yomi was his favorite of the brothers because he got to hang out and party. He was my errand boy but somehow he was family. He was good fellow.
‘Not going to disappear Sir’ he said shyly. He remembered last time.
I roared when he was missing for couple of hours straight. He got the message or I hope he did.
‘You had better not’ surprisingly I wasn’t ticked. I was in a good mood.
And out came Yomi.
‘Hey Big Bro!’ he called giving a slight bow with his forever slanted showers before I enveloped him in a tight hug.
‘Nice surprise. Didn’t tell me you were coming in’
‘Yup! I decided at 4pm I wanted to come in for the weekend’ he stated.
‘Good. Stay outta trouble fast boy’ I ruffled his bushy head and in we went.
I was going to listen to tales of Lagos Babes over glasses of good stuff in the snooker room.
The tales kept coming but my mind was on her. I wondered what she was doing now. Was she asleep yet? Did she sleep with her hair in a bond? In pjs or gown or nude…..
‘………….so she is coming on Saturday’ Yomi was saying.
‘Who is coming?’ I asked.
‘Sandra’ he looked surprised.
‘I am sleepy. We talk some more tomorrow’ I gave him a firm grip on his shoulder blade and went up.
I needed a clear head for tomorrow.


As a woman and a mother I see young girls as our eggs and they must be protected at all cost: misguided or not, their voices must be heard through us and their interest be considered in delicate defining issues such as this. If our mothers didn’t know, we know now and therefore must act and voice out.

That said.

The fact that #girlchildnotbride is termed a “social media hoax” and a misdirected cause bring me back to straighten few points after I gave what I thought would be my last thoughts on the matter. Read here:

May I clearly say here that it is no surprise that the Child Acts 2003 is yet to be passed in Zamfara state and other 12 states. From the Senator’s utterances and I infer; the Child Acts is subject to his beliefs and as such does not count where the issue of marriageable age is concerned forgetting that the “State’s belief” is that which overrides person(s) interest. This he brought to the table recently in light of the move to remove Section 29(4)(b).

I have read a couple of articles concerning this matter, each with strong views and proofs. But I dare say that I want to establish the link between Section 29(4)(b), the Child Acts and ….section 277 of the Act supra.

I understand the following:

1. That the Senators have not passed a bill on child marriage neither have they legalised it.
2. That the Child Right Acts July,2003 is the foundational law recognised by the Constitution wherein the Constitution is the supreme law whence other laws derive their validity.
3. That the Part 1, Item 61, Second Schedule (Exclusive Legislative List) of the Constitution directs the National Assembly to steer away from Islamic marriages as it states that “formulation, annulment and dissolution of marriages other than marriages under Islamic Law and Customary Law, including matrimonial clauses relating thereto”.

Section 29(4)(b) which is under contention reserves the right for a “married woman” regardless of her age to renounce her citizenship. According to Mr Ezebuike Temple in his “Opinion: We are fighting the wrong battle on child marriage”, his view gives the surface value of the “drafter” that he adopts as well. However, if I may, on critical examination, the Section 29(4)(b) indirectly acknowledges the fact that the Constitution is “tolerant” to child marriages and as such sees the need to make the provision for underaged married women to have same right as the aged married women in event that such a “married-girl-child” wants to renounce her citizenship without considering if this “married child” is fully aware of the huge implications of a grave issue that is been treated as trivial by some.

Again I ask. What does a “married-girl-child” know on the myriad issue of denouncing her citizenship, seeking asylums etc. She doesn’t even the capacity to finance it!!!-Note here that finance is not limited to monetary aspect. Renouncing her citizenship is no small matter to be overlooked and my opinion is that she needs to be an adult to do that as well.

I beg to digress a little (culled from “As it is, the law allows foreign wives to obtain Nigerian citizenship via marriage; Chapter 3clause(26)(a). Conversely, if a Nigerian woman marries a foreign man, he does not automatically get the right to apply for Nigerian citizenship. That gender discrimination was considered in the ongoing review by the current lawmakers. The votes and proceedings paper of Tuesday 16th July 2013 show the senators voted to replace the word woman for person. A less discriminatory word and giving Nigerian women the power to grant her husband citizenship of her country also” (this is not yet passed into law by the way)

Invariably, the “married-girl-child” has the power to grant her husband citizenship under the Second schedule, part 1, item 61 of the Constitution if she is married on the Islamic and customary platform. The implication of this I leave to your imagination.

In Dr. Mrs Maryam Uwais submission. Read here Her view clearly listed the numerous challenges of girl child marriage. The same girl child marriage that was declared solutions to Nigeria’s MANY UNCOUNTABLE problems. She points out that Islamic provisions should not be abused but that they were made to protect followers making mention of mental development and agreeable laws for public good. A good read.

Saying that the removal of the provisional clause under contention will make no difference in child marriage issues or that there is no basis for the outcry as law is not directed at child marriage is -and I maintain-a surface view.

Removing this clause will not put an end to child marriage as rightly put but it would defend the Constitution’s position as a State that is non-tolerant to child marriages as it recognises the Child Rights Act and the section 227 of Acts supra.

Marriage does not take the ‘child-spirit’ out of the child. There is no “instant” translation into adulthood just because she has engaged in sexual intercourse and child birth. Moreover, a “married child” is still protected under some of the provisions of the Act. So why do we say that the two issues are mutually exclusive. I say they are not. A child is a child and must be protected all round. More on

The continuous down-putting of the #girlchildnotbride just because it is not an issue of legalising child marriage but JUST giving her the right to renounce her citizenship is NOT JUST THAT. I support Mr Temple’s cause for a fierce push of the Child Rights Act 2003 to be made law in remaining states and amend the second schedule, part 1, item 61 of the Constitution.

There should not be sacred religions, customs and person(s).

NOW is the better time to fight for a cause and we must therefore propose amendments at all levels that leave no loopholes but tight ends.

This is a knitted fight and it is not for the wrong battle.

There are no Demons in our Heads

I would like to state here that the Right to Religion should not be abused. While we have the freedom to choose what/who we belief in which in turn affects our opinions, decisions and actions, we have absolutely NO RIGHT whatsoever to force it on another being. Moreover, we must be humane, reasonable and abide by the laws of the society we belong.

It is said that the senate proceedings on child marriage were actually not about child marriage but about the right of a married lady no matter how young, to be empowered “of age,” to take important decisions like renunciation of her citizenship, if she so desires–to seek foreign asylum for instance.

We ask now that “of age” of the “married woman” should be defined. If the girl child wasn’t married, we won’t need the sub-section b of Section 29(1) in the first place. May I add here that using his beliefs the yardstick for the determining marriageable age of the Nigerian Girl Child or Female is rather oppressive noting that Nigeria is a ‘FREE’ State.

In his reply, he states that Nigeria’s MANY UNCOUNTABLE problem does not include early marriage but that early marriage is the solution to Half of our MANY UNCOUNTABLE problems. How does an issue which is not a problem become a solution? Is he trying to say that half of Nigeria’s question is early-marriage based or he is simply ignorant of the “problem vs solution” concept?

Early marriage has caused health/sex related issues, domestic abuse, illiteracy and increased death rates in Nigeria amongst others. These problems are part of Nigeria’s problems and they stem from early marriage. When benefits and disadvantages are weighed, the implication is overwhelming, the stories are disheartening. I wonder what he is talking about.

Indeed, it is not our business if you decide to give your girl child out in marriage at the age of 6 years. However, as a State it is our business to protect one another and that includes the basic human rights of your daughter as she not an object but a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and as such should not be given out as one would give one.

I find it disturbing that the defence in the name of religion and culture for some is seemingly been pushed down our throats as the only perspective in determining the marriageable age when these same factors are excluded from issues such as investments. Clearly this view when examined will point to the abuse of the female gender and women rights.

Think about this: What religion/culture supports the marriage between an old woman and a boy child?

I let this rest.

This article “My Thoughts On ‘Child’ Marriage – By Dr. Peregrino Brimah” defines a child as being physical and biological-without mentioning the maturity of the mind. What of the psychological state of the child? Do we ignore an important aspect of development such as the mind of a child simply because its our culture and belief? How does a child choose when he/she is not informed or lacks indepth understanding of the weight of the choice made? A Right the girl child is denied simply because she now wears a bra!!!

It goes on to say that the Vesico Vaginal Fistula is not caused by early marriage but caused if one is malnourished and in a 3rd world country with poor health facilities. I have just a sentence :Please take a look around if you are in Nigeria. Moreover, why is it prevalent in female child in the 6-17 age range?

As rightly put with statistics, I add that not all girl children will be married to RICH OLD MEN who can afford good health care should complications arise. Ergo, the early marriage which is “not Nigeria’s problem” becomes a big one as a greater number of the underaged married girl (WOMAN) cannot access good health care. Guess who foots the bill?

Again, I ask why “these women”-VVFs victims and married girl child- are excluded from making decisions? He answers. This is however stems from the fact that they are considered ignorant and have no voice despite the fact that they are MARRIED and can renounce their citizenship. This would be different if they were not legally sold or “given” out.

May I point out at this junction that this article gives insight to what early marriage problems are-solution to some persons- and fingers the State health challenges. In restrospect we do not have the “machineries” to legalise child marriage.

Femi Kayode on “evolution” says it all here “A Nation Of Perverts and Paedophiles” Because it was done in decades past does not mean we should continue to operate as of old. Even then, Joseph in bible times according to Dr. Peregrino Brimah-lost bible-recognised that “she was a GIRL lest he becomes a laughing stock to the children of Isreal”.

We are a free State and as such should not be forced to agree to the delineating factors in religions or culture-the well being of an individual first before religion or culture.

Wetin the young girl know biko? When she is bought ice cream and sweets? Of course she will say yes!!! She is just a child!!! If she says yes to been shot with a gun does that make it alright just because she consented? Let’s be sincere and not narrow-minded.

If early marriage is the solution to the listed questions here, then I must say Nigeria has a long way to go.

I say this:

We speak for our children because we are their voice. We speak for the best interest of Nigeria. We are Nigeria and we do NOT have Demons in our heads.

Courting Baida I

It was one of those gloomy days. Wande had gotten me ‘pissed’ again and I had gone out to my newly acquired green park in Wuse II to cool off as usual. She just could not let a man have his peace. This time it was her feelings I was not considering. She didn’t even know the definition of the word after 10 years in the university.

Ok, that was below the belt and an exaggeration but right now, I had reached my limit.

Going home to her sexy clad self in my favourite lingerie will push her ‘transgression’ aside and I’d fall into her arms like a lost puppy. God! I hated my weakness but I knew I was getting it tonight.


Taking a chilled glass of my bottle of Heineken and watching the game on the big screen absentmindedly, I was brought back to the present by a boisterous laughter travelling from the far end corner of the open space. It stopped abruptly and then continued again. It was one of a care free soul and I turned sharply at the sound.

And that was all it took.

Her mischievous self, holding her red painted long nails over her mouth and looking around for ‘hits’ as if she didn’t know her laughter was loud and infectious.

And when she removed her hands, I knew I had found the one.

Her round eyes shone brilliantly and her lips looked like they were screaming to be kissed as her pulled back hair-bond accentuated her oval-shaped face and lips……I couldn’t get past that.

I looked at her and she met my eyes, smiled directly at me and continued with her date. I noticed then that she was on a date and felt an instant jealousy as she flashed another smile at him and he soaked it up. I took another gulp and changed seat. I was going to stare at her. Rudely too.


I noticed the man in the deep blue shirt sitting at the end of the open space staring rudely and intensely. I felt like I was under scrutiny. I shifted uncomfortably and tried to keep my eyes from roaming back to him every now and then. Damian was engaging as well and I was enjoying his Eko city experience and how his chipped canine came about. An ‘ajebo’, he looked cute saying it in his borrowed accent as his pink-washed lips opened to reveal the broken tooth that had chipped off when he landed face flat in the bus. His first time out without a car! I could not help laughing at his funny recounts. This was so refreshing.

Thanks to Tope, I had a date after months of self imposed ‘celibacy’. Sadly I wasn’t looking to start anything serious.

‘Get back on the horse’ she said. Well, she did not say anything about riding it.

The man in the dark corner stared on as the evening light disappeared. His thick brows knotted at the middle of his nose bridge giving off a stern vibe and the timed gulp of his glass spoke volumes of a ‘mechanical’ man. I could not see his eyes anymore as the night came slowly. The cold air licked at my exposed arms. Damian must have noticed the huge goose bumps.

‘You are cold’ he stated looking over my exposed arms. I gave another smile.

‘You have a beautiful smile Baida. I am glad we did this’ he said as he looked on. I blushed. Yes, I am light skinned with an Irish mother. Ergo I am capable of a blush.

‘Thank you Damian’ I replied as we stared at each other for a while and then broke into an awkward laughter. He was not aware of the rude onlooker behind him.

‘Let me take you home’ he offered and I accepted his stretched out hands.

I saw him look at us as we passed by and caught a glimpse of the man in the dark. His beards were neatly groomed and his lips firm and tight as if he had never smiled or laughed in his life. Probably he was angry I concluded as we walked out into the cold dark starry night.


He held her hand as they left. I was tempted to accost her and create a scene, I chuckled at the wicked thought. And what made them laugh in union after the stare? Show offs I hissed. I looked out and saw him hold out his car door for her as she got in and he closed the door after her. I got up abruptly and decided on a whim to follow them.

He dropped her off in Garki II, off Ngozi Iweala crescent, House 44. I saw her give him a tight hug and a light peck as his hands went round her small waist that opened to her well rounded hips. I felt my jealousy hit the roof of my Range. He should not be touching her. I swallowed and watched her enter the gate after a wave. He waited a while and did a dance before walking to his car and driving off.

I took a slow drive and looked at the house. It was dark.

Wondered if she stayed alone or maybe a husband?

I kicked myself for not checking her finger.

Those lips.

As usual, I drove home and got some. Wande had gone a notch higher this time. She waited on the covers without a stitch of clothing. I could not resist. I should not resist. If she erred, it was only reasonable that she apologised accordingly and I forgive after.

But this night was different.

I saw her laugh. I saw her frown. I saw him hold her. I could not concentrate as I tried in vain to get the rhythm going. What will it feel like to hold her? Her smell. Her skin against mine. Her…….Wande sensed it.

‘Get off me’ she called it off before I would embarrass myself further.

‘Mchew’ she hissed jumping off the bed.

‘What now?’ I asked knowing exactly what the problem was.

‘You are thinking of her! Aren’t you?’ She accused in her high pitched voice.

For the first time, she was right and I was surprised at my reaction to someone I did not know.

‘Not again Wande’ I rolled off the bed and was walking to the bathroom when I heard the sound of the shattering large wall mirror. I turned sharply to see what she had hurdled at the glass. Her Louboutin.

This was it. I was done with her. Mother was going to chew my ears but I had to put my foot down this time. Why must I be the one to marry her any ways? Femi and Yomi were available as well.

‘You are the first son and getting old’ speech by my mother was the reason I was plagued with Wande. I was fed up.

‘Get your things and leave before I come out’ I said quietly, eyes blazing as I entered the bathroom to finish what I had started.

‘You are a big fool Leke’ she called as I left her ranting.

Where did people get the ‘break-up’ to ‘make-up’ concept? I was damn tired of all the glues and tapes holding us together.

I did not come out until peace and quiet had returned to the room. I called Andrew to confirm.

‘Wande gone?’

‘Yes Sir. She just drove out’ the young stylish chap at the gate informed me.


The bed felt filthy as I climbed in. Got up and walked to my sanctuary-another room kept for nights like this and when I wanted to be alone.

The cool white sheets reminded me of her. Why was I affected this much?

Her laughter ringing in my head, a couple of turns, I slept off an hour later.

I was going to get this girl. Get into her bed and see what I find.

I knew what I had to do.

Paedophiles in Senators Clothing

I wake up and I pray for the rains to fall. Fall heavily. How else can I cancel a TEDx engagement? But it didn’t. So up I stood and out I went.

The air is gloomy just like the state of my country. Being a paedophile is legal-I am thinking of yesterday’s event on my way to the event and feel irritated and angered at the thought.

It is so frustrating because I know we are bound by this abominable act and there is little that can be done immediately to reverse this without paying them to correct this act that is rebuked even by God himself.

How possible was it that a bunch of old men who have female children and grand daughters would seat down together and summarily execute the girl child by offering them to men at tender ages in the name of constitution amendment, religion or right to live and get paid for doing same?

Just as I have these thoughts, @walt_shakes sends a link. “A Nation Of Perverts and Paedophiles” – Femi Fani Kayode A compelling read. You should read this. He says it all.

I am sad as I take my seat at 8:45am in the empty hall. Time management TEDx…..9am prompt shouldn’t be 10 am and counting by the way.

How can this be?

It is shameful and perverted to think that our so called lawmakers are same with the rapist out there defiling our young girls every day on the hour while they shout that ‘gayism’ is an abomination.

BIG hypocrites!!!

No wonder nothing has been said or done to these paedophiles. How can they punish themselves?


We condemn gay marriage but approve our female children to be married.

“Why don’t we marry female children with little developed breasts and hope that they don’t become VVF victims?” they asked one another.

“All in favour, say ‘aye’…..”

“Aye” they chorused.

They chuckled and beamed.

Yes…….now they can go to that old man and take his 9 year old to bed…..they can’t wait for the session to end.

Their urges have now been legalised. This is the reason they wore the senators robe…..

There has to be a way to have this reversed.

What can be done?

For I fear that we have gone back to the primitive days where this barbaric act was the order of the day.