ǁǁǁ ………..And touch down. I didn’t carry Agaracha…..I’m sure she wasn’t happy to be left alone again. Especially since I didn’t know when next I was going back. Felt good to be back to the game city. More so that I had new info! More moves!!! It felt like I was ‘crowning’ but not quite. Knowledge sure is power.

I had closed my eyes from Calabar at take-off; strategy for avoiding conversations. The ‘Guy-Man’ beside me with badly permed hair and bleached nose itched for one. I wasn’t going to listen to his fake accent and bad conversation start up lines!

“You know planes are very fast” he sounded all bright and certain with wide smile that uncovered a bad dention and yellowish teeth………tobacco abuse. Emm, No, thank you.

My eyes snapped shut. Yours would have too.  

The good thing about a light pack was checking out immediately and not waiting at the carousels. Oh! Plus running away from the persistent ‘Guy-Man’.hehehe

Gosh I hate waiting at the carousels. I remember a ‘situation’ with Aero Contractors years back when I travelled to attend Remi’s wedding in Lagos. As usual……last minute Didi flew in hours to the wedding. Alas, missing luggage, missing Asoebi. My luggage was not on ‘board’. I had a wedding to attend in less than two hours and they spent over 80 minutes providing plausible explanations. I attended the wedding in a pair of jeans and tank-top; needlessly to say I stayed away from the cameras. I was PISSED. There was no apology………like with most service industries in the country. Terrible………..MTN just gets me boiling. Have a responsive customer care goddamit!!!!

The air was moist and it had poured. Didn’t tell Uche or Tony to pick me up as was habitual; I took an airport cab instead. It was raining in torrents in the Central Business District. Adamu opened the gate reluctantly at the blaring taxi horn and increased pace when he saw me. The gate flew open.

“Good evening ma, welcome” he said beaming with smiles.

“Thank you Adamu” I said effortlessly while paying the driver. Walked up the porch leisurely. I no fit out run rain abeg.

The click ushered me in; was good to be back full of knowledge and direction. The house didn’t miss me much. All in good condition; Uche must have been here. I felt strangely calm and ‘responsible’. Was it Ummi? I felt different. Powering my phone, the messages came pouring in. I put a call to Ali.

“Hello Didi, glad you calling” He said smoothly as if he had been expecting the call.

“Same here. I need to have a talk with you soonest” I said rather vague.

“Likewise” he said.

“I am in Abuja” I informed casually.

“Good. Tomorrow by 6pm. I will send Christian to pick you up from Cubana. I suppose you know where that is” it was rhetorical.

“I can drive” I said quietly with stubbornness.

“I don’t want you followed” he gave a reason. Followed by who?

The private eyes of course.

“Thank you” was all I could manage.

“You are welcome Didi” he said and I was off.

The game had started and I was going to be playing Ali’s team.

What was Akhmed thinking; recruiting me to marry my niece’s father? Bet he didn’t know I would find out or that Ali was aware of his plans. He was playing a twofold game.

Plan A: Get me married to Ali, use me and dispose of me after committing his crimes. Talk about being the mop stick. Or

Plan B: He plays the lover boy, I fall for him for real and he finds a way for a wealth transfer transaction if and when I find out of Ali’s will et al.

I am still working on Plan C. Certainly I was going to find out sooner or connect the dotted lines. Or maybe, I was over-analysing his sudden interest.

Game up Akhmed Bricks. I chuckled as I went through my messages.

The messages had pooled. Akhmed had the highest entries.

Content bordering on missing me, dinner dates, can’t think straight…………..oh please. He must be tending towards Plan B; the radio-silence had him shaken. He wasn’t sure what move next; he was sacrificing his pawns. He could stop the emotional undertones once he figured out what I was up too. Whatever happened to his private eyes? He had those, didn’t he?

I am loving this already.

Few from Uche and Tony. Tunde had an entry on work. The proposal was ready. Time to call in Oke. I made a mental note. First thing Monday morning.

The email I had been waiting for was sent amongst others. I made to download the attachment. It was from Felix, my private eye. Hehehe.

Me ma get my own eye na. Unbiased check up on some facts. Felix does a great job plus he is discreet.

Uche’s call came through immediately.

“You had me worried!!! Are you okay?” she said immediately I hit the green button.

“I’m sorry babes. Just got in” I said with a weak smile.

“Glad you back. I didn’t know who to call in Lagos. Please don’t do that again” she sounded pissed and relieved at same time. I smiled in spite of myself. Felt good to have her care this much.

“I won’t” I apologised. The doorbell rang. Wo ris dat?! I just dey enta house abeg!

“Tony was worried too. Tessy misses you” she continued as I made to check the peep hole. It was Akhmed. Okay? How did he know I was back? A guess………Adamu ofcourse. I have to change him. I opened the door and waved him in with a plastered smile. A pawn moved.

“Tessy is your baby. She couldn’t have missed me that much. I will call Tony now. Remember the girls’ night out?” I asked as he stepped in with hands in pocket. I smiled again and nodded. He smiled back. He looked freshly scrubbed and the rain drops made him look all the more sensual…….wet long eye lashes.

God should stop making men with long lashes jor.

“I have been putting it off for you. When do we go out?” she giggled with excitement. I bet she was bringing her crazy friends from the bank………….calling themselves Sisterhood…cliché.

“Alright. Akhmed is here. Call you later” I was off before she ran me over with questions.

It was still drizzling.

“You are wet” I said looking at him pleasantly.

“Seems you are too” He said coming to stand close.

“Yeah, I just got in” I said.

“Glad I decided to check you up. Didi, I really missed you” he said sweetly with a shy smile.

“Yes. Have a drink. I will be with you in a minute” I said eye dancing him and heading to my room. I love body language.

Him don enter.

“Was hoping I could take you out for dinner” he said casually after me. It was 5:38pm. Already getting dark.

“Sure” I was so agreeable. I wanted nothing more than to have a hot cup of choco with legs up but if you a game player; you never drop your cards. A dinner date it was.

“Okay” he sounded surprised.

“Will be out in a few. Make yourself at home” I said as I went to get dressed.

I pulled my ‘instant’ dinner gown from the wardrobe and over my head. It was a short black fitting gown with the ‘V’ neck and deep pockets. Issy on the tag……I wonder who she is. I would have asked for another in red.

A quick hair brush, quick powdering and Maybelline to finish. Tinini-tanana on the perfume bottles in front of my vanity mirror got me using Bvlgari. Few inches taller on my wedge, I matched out armed with a silly hand purse.…………..all in less than 10 minutes.

“You are beautiful” he said as the Bvlgari announced my presence.

“You are handsome yourself” I smiled. Plastered aka Fakest!

It had stopped raining.

“You ready?” I asked. He was standing in same spot without a drink.  

“Yes” he took my hand and we walked side by side to his Audi parked out of the gate.

“So you avoided me for a week” he continued as he drove off.

 “I didn’t, took time out. Visited friends” I said vaguely. He gave a steady gaze.

“Glad you are back” his right hand taking mine. I removed it a few minutes with a shy smile.

The idea is to make him want to hold me more and let him think I am biting.


“I am glad too” I answered breezily.

“Where do you want to go?” he said feeding the conversation.

“Where do you have in mind?” I asked hoping he had a place in mind. I didn’t have the brain power to conduct a search.

“Oh well, there is this new place a friend told me about. Just opened around the lake, you want to try it out?” he sounded so unbelievable. So romantic. What was he getting at? We were supposed to be scheming and now he sounds like we were in some sort of ‘relationship’. All the more better. A little romance won’t hurt.

“Yes” I said without much ado. He looked at me, I shine am smile abeg.  

The evening air at The Waters was cool and fresh; a new bar and restaurant near Jabi lake.

Akhmed seated kept smiling at me. I dey form sexy. Classy Sexy o!

“What?” I asked sweetly. The classic line when a man keeps staring at your facial features or cleavage… my case. We know wetin the man dey look.

“You are so cute” he said almost truthfully.

“You in too much of a good mood” I smiled faking shyness at his comment.

I didn’t give a damn. I know I am cute. 

A waiter approached almost immediately we sat in a corner closest to the lake view.

“Alright!” he waved the waiter over giving up on the compliments. I got a beep. It was Uche.


Are you at home?

I replied.

No. Went out with Akhmed.

She replied almost immediately.

Love wantin-wantin.

See you soon.

I smiled.

 “Okay?” he asked with a raised brow.


“Oh. So, how are you?” he asked after the well-dressed waiter disappeared with the order.

“I am good” I said looking away.

 “You said we needed to talk?” I redirected.

“Yes. And we are talking” he laughed silly. He looked cute.

“Yes we are……..but I was under the impression it was on the subject of your father” I pressed. His mood took a dive. Smiles disappeared.

“Yes. I am not going through with it” he stated

“Okay?” I asked playing

“It means there is no plan and you can dig in my Mine instead” he was joking. I made a face.

“I don’t want to dig in your Mine when I can dig in a bigger Mine. Plus I will be doing to a favour too. Throwing business your way?” I reminded him. He chuckled.

“Really Didi, I don’t want you to” he sobered.

“Why the sudden change?”

“Let’s say I had a rethink. If I am not his son, why should I get anything from him?”

“I should go contest my inheritance from my father’s” he completed.

 “What happens to your project?” I reasoned.

“I will have a meeting with him. Maybe he can finance it as a business decision” he shrugged. I didn’t buy the change of mind theory. There was more.

“Alright. Glad you figured it out” I said. The waiter was back.

“Would you rather I didn’t?” he asked with a bland expression taking a fork of his plate content.

“Not sure. Playing your father would have being fun though. Especially with the millions of dollars bonus” I winked. He found it extremely humorous. I joined in giggles.

“You are refreshing” he said after the long laugh.

There was no need to mention the accident and sale of the Sky-Jet and the night in Calabar. From the look of things, he had no move for now. He didn’t know or maybe he was playing the deadly ignorant.

“That I am” I was relaxed.

He smiled with the ribs in his mouth. I wasn’t up for rips or anything for that matter.

“You are not hungry” he stated seeing that I didn’t touch the plate in front of me.

“Not really”

He looked at me, wiped his mouth and took a sip of his glass.

“Want to go home?” he asked.

“After a drive maybe” I smiled.

“Alright. I’m going to freestyle tonight. I do want to impress you. Come” he said taking my hand suddenly.

It was already dark………..we walked slowly along the lake. Holding hands… was almost real.

“Can you re-consider digging in my Mine?” he asked holding my hand and coming to a stop after a long silent walk.

“You really have to stop stating the obvious” I said jokingly.

“Which is?” momentarily confused.

“My Mines don’t know they are being dug”

He threw his head back in genuine laughter that held him breathless for a while before looking at me again. I liked that he laughed.

“Is that so?” he asked caressing my hand. I withdrew it.

“Yes. So much so” I said looking at him. He was so cute, I felt the attraction pulling at me.

“Then I shall remain oblivious to the fact” he mimicked with a British accent.

“I will do us both good” in smiles. I was getting goosebumps. The chilly night breeze.

“You cold”


“I can take you home now” He said studying my face. He leaned close-breathing on my lips. I took a step back and pulled him towards the car park. No kissing yet.

The drive back home was intense.

“Do you like me enough to have a relationship with me?” he asked as we got to my house.

“Yes” I answered honestly.

“Will you?” he asked hopefully.

“Not at the moment” I shut him down. He smiled and shook his head sadly.

“Guess I’m too forward” he said

“No. I just felt like saying no” I smiled silly coming down from the car. He followed.

“So you playing with me Miss Didi” he said beaming with smiles.

“You must be used to yes all the time, a little no to toughen your skin” I smiled and gave a peck. He chuckled.

“Good Night” I whispered and up my porch I went.

“See you tomorrow”.

He drove out a minute later. Checking my phone, I saw an unread message.

“Had a nice time?”

It was Ali’s text.

He must have had his private eyes watching. I smiled inwardly. He sounded jealous….not bad. Have both eating out of my hand won’t be a bad idea. I did a victory dance and went for my night soak.

22:10pm had me snuggled up in bed.

The burglary alarm was switched on………….hope I don’t find an electrocuted being in the morning.


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The F-100 is a real estate investment company. The F100 offers her investors and 100 female members a collaborative investment platform to build, own and operate resorts, residential, commercial and industrial real estates in Nigeria and Africa’s performing cities; as well as making low risks investments in start-ups, agriculture, commodities and manufacturing.


  1. Unen this Ȋ̝̊̅§ interesting,wish U̶̲̥̅̊ had completed it though..there are a̶̲̥̅ few typographical errors sha.. Check out paragraph 3 line 3,I can’t remember the other lines now sha,buh there are a̶̲̥̅ few more.. Great work.

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