Thanking all my readers for following this story these past weeks………..however, it seems the plot and style of writing is not clearly understood by some of my readers. It is to this little “gap” that I post this.

Please note the following;

<<<<It was few minutes past>>>> indicates that the writer of this memoir writes on present events.

ǁǁǁ My name is Didi Trap and I am a certified gold digger ǁǁǁ indicates that Didi Trap’s entries in her journals are extracted for wholesome reading.

This distinction is necessary as this platform does not allow flexibility in font size.

I will however improvise by using the bold text for Didi Trap’s entries and normal text for the writer’s entry.

I hope this helps.

Would love to give a sneak preview of chapter five, but let’s just wait for it, shall we?hehehe

With Love

Unen Ameji


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