I love this chapter but the next surprises even me. Have a good read

African Stories

ǁǁǁ The stage was set. I was to meet the ‘groom’. I received the exclusive invitation to the dinner party-Unveiling of “The Edge” newspaper with a monthly magazine featuring Africa’s best across the globe. Don Pedro Anang, a close friend of Ali Kyari Bricks was the owner. Thanks to Akhmed, I had an invite after a week of studying his father’s bulky résumé……and I never finish o. My mind no dey grab him details. Maybe na because him be old man or I dey fear sef.

Anyways, Ali Kyari was going to be there and I was going to meet him.

Dem-Dem magazine as nicknamed by Uche got me laughing as I dressed up in front of my vanity mirror. I had to re-apply my lipstick twice because she no gree me rest with commentary on the phone. She was on speaker. It was a Friday. Tessy lay quietly at…

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